Are Cats Protective of Owners?

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The love affair between humans and cats dates back to 9500 years back. It seems that the felines have got their adorable claws into human beings. Although many people incline towards adopting a dog when it comes to protection, cats can develop a very strong with their human friends as well. And in times of need, they even might get protective of their owners. The way of affection showed by your cat towards you is going to be more far-fetched than that of a dog. This is partly because – the house cats have much more genetic similarity to their wilder cousins, which further defines their behavior.



Read on this article to have an in-depth view of your feline friend’s psychology and find out if they are as intimately attached to their owners or not.


Why are cats protective?

Cats are known to be way more territorial or protective of their owners; otherwise, that turns into aggression. Some of the protective behaviors of the cats will involve – spraying (marking), stalking their owner, hissing, or even attacking the intruder. Also, the cats could be very picky – while they might tolerate some newcomers, you will find them attacking others. Especially when you are petting an intact male cat, you must be extra cautious because they seem to be more possessive of their owners than anyone else.


Does your kitty sometimes show signs of aggression?

The feline creatures have that inborn disobedient trait in them, which often turns into aggression when they sense their territory or their owner is being infested. Even if your kitty is the cutest being alive on this planet (according to you), he or she is an inborn hunter; it could get intolerant to unfamiliar scents and act territorial at times.




How do the cats protect their owner?

Mostly the way of displaying protectiveness towards their owners varies from one cat to another. When something or someone invades their territory or tries to get friendly with their owner, it, in a way, violates their senses and frightens them as well. That ultimately makes them anxious and coerces the kitty-cat to cope with the situation. They show signs of –hissing, groaning, bristling, or some other warning signs, which sometimes involves vocal or non-vocal changes in them.


How can you cope with this protectiveness of your cat?

Before you decide to deal with your cat, you must first understand its pattern of behavior. Is your cat being defensive or getting offensive? You need to see whether your kitty is feeling threatened by another animal, an inanimate thing, or a human being? You can begin coping with the situation by masking any unfamiliar scent for your cat. You can also divert their attention by giving them –Purina Pro Kitten Canned Food that will keep them well-fed and satiated for long. It will also help reduce their aggression, which could be a part of their protective feeling.





The cat displays all of these signs is to warn their intruder. That also conveys the message that the cat is now acting extremely possessive. Although the predictions cannot be 100% accurate, your kitty can react in any way its suits feasible to him or her then. Even if your feline love is a friendly, tolerant, and relaxed being, it can become aggressive and get offended when it senses any forms of threat, especially when it comes to their human friends. To calm your kitty down and help them with their aggression management, offer them some treat or their favorite food item, and see their demeanor change in minutes.


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