Can I Ask A Vet Online Questions About My Pet?

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As a pet owner, you would know how difficult their maintenance sometimes gets. Other commitments with work, family, and leisure can make it hard to make time to take your cat to the vet for a checkup or any other reasons. With the changing times of the real world’s demands shifting to the virtual world, options are coming up for connecting with vets online.





However, what has been an ongoing dilemma for many pet owners is the solving of queries through an online mode. It saves a lot of time and effort on both their part and the vet, but people are unsure about the amount of trust they can put into these services, as they have never availed it before.


So, here we will discuss how an online experience of contacting a vet can go.


What Can You Get Out Of An Online Vet Service?

An online platform helps a lot when you need to contact your cat’s vet. With newer applications getting introduced to the market every day, more unique features are also coming up. Following are some amazing things you get from an online vet service.




1. Cheaper Than An In-Person Appointment

An in-person appointment demands you reserve a time to get the desired slot. Some vet clinics also have appointment costs, and in general, an in-person checkup costs a lot more as it is an average figure for both the vet and the cat owner. An online vet service is a much less expensive affair. Online applications offer plans for a continuous assessment of your cat that help you save on total costs. And the best part– no expenditure on the commute!


2. Convenient For You And Your Cat

As mentioned, setting out a day for a vet visit can be a hassle. But that is not just the case for the cat owner. Many cats might not find the vet’s clinic their favorite place. It could make them anxious, especially if they are suffering from trauma. So overall, an online interaction would be less stressful for both the cat owner and the cat.


3. Prepares You For An In-Person Visit

If your cat needs the vet’s attention in person, the online meeting with them will prepare you and your cat for it. You will be made aware of the time commitment you need to create and mentally. You would know what your cat’s health issues are. It is very helpful against going to the vet without knowing anything.


4. Provides Additional Features And Services

Many online platforms for online vet services offer many other features on their applications. These could be related to nutrition, health, and a lot more. It helps keep all data about your cat organized in one place. You and the vet can easily refer to the data and find solutions to your cat’s health issues.


Limitations Of An Online Vet Service

Pet owners must be aware that vets or other health professionals have many restrictions on using an online mode. And for all valid reasons. Healthcare is sensitive; although it provides immense support, a virtual platform can’t be entirely reliable. So, the information that they can relay to you will be limited in some ways. But it is not an issue to worry about a lot.


These limitations are set in most states as it is not possible to build a veterinary-client-patient relationship or VCPR through an online platform. For the relationship to build, a vet is supposed to be in proper contact with the cat, which they can hardly achieve on a video call.


AskVet — Your Go-To Animal Wellness App

If you are looking for an online vet service for your beloved cat, AskVet is the one for you! It is a reliable application that you can download on your phone. AskVet connects you to licensed veterinarians who can assist you every step of the way towards your cat’s perfect health.



The entire setup process of the application is straightforward. However, to understand how the app’s services work, take a look at these set of steps:




Step 1: Download the app and enter data about your cat to create their profile.
Step 2: Based on the data, your cat will receive an initial assessment with a lifestyle expert who will help you understand your cat better.
Step 3: Meet with the Care Coach to set up your cat’s Personalized Plan.
Step 4: Get consulted for the first time with the vet.
Step 5: Track your cat’s health with data and newly updated information about them with every meeting.

Features of AskVet

The most attractive feature of AskVet is the Personalized Plan. You and the vet create it, so it is based on a good understanding of your cat. You can cater to your cat’s needs according to this plan. The app will offer guides specific to your cat’s personality; this way, you can get to know your cat better than ever.


Another great feature of this app is connecting with other pet parents! This way, you get a shared space to discuss each other’s pets and learn more from different experiences.


Some of the technical specifications of the app are given below.



Special Features Pet wellness and health services, Unlimited pet lifestyle coaching, Rainy Day Fund of up to $1000
Required OS Android 5.0+
Availability Available on the Play Store
Download size 7.89 MB
Permissions Required Camera, Telephone, Storage, Network Access


Start your journey with your cat today and avail the member-only benefits of Askvet. You can download the paid app from your Google Play Store or click here to get started and set up your cat’s profile.



We have discussed a lot about online vet services, and now you know well enough to explore the support a virtual platform can provide your pet. You can weigh your options and use a platform that offers all the required features. As you already know, AskVet does not leave any stone unturned and helps you give your cat holistic care and attention. With experienced and licensed pet professionals, you get a lot more than just immediate health attention.

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