10 Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Happy Cat

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Do you ever think about what is going on in your cat’s mind? Most cat owners have at one point or another.

It is rather unfortunate that mind-reading is not an ability that we have. If only we could, that would be amazing. Cats are intelligent and perhaps have the ability to read our minds.

More seriously, cats are fussy and complicated animals.


However, cats have developed a method of making you aware of their feelings. These include happiness, sadness, frustration, or hunger.

Irrespective of how it differs from the average human’s way of expression. Being aware that your cat is in a happy state can make you happy as a cat owner.


Happy Cat


The facial expression, posture, and body language of your cat can give you an idea of what they are feeling. As a cat owner that is not irresponsible, it is essential that you be on the lookout for any changes in the behavior of your cat. A change in behavior might be an indication of ill health.


If it ever crosses your mind that your cat is not feeling very well, ensure that you take him to the vet to ensure that they get the right form of treatment.

There are certain times that your cat is healthy but just in a slightly bad mood. Well, you really can’t tell! That is one reason you just have to love cats. They are quite challenging to take care of, and they ensure that you are always alert.


If you fall into the category of individuals that have ever wondered if their cat is doing very well, there are some signs that you should be in the lookout for.

It is important to always remember that there are signs that your cat will show that will most likely be more glaring than some other symptoms. These are indications that prove that your cat is in a happy mode.

Below are ten ways in which your cat can make you aware of how they are feeling, as well as provide an answer to the ancient question, “Is my cat happy?”


10 Signs Your Cat Is Happy


1.  Cuddles

When your cat stays curled in your bed or lap and purrs as you stroke, you should know that there is a huge likelihood that she is perfectly okay and is trying to make you aware that she is completely perfect.

Certain cats do not just curl in bed, and they go on to get your neck wrapped by their paws. This is similar to the way humans cuddle. It is an indication that they are really delighted.

When cats are happy, they spend time with people that they love. If your cat cuddles, you can be sure that she is happy.



2.  Chatting and Purring

In as much as some cats are more outgoing than others, their noises mean various things. Sometimes, your cat’s noise means I want to go outside, I want to cuddle, or I am hungry.

Also, when cats are excited, they are really vocal. This is usually almost a response to the sounds you make.

When your cat is telling you a fantastic story, it merely means one thing. She feels happy when you are around.


Happy Cat


When your cat’s meow is high pitched, it is a good sign. A low-pitched meow is not a very good sign. Sometimes, it occurs because of some form of frustration. Other times, it indicates a want.

Although purring is a sign that your cat is in a happy mood, it could also be an indication of distress. When cats find themselves in situations that are stressful, they are known to purr. This is a way to generate a self-soothing experience.



3.  Kneading

Are there times when your cat kneads you?

More often than not, kittens knead their paws into their owners. It is somewhat like they are in the process of kneading dough or getting biscuits made. It can also be likened to playing the piano or getting potatoes mashed. There are quite a number of beautiful ways in which this can be named. It really does not matter what you want to call it; kneading is one of the most beautiful actions that a cat can carry out.


Happy Cat


Whenever you find your cat kneading, you can be confident that your cat is in a happy mood. It can also be a nice feeling for a cat owner as well.

Well, in situations where your kitten has become a full-grown cat and now has claws, kneading will become very pleasurable to cats but not so pleasurable for the cat owner.

When kittens suck, they have an attitude of kneading their mother’s teat. This encourages the release of milk.

So, next time you find your cat kneading, just know that they are thrilled and content. Kneading is an indication that your cat is enjoying herself. It also shows that your cat trusts you.



4.  Head Bumps And Whiskers

When your cat head bumps you, they are just saying “Hey buddy, I’m happy, and I love you loads!”

Each time you get headbutted by your cat, just know that it is an indication that they are delighted. This is perhaps the best way for your cat to express their excitement to you. As the headbutts which you get increase, you should know that your cat is in a more excited state.

The position of your cat’s head during a head butt can also be used as a sign of how exactly she feels. If your cat’s head is pointed to the front, then you should know that she is saying hello to individuals in her environment.

When she does this, she is trying to make us say hello to her. It is also a perfect time to get your hand extended to her. When you do this, she will smell it. At this point, you can tell that you are really beginning to bond with the cat. This is important of it is a friend’s or a recently purchased pet.

That is not all. Headbutts also play the role of marking surfaces, animals, and people that they think are safe. This is because cats possess scent glands that are positioned in their lips, chins, tails, and heads. Also, cats are really territorial. They own you!


Happy Cat


When whiskers get pointed forward in a slight manner, it is an indication that a cat is curious and happy. However, when whiskers are pointed to the side, it is a sign of content and relaxed cat.



5.  Playing

Play gives out a major signal of how happy your cat is.

Kittens really enjoy playing throughout the day. Unlike kittens, cats that are grown are not very playful. Nevertheless, they are still not left out of their environment.


Happy Cat


Confidence, enthusiasm, and curiosity are very obvious indications of contentment and happiness.

There are sure cats that are just interested in watching over a distance. They seem exploring with their eyes and not their paws. Still, there are cats that are brave and can move around their environments very freely.

When a cat is confident, it moves around holding its head high. It keeps its ears erect, twitches its tail and leaves its eyes open.

If your cat stays indoors always, ensure that there are interactive toys for cats that your cats can always play with. This is very important if there are no other cats around.



6.  Eating

When cats want to ask for food, they do this either by rubbing their body on your ankle and leading you to the position of their bowl or by doing so vocally. When your cat does this, it is a signal that your cat trusts you as the person that takes care of her.

When your cat has healthy meals and a good appetite, she is happy.


Happy Cat


Cats can even go as far as “train” whoever owns them to add special foods as well as treats into their meals.

In lots of ways, this seemingly simple manipulation can actually be a game played by your kitty and you. This is still a signal that your cat is content.

Also, when your cats give you some presents, it is a signal that your cat is trying to tell you how excited she is.

Cats are not animals that have a reputation sharing the bounty with lots of people. As a result of this, when they decide to share, that means you are unique to them. It’s an extreme level of trust.



7.  Posture

It is easy to know that your cat is feeling happy when she is asleep with ears forwards, paws ticked, and sleepy eyelids. It is a way she lets you know that she has a feeling of safety in the environment she is in, as well as the people around.


Happy Cat


If you discover that your cat is busy sunbathing with its limbs in the air, you should be ready for a treat. There is a possibility that she wants her tummy stroked by you. While at this, you should be aware of the fact that not all cats allow people to get close to their belly. If you insist, your hand might be bitten or scratched. This position is an indication that your cat is not threatened.

If a cat straightens its legs and has the hair along its spine erected, it is in an aggressive state. It is scared and tensed. Cats that are shy and quiet could take up positions that suggest that they are trying to feel invisible.

When a cat gives you a gift, it is an indication that your cat actually loves you and is excited.



8.  Slow Blink

Cats have very expressive eyes. They use this in communicating with you in several ways. When you get a slow blink, it indicates trust and happiness. When their eyes are dilated, it could even be a sign of arousal!

It is actually a very magical moment when your cat blinks at you slowly. If you can return the blink, the bond between you and your cat will even get deeper.



9. They Make Use Of Their Litter Box

When cats are happy, one way to know is if they make use of their litter box in the right direction.


Happy Cat


It is a good thing if they leave their litter box rapidly when they are done. According to Levy, “many cats truly enjoy their litter box experience and feel a sense of accomplishment from this release.”

When your cat leaps out of her litter box, it indicates pride and enthusiasm. However, if your cat shows signs of being uncomfortable, you might want to call a vet.



10.  Ear signals

Observe the ears of your cat. If it is standing upright, it indicates an interested and alert cat. If he positions his ear forward slightly, it means he is feeling playful and happy.



Ways To Make Your Cat Happy 

If your cat is doing portraying none of the attitudes above, it could mean he is not happy. However, all cats may not behave in the same way and might show affection differently. If you have ruled out medical ailments, and you are sure your cat is just unhappy, below are a few things you can do to make him happy. 

·       Take Your Cat Outside

As the owner of a cat, you can ensure it gets out once in a while. This will help it see things from a bigger perspective. You can either decide to walk your cat out while it’s on a leash or gets it confined to a particular environment under close supervision.

·       Pay the Veterinarian a Visit

Cats are happy when they are healthy. Although lots of people avoid visiting the veterinarian with their cats, veterinarian practices are not uncomfortable for cats, and a visit to the vet may be just what you need to ensure a happy cat.

·       Provide A Scratch Surface

It is vital to provide sturdy surfaces that your cat can use in scratching in any direction of her choice.  Also, make it a duty to care for your cat’s claws.

·       Make Preventive Medications Available

Just like humans, cats are not comfortable with mites, ticks, and fleas. As a cat owner, it is essential that you come up with an excellent preventive measure for animals that are considered cat parasites. This can be done quickly by taking your cat’s veterinarian. When a cat is free from parasites, it is happier. Also, your family can stay healthy.




It is important to note that cats are different. The implication of this is your cat can express happiness in various ways.

When you take good care of your cat and interact with it correctly, it will stay healthy and happy.

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