Can Cats and Dogs Live Together?

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It has become common nowadays to see the family having both cats and dogs as pets. Even though they are two different species, they share some harmonies when it comes to interaction with humans. Even today, we tend to frequently use the phrase “Don’t fight like cats and dogs.” But honestly, do cats and dogs really fight? Are they enemies to each other?


Well, the tolerance of cats and dogs in the same place is possible only when the owners contribute to it. Of course! They are going to fight around, but they can also be friends at the same time. In this article, we will understand the cohabiting nature of dog and cat in detail.


Understanding the personalities

As you know, the dogs are pack animals. They love to be in the company of family, friends, other dogs, and even sometimes with the cats. But as you may guess, cats are extremely opposite to them. They are aloof loners who only love to spend time with their owners. The cats also are pro-active and love to play with the family members, but they may want to spend the time of their own.



Even though every individual animal has its own personality, the dogs and cats are contrasting in nature. The facts or the cartoons that you see are no accident. It is created with the antics of how cats and dogs can co-exist in the same household. Even though they might want to wander around the same place, they can never be best buddies. However, tolerating each other is not something you need to be worried about. Based on some truce laid by the owners, they are capable of living harmony.


Nature of Socializing

All pet owners need to understand that cats and dogs have different socializing behavior. The socialization nature of a cat is different from the dogs. Starting from the small communication to the everyday routine, cats express it in different ways than dogs. They are not an animal to be inclined in the group activities. The skills of socialization set them apart, and you cannot change it in a day or two.


Check out the following table that will help you understand the simple communication difference between cats and dogs.


What does it mean for cats?

What does it mean for dogs?

Wagging tail Extreme discomfort The positive state of mind
Licking the owners Marking the territory of their own Either hungry or wanted to play
Kneading Comfortable and happy Instinctive nature to adjust body temperature.
Ears Up Fear of someone or the place Relaxed and approachable



How to make the animals socialized?

When you don’t indulge them together from the early stage, it’s not going to happen ever. Ideally, the puppies are socialized during the week from 8 to 16 and kittens from 6 to 12 weeks. It is essential, especially when you want to make them understand that they are fellow pets of the same home. If you’re going to make things happen smooth and safe, then you should be more involved in the process than usual. Because if either of the pet experiences something hurtful or wrong during this experimentation, there is no way you can change them later.



However, make sure you introduce your kitty and dog in a calm environment that can give them a positive experience. In the beginning, both of them may be reluctant, but you can see that they interact with each other eventually. Don’t rush them into anything. Just offer them an introduction at their own pace.


What do you need to understand?

Imagine how you feel about a new place or an environment that you have never been part of. Even though you have the freedom to be alone, it may feel weird. That’s exactly how these animals feel, especially when their environment is changed, and suddenly, you put them with the fellow stranger. It is always suggested that they are welcomed home at the same time. When cat or dog gets practiced being alone, then allowing them to behave normally with the different species become difficult.


They easily get attached to the smells and sounds of a particular environment. When there is a sudden alteration, they may not be able to take it smoothly. Thus, you need to provide them as much as the time they want to acclimatize to any new surroundings for that matter.



Especially cats are keener about the territory and places at home & they will be frightened immediately. No one is going to gain anything form such situations. It is one of the reasons why you should never force them to be together.


Here are some of the important things you may want to consider while keeping dogs and cats in the same place.

  • Always keep the pets separated at least by the next room; hence they will have more time to explore. Especially while they do not find any unpredictable attacks from each other, the animals start to develop trust among each other.
  • After a week or ten days, you have to switch the animal rooms. It gives them a chance to gain confidence in where exactly they live.
  • There is an experiment that the pet enthusiast suggests. While the kittens and puppies are kept apart, you can still use the towel of cat or dog and vice versa. In this way, they also get practiced to the smell of fellow pets.
  • You can offer them some treats. The best way to do it is to place them on each other side by just diving door. They enjoy the food while in the company of each other. It is one of the best positive experience you can provide to them.
  • You can see that animals are becoming less curious about each other. They will slowly decrease the frequency to check the smell. Practice them in such a way they are around each and ensure you treat them equally while providing the extra treats and more pat them both equally and reward them if anything.
  • The cats and dogs are now relaxed, and their interactions begin to grow only after several days. These are signs that your animals are interacting, socializing, and eventually see them change in behavior. The dogs especially will get to be around cats without chasing them. The urge will automatically decrease in both the animals.


Not mortal enemies



Remember, sometimes the cats and dogs don’t go well at all. Even though you try the hardest, they are going to remain the same in a normal way. Also, you can’t guard them all the time. Therefore, whenever you got a chance to break the ice, do it. Patience is the key, but training and socializing can do a much better job because, at the end of the day, they are not mortal enemies.


The problem starts with trust. Neither the cat nor the dog builds trust quickly, and you need to know that even if one of the pets breaks it, you cannot rebuild. Thus, it’s a slow process. Also, even if they get along, don’t expect them to sleep on the same couch or share the plate while eating. We appreciate the progress of how the dog is not actually threatening the cat.


Reward them often

When you begin the process of making the cats and dogs socialize, reward them often. For instance, put them next to each other with just a meter or two distances. Now, if they haven’t quarreled and gone easy on each of them, then provide them treats. Never show any tension or fear if they are not gelling well. Follow like a routine where they are close to each other for 3-4 hours a day. Once the animals get their routine straight, they do not restrain easily. Thus, the training is going to help not only the pets but for you as well.


When the cat and dog show at least some mutual respect between each other, that’s when you can give them some playtime together. While the dog is watching pat the cat, stroke them calmly and keep them relaxed, and vice versa. The cat will initially move away when you do this for dogs. But don’t force them. Keep doing it until they come back to you. This process will put you in surprise, and soon, you can experience the cats and dogs hanging around together.


Instincts of Cats and dogs

Sometimes the animals never go compromised. The dogs become highly triggered by seeing cats. It is a case, especially when you choose dogs from the wild breeds. The cats more often become terrified with this act of dogs, and they are not going to come out soon. It is the instinct of the animals based on the background they come from. For example, even cats cannot tolerate birds.



Hence, always get verified with the vendors on the breed before you brought them home. Check if they are a crossbreed of any wild breeds since they may never feel comfortable being around the different species. They are mostly driven by predatory instincts, and you cannot blame them for that.


There is numerous training center that uses special methodologies and techniques in the training process. Here are some of the simple tips you can follow while introducing your kitty and pooch with each other.


Power of Scent

You all might know the power of scent in both cats and dogs. They get highly influenced by the smell. Therefore, to start with, you can use catnips or catnips extract on the collar of the dog. The cats are going to get immediate confidence in the dogs. It might be an interesting experiment, but it is worth the attention. Check for OurPets Cosmic Catnip that has the most enticing aroma that cats love.


Spend time  

You always have to spend time with them separately, even if they are at your home. Make them spoilt with love and affection so that they are less resentful to each other. To gain confidence between dogs and cats, first of all, they need to trust you more than anything. More than just a teacher or a trainer adores them like the owner and a companion. You may understand the true nature of both the animals and hence making them easy on others becomes no more difficult.


Offer together space 



Mostly when you put a dog and cat on the lawn for the first time free, they start running around. Offer them a vast space where the cats don’t have to hide. While training them with each other, put a no-go-area so that the dog will not pound on the cats. Play games that are competitive as well. Because sometimes they may seem like they don’t bother the companion of others. But once there is something competitive, you cannot rustle with them. Set boundaries and rules in “Together space,” so after a while, it becomes natural for them to play around without fighting.


Final Verdict

All the process, as mentioned above, to put the cats and dogs together is highly experimental and experiential. The doctors, vets, and enthusiasts may have different options. But only you know what each of your pet is capable of. Although never force them to be with each other. It will eventually happen after a span, but that could take a while. During all the process of putting them together, don’t forget to embrace their differences also.


Just because you have to train them together does not mean that they have to do everything together. A very simple example is that the cats love the freshwater to drink while dogs can mess them in a matter of seconds. So, provide them separate water bowls, and you can be peaceful too. Only with your constant time and affection, you can bring harmony to your home.

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