Best Food for Cat with Rodent Ulcers

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Most of us would think that the term “Rodent Ulcer” has something to do with rodents. However, that is not the case. It affects the feline population and has no connection whatsoever with the rodent family. Although notoriously unpleasant, it can safely be treated by pet parents at home with a few simple lifestyle tweaks. One important change needed to treat rodent ulcers in cats is the introduction of food that is catered for the reduction of rodent ulcers.

But, before we help you pick the right cat food for rodent ulcers, let us understand this disease better to ensure optimum feline health management.

What is rodent ulcer in cats?

Also known as eosinophilic granulomas, it is a highly unpleasant and complex skin issue that requires immediate veterinarian attention. Most veterinarians would recommend the use of steroids along with antibiotics in case the sores seem infected. Unlike popular myth, it isn’t caused due to contact with the rodent family. Simply put, it is an allergy with a range of causes paired with painful lesions seen around the cat’s chin, lips, the inner segment of the mouth, & other body parts. It is common among young cats, mostly aged two or below. It can also be seen in female kittens.

The prime causes of these sores are allergies associated with food, fleas, rubber bowls, synthetic ingredients, compromised immunity, environmental pollutants, FIV, and several other factors. When left untreated, it can cause permanent disfigurement.

So, which food can be the best option to help evade symptoms of rodent ulcers in your cats?

Blue Buffalo Basics Natural Adult Limited Ingredient Cat Food

Available in a range of flavors, such as fish, duck, and turkey, the Blue Buffalo Basics is an ideal choice for pet parents dealing with a rodent ulcer outbreak at home. The first thing you need to understand is that food allergies could be a major contributor to rodent ulcers. So, you need to find out the exact ingredient that has been causing issues for your cat.

This becomes difficult when you have to figure out the cause from a range of different ingredients. The prime ingredient that usually causes such allergies is protein. If your cat’s current meal contains more than one source of protein, you need to narrow it down to one or two.

Doing this helps you determine which protein source is the prime culprit. With Blue Buffalo Basics, your cat gets access to a limited-ingredient cat food that contains just one protein source. Plus, it isn’t just your regular protein source like chicken that is found in most cat food options. Moreover, certain brands don’t even contain whole chicken meat rather contain by-products that can induce allergies.

So, if your cat’s current food contains chicken by-products as its primary ingredient, it can induce allergies, especially if they are suffering from rodent ulcers. The situation can be aggravated. Blue Buffalo makes use of less common protein sources such as fish, duck, and turkey. This helps reduce your cat’s chances of coming across any potential allergens that might aggravate the condition.

Blue Buffalo Basics comes in a 5 and 11-pound pack that features dry kibbles with a great texture which is perfect even for picky eaters. This formulation with a limited-ingredient protein source comes with the goodness of pumpkin and potatoes. It helps promote better digestion for cats that have sensitive stomachs. Moreover, the cat food also doesn’t contain grain to ensure it is perfect for pets that are allergic to gluten.

If your cat stays indoors with little to no physical exercise, the Blue Buffalo cat food helps keep the weight in check while providing optimum nutrition to boost the pet’s immunity. This cat food contains natural fiber from sources that promote healthy digestion to extract nutrition in its best form. Moreover, this formulation is free from allergy-inducing ingredients such as beef, chicken, wheat, corn, dairy, soy, & eggs.

The formula also contains essential LifeSource Bits that consist of a precise concoction of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It helps boost the cat’s immune health to fight off the symptoms of rodent ulcers. The formulation is ideal for young cats that come under the vulnerable category when it comes to the rodent ulcer issue. Moreover, this cat food helps promote better coat and skin health and helps reduce inflammation in skin areas that are affected by this issue.


Brand NameBlue Buffalo
Flavors AvailableTurkey/Fish/Duck & Potato
Food TypeDry Kibbles
Product Weight11.14 pounds
Product Dimensions18.5 Inches X 13 Inches X 3 Inches

How Does Blue Buffalo Basics Help Your Cat?

When suffering from Rodent Ulcers, your cat’s immunity is on the lower side, allowing the allergens to take over the body. For this, your cat needs access to vital nutrients & high-quality antioxidants that help boost your cat’s overall immunity. In this context, Blue Buffalo packs in the right amount of nutrients to promote the reduction of allergens while alleviating the symptoms of Rodent Ulcers.

Moreover, the formula is enhanced with high-quality protein that comes from reliable animal sources. Apart from this, the Blue Buffalo Basics also don’t contain any potential allergens, such as artificial flavors or preservatives. Rodent Ulcers can also affect your cat’s skin and not just the mouth. It contains omega fatty acids that help promote better skin & coat health while healing any lesions that might be showing up due to the disease.

The food is prepared in a cold form to preserve its nutrients and potency. This helps your cat get the best in terms of antioxidants and immune health. Make sure you introduce the change slowly to ensure that your cat gets acquainted with this change in diet.


Keep in mind that rodent ulcers might not seem too big of a concern in the first instance. However, with time, when ignored, this allergic issue might take a toll on your cat’s general well-being and health. But, while you bring in these changes to your cat’s lifestyle, make sure you consult with a veterinarian to ensure you give your cat only the best in terms of health. In your journey to help your cat, Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredients is the best choice for a healthy meal change.

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