Can Cats Eat Cream Cheese?

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Cat owners love to spoil their pet companion with the food. Many of you have seen Tom and Jerry and wanted to feed the cats with a bowl full of cheese. Cats may seemingly enjoy this gesture, but strangely, they are not very fond of them. There are several reasons why they don’t prefer it.


Even if you are offering the cheese as a treat, you want to understand if that will cause anything good for your feline friend or not. Just because you see the image of a cot sipping the cup full of cream does not mean that they love dairy. Therefore, consider twice before serving them any lactose-laden dishes.


Can cats eat cream cheese?

Cats are naturally lactose-intolerant, and their body doesn’t have a significant amount of lactase. It is an enzyme that can break down the complex lactose elements present in the milk or any other dairy products so that one can digest it easily. Hence overeating of any dairy products may cause them diarrhea. You can also observe that their digestive system will become upset, and ultimately, they will not be able to have any other food as well.


Even though the cat does not seem to hate cheese, some cats crave dairy products. The reason behind it is that just like the meat, even dairy product has high fat and protein-rich. They can eat cheese, but it’s not recommended for them.


Why is cream cheese not suitable for cats?

The majority of the cats grow up with lactose intolerance. The difference comes from their ancestor’s family. For instance, as you know, the cats come from the tiger family. Have you ever seen tiger drinking milk? No! Because cat or tiger, they all belong to the carnivore family. They can thrive mostly on meat products. Hence, it’s unnatural for them to accustom to the dairy product. Even though some cats like to consume cheese, it will eventually cause them severe vomiting and diarrhea.


Can you serve non-diary cheese?

Since cats develop the behavior of lactose intolerant like humans, many people question if cats can be served with non-diary cheese. For example, there are numerous products for humans that are lactose removed and are supplemented by the right enzymes. They taste more or less similar to diary products.


However, the pet cats shouldn’t be served with any cheese. They contain a high amount of salt and fat that cannot be digested by cats because their intestine is different from humans. Also, the enzymes for breaking lactose elements are naturally present in humans but not in cats. It is better to avoid the cheese and other dairy products.


If you wanted to treat them, you could always substitute cheese with any other meat products or Nulo Adult & Kitten Grain Free Dry Cat food. If your cat is vegan, then get them some delicious cereals for their dinner.

These are some of the reasons why cheese is not recommended for the cat. Even if they like to have it, provide them with a tiny slice or piece. The cats can taste anything and everything that they get on their paw. You need to careful in choosing what you offer them to eat.

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