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A few decades ago, if you would have asked someone about gluten allergies, they would simply have no idea about it. However, after heaps of studies through the years, the issues caused by gluten allergies are clear. It doesn’t just affect humans but also the feline population. While most cats do well with the proper balance of protein, grain, fiber, and healthy fats, some cats might react negatively to the gluten present in grains. Your cat might suffer the consequences of this gluten allergy as diarrhea, vomiting, gastritis, and so on.


If you do see these symptoms in your cat, it is crucial that you get in touch with your veterinarian to understand whether or not it is a gluten allergy. Apart from this, you also need to focus on a quick diet change and replace the existing food with something that doesn’t contain grain.


However, doing that on a budget can be confusing. Most grain-free formulations are costly. So, here we bring you reliable grain-free cat food for pet parents on a budget.


Purina Beyond Natural Chicken Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

The best thing about dry cat food is that it doesn’t go bad as easily as wet food does. Moreover, it can also be used as a topping on wet food to enhance the flavor and texture if the pet is a picky eater. Available in a chicken and egg formula, you can purchase this dry cat food in three different sizes of 3, 5, and 16lb bags.



Purina Beyond is a grain-free cat food that is rich in protein content to help provide optimum nutrition to your cat. The formula contains real white chicken meat that comes from poultry that isn’t raised with steroids. This helps keep your cat healthy and thriving without any side effects seen with steroid-farmed chicken.


Moreover, this limited ingredient cat food formula contains all-natural probiotics that help with better digestive health for the cat. The probiotics help ensure that your cat sustains healthy gut bacteria to promote nutrient absorption in its best form while avoiding digestive complications.


Moreover, the formulation also doesn’t contain any corn, soy, artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors that might harm your pet in any way. This dry cat food also adheres to nutritional standards and contains a good amount of Taurine that helps boost your cat’s immune health.



Brand Name Purina Beyond
Flavors Available Chicken and Egg
Product Weight 5 Pounds
Product Dimensions 4 Inches X 7.75 Inches X 9 Inches
Kibble Type Dry



How Does Purina Beyond Help Your Cat?

Cats, before domestication, used to be pure carnivores. This means they relied on the prey they hunted. Their diet rarely used to comprise veggies or any other source of food such as grains. Cats rely majorly on the protein found in their diet to thrive. An ideal diet for your feline friend is something that contains high protein content while ensuring that it has low carbohydrates.


They don’t need to rely on a lot of carbohydrate content. Not just that, higher consumption of such carbohydrates tend to cause harm to the feline’s health. So, it is better to avoid such scenarios as much as possible. Bring home a grain-free food for your cat that is loaded with nutrients & is balanced could be a tricky choice. You also need to keep in mind that most grain-free food options available in the market might not adhere to the needs and requirements of your feline friend.


Certain manufacturers tend to remove natural carbohydrates from the food but replace it with supplements having a similar impact. In short, this nullifies the overall impact. With Purina Beyond, you don’t have to worry about any imbalance in the nutritional profile. It contains a high level of protein, minerals, and vitamins that is ideal for the seamless functioning of the cat’s body.


One among several health benefits that come from grain-free food for cats is the quick boost in the digestive system and healthy skin. Cats that have sensitive skin & intolerances tend to benefit from the consumption of grain-free food. Cat food that has grains like rice, corn, wheat, or barley would cause allergies along with fur, skin, and similar digestive issues.


Here are some benefits of using grain-free cat food for your feline friend:


1-It is easy to digest:

Given the dry & starchy essence of carbohydrates, cat food that contains grain could be extremely difficult to digest or break down to the basics. This happens due to the fact that felines don’t produce salivary amylase, which is an enzyme that is necessary to digest high starch levels.


A grain-free cat diet is produced in a natural way without any grains needed to bind your cat’s food. If your cat food isn’t loaded with different types of carbohydrates, grain-free cat food is a naturally close option to your feline’s natural diet.


It helps provide an optimum level of nutrition to your pet without causing any allergies.


2-Keeps the skin healthy:

Grain-free cat food is generally hypoallergenic in nature. Although no food item is completely risk-free, providing your cat with a grain-free option helps ensure that there is a reduced possibility of allergies. Moreover, Purina Beyond is a limited ingredient cat food which means you don’t have to worry about allergies being induced due to unethically sourced protein by-products.


3-Shiny & Lustrous Coat:

If the skin is healthy, the immediate result is a lustrous and shiny coat. With less itching, your cat’s coat will not shed a lot, and there wouldn’t be additional issues such as flaking or dandruff. So, a grain-free diet would be perfect for sensitive cats. In case the irritation persists, make sure you consult your veterinarian at the earliest.



Although the market is saturated with grain-free cat food, make sure you use your best judgment when selecting one for your pet. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Cat Food is perfect and hypoallergenic for your pets, especially if they have a sensitive stomachs. Make sure you ensure a proper diet transition from your pet’s old diet to this new one. The change should be slow to ensure the cat naturally accepts the same.

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