Bentopal Laser Toy Review

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Cats and laser pointers are so much fun. We could watch them play while chasing the red dot forever. The animals can have a blast playing with the laser pointer, and sometimes, they even forget time and place. Why do you think cats are obsessed with a laser pointer?



According to an animal behavioral specialist, the cat engages themselves on hunting expeditions at least 8 to 10 times a day. Even though they are indoor cats, their hunting instincts may never set them free. That is why they are crazy about laser pointer toys. They use all their energy and hunting instincts over playing with the laser lights. Many owners have felt the difference after the laser toy was introduced in the home. They become happy to play with the laser pointers and have a good outlet.


While talking about laser toys, numerous advanced toys are available in the marketplace. However, Bentopal led Cat Laser Toy is gaining more attention among the owners for varied reasons. In this article, we will understand in deep about the features of the product and how they can be helpful with the cats. Check the following review before you make the purchase.



Bentopal is known as a manufacturer of high-quality products that are technically well-designed and are first-class products in the market. They are highly professional in making interactive toys for pets. They have a specialized team working on creating pet toys that are smart and efficient.


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The Bentopal Cat Laser teasing toy is an automatic toy that is ideal to keep your cat active, engaging, and entertaining. The various lighting patterns generated by the toy keep the cats stimulated. These patterns are quick and can shine faster in various directions, especially on the floors and the walls. The functioning of this toy is made in such a way that the cats chase the light and pounce.


All you need to do is push the button, and the laser patterns start appearing. You can see that it is highly fun, exciting and makes the hunting playtimes easier for your cat.


Auto Timer

Bentopal laser teasing toy comes with the auto-timer option, which will turn off after 1.5 hours automatically. It is designed in such a way that its battery is efficiently used, and also at the same time, does not make the cats lose the energy completely. It has an option to function the laser toy at least 15 minutes once. This program works exceptionally well, especially when you want to feed the cat, or you have the necessary to grab the attention. Since only the stored power is used in the toy, you don’t have to worry about using power continuously. Also, by following the auto timer pattern, the cat does not get too much addicted to the game. Thus, it is one of the recommended products for cat owners.


USB Charging

The USB charging plays the most significant advantage with the Bentopal laser toy. It is easy to charge this toy. All you need to do is connect the USB wire, and it will offer the lighting patterns without any interruptions. Thus, the toy is also portable, and it’s friendly to take it whenever necessary. If you are planning any vacation or picnics, you can always feel free to carry the USB wire along with the toy. The cats may be scared about the new places. Hence you can use the toy there and help them feel comfortable about their surroundings.


Battery Power

The second option in the Bentopal laser toy is the Battery power. Since there are two options, your cats are never going to miss out the entertainment. This toy is powered by 4AA batteries, which can be used for more than 45 minutes without any power source. It is specifically designed for the outdoor. Whenever you want to play with the cat in the garden are or train them, you can take the toy outside to control your cat. Thus, this toy serves multipurpose while not only used for playing but also to train them efficiently.



The latest version of the toy comes with two modes: Fast and slow. Depending on the pet preference, you can use the modes to teach or train them. The kittens are usually very active, and hence they love to play with the fast modes while the old cats can use slow modes and make some physical movements while playing. This toy is incredibly helpful and gives functional exercises in the slow mode. Pet owners don’t have to worry about the cat while leaving them alone with this toy. You can go for short walks or shopping while the cats will be engaged with the toy.


360-degree Rotation

The Bentopal Laser toy has five circling ranges that can be suitable for any space or room area. It can rotate in all directions while providing several patterns that the cats can follow. In all the directions, you can also use the modes to make it even more interactive for the cats.


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Why should someone use Bentopal Laser Toy?

Physical exercise

Considering that the domestic felines are not too prone to physical exercises or activities, this toy can be beneficial. Instead of directly instructing the cats with exercise, the toy can be more fun and engaging. The felines will show interest in indulging themselves in the activities while following or trying to catch the beam.


Mental Stimulation

Many cats stay home most of the day, and thus a simulation activity is mandatory. Cats laser point plays an essential role in keeping them active and help them out of boredom. Most cats bounce off and become troublesome when they are feeling bored or annoyed. Thus, the toy could help in distraction and have so much fun.


For your cat, it is always necessary to go for an interactive toy, which can cause a difference. It is not only making an impact physically but mentally. Bentopal laser toy serves the purpose and helps your cats in numerous situations. Take time to check out their features before making the purchase.

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