Best Litter for Cats with Pillow Foot

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It’s not just us humans that tend to deal with foot issues such as inflammation or infection. Even the feline population can be affected by the issue known as pillow foot. Also termed pillow paw, this disease commonly infects your cats. Keep in mind that it might not be noticeable at the start. However, as the inflammation develops, it can even develop into ulcers. The key is to treat the disease in time with the help of a veterinarian.

With so much discomfort and pain, your cat might even have trouble accessing its litter box. The key is to pick the best litter for cats with a pillow-foot issue. Although the standard treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medicines, you can also do things at home to make your cat comfortable.

So, let us take a look at the best litter for cats with a pillow foot issue.

Dr. Elsey’s Store Ultra Clumping Unscented Cat Litter

Available in 20lb and 40lb bags, the Dr. Elsey’s Store Unscented Cat Litter is an excellent choice for pets with pillow feet. When using this cat litter, you need to fill the litter box with near about 3 to 4 inches in layers to give your cat a proper footing when using the same.

Make sure you scoop out the waste from the box twice daily & refill it as necessary. Next, replace the entire litter once every month to ensure hygiene for your cat, especially if they are suffering from pillow foot issues. Keep in mind that the litter’s trash should be disposed of properly and shouldn’t be flushed.

This unscented cat litter is 99.9 percent free of dust particles that are mostly responsible for aggravating the inflammation in the foot padding. This hypoallergenic and natural litter helps keep the litter box’s surface clean & is ideal for families that suffer from allergic reactions.

The litter is specifically designed for cats with sensitive skin. The texture of this cat litter is of the hard clumping kind with medium-sized grains that make it perfect for cat poop and pee. The texture of the litter prevents moisture from dispersing in the air around thereby eliminating any chances for the smell to linger around.

This multi-cat litter formula features a superior odor reduction feature even when the pee or poop has been there for a long time. Of course, the smell would take over if the poop stays for way too long, but it helps control the odor as long as possible.

This unscented litter is perfect for sifting & mechanical cat litter boxes. It allows pet parents to easily dispose of the waste produced by their cats. The litter forms hard-to-break clumps to keep the poop or pee hidden while making it easy for you to scoop out the same daily.


Brand NameDr.. Elsey’s
Product Weight20 pounds/40 pounds
Product Dimensions20 inches X 14 Inches X 4 Inches

How can Dr. Elsey’s help your cat with pillow foot?

To understand this, let us first break down the basics of cat litter. It is primarily comprised of clay along with other minerals and natural ingredients like wheat, pine, corn, and a synthetic version of crystallized silica. Although most cat litter tends to be minimally toxic, certain components might aggravate the inflammation in cats suffering from pillow feet.

When your cat’s foot is inflamed, it becomes bigger. Thus, the surface area that gets in touch with the litter is more than what we would normally see. This larger surface contact with the crystals in the litter might aggravate the inflammation, and it would pain your cat every time they try to poop or pee.

Additionally, the fragrances present in some litters might also cause allergies in your cat’s foot due to the chemicals used to add scent. Further, the silica dust crystals might also lodge into the cat’s paws and worsen the pain that your cat might have been dealing with.

The best thing you can do for your pet is to get in touch with the veterinarian to know the cause of the inflammation and get a suitable treatment. In this context, litter by Dr. Elsey’s can help provide your cat maximum comfort while reducing any painful experiences.

Puffed-up cat paws are very tender when touched. When this happens, your cat might become lazy and refrain from walking at all. Most of all, they would refrain from walking on surfaces that cause them pain, and this is especially true if we talk about litter that contains hard particles. In the case of Dr. Elsey’s, the litter doesn’t contain any dust particles that might rub against the inflamed skin in the cat’s paws.

If your cat is pooping or peeing all around the house but not in its litter box, it could suggest that your cat is uncomfortable. This is especially true if your cat didn’t refrain earlier but has been doing so now. Check your pet’s foot. If they look swollen and red, replace your litter immediately with a hypoallergenic one such as Dr. Elsey’s.

This cat litter is highly recommended by veterinarians and serves your pet the best. This litter formulation is perfect for cats from early to old age. It consists of premium granules and textures that contain 100 percent bentonite clay to ensure maximum clumping. The litter is sized perfectly to ensure it doesn’t rub against the footpad. The low dust content is perfect for cats with allergies.


Pillow foot issues can affect more than one paw. Moreover, it tends to get progressively painful when left untreated for a long time. Apart from getting your cat to the veterinarian, the best thing you can do for your cat is to keep them as comfortable as possible. Make sure the surfaces they use are smooth and do not irritate the paw, and the same rule applies to cat litter as well. So, it is time for you to invest in a safe litter, and the best thing for your cat is Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Clumping Unscented Cat Litter.

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