Can I give my cat wet food as a treat?

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Most pet parents struggle when deciding what the right food for their cats is. However, things get trickier when it comes to deciding on the right treats. The market is overrun with a range of choices for cat treats. However, most tend to be an unhealthy version of dry food. From all that we have learned from veterinarians, wet food surpasses dry food. Yes, home-cooked food is the best of all, but not all pet parents have time to cook daily.


So, how about serving wet food as a treat for cats? Let us learn more about serving wet cat food as a treat.


Why is wet food good for your cat?

Most veterinarians suggest the use of wet food for cats. This is because cats are prone to be picky when it comes to drinking water. They can go without water for days, and you wouldn’t even know about it. To top it all, if you just give your cat dry food, it can lead to dehydration on some days.


So, the best way to hydrate your cats is to feed them wet cat food. Another big reason a pet parent would prefer wet food over dry is that it mimics a cat’s natural diet to the closest. Cats are carnivores by nature and thrive on wet food that is rich in protein. Moreover, wet food is mostly low in carbohydrates as compared to dry kibbles. A similar low-carbohydrate wet cat food is the Tiki Cat Grill Adult Wet Cat Food. This grain-free formula features whole seafood added to the delicious broth, making up for an amazing treat for your pet.



Dry food is highly likely to cause issues such as diabetes mellitus or obesity. Moreover, dehydrated cats are more likely to suffer from issues such as kidney disease or urinary tract issues. Feeding wet food to your cat helps maintain the body and organ hydration levels and promotes the dilution of urine.


Here is a quick comparison between dry cat food and wet cat food.


Dry Cat Food

Wet Cat Food

Storage Longer storage periods and shelf life Shorter storage period after the can is opened


Sizing It comes in big bags that last for a month or more It comes pre-measured in cans that helps you track the caloric intake while preventing obesity
Age-Friendly Not ideal for old cats, especially ones with digestive and oral issues Ideal for cats of all ages, including kittens and old cats
Cost Budget-friendly Costlier as compared to dry cat food


Digestion Kibbles are hard to digest Soft meat portions are easy to digest


Hydration Require external hydration It doesn’t require additional hydration




Wet Cat Food: Treats or Full-Meal?

Let us get to the basics of treats. What are treats used for? They are used as rewards that help cats learn a behavioral trait. Anything that a cat doesn’t find tasty might not make it to the list of treats. So, most manufacturers add some additives to the cat treats to make them enticing for the cat. Now, these cat treats might not all be healthy. While there are natural and healthy additives that make the food tasty but not all manufacturers use them.


So, it is preferred that most pet owners replace cat treats with wet food. This will help keep the cat hydrated, nourished, and energetic throughout the day. Also, wet food is mostly pricier as compared to dry food. So, most pet parents might not be able to afford it as a full meal.


To ensure that the cat gets optimum nutrition and hydration, pet parents can top up the dry cat food with a wet one. This will help keep the cat hydrated and get access to rich and high-quality protein. The wet food can also be served as a treat if you are out of budget.


If your budget allows you, the best option is to try and feed your cat with wet food. Most cats would do well when fed a full meal twice a day. So, depending on the weight and age of your cat, you can look through the instructions in the package and feed them the appropriate amount of wet food.


So, it is better to feed your cat wet cat food as a full meal. But, you can also serve it as a treat if your budget doesn’t permit a full meal. If you do prefer dry cat food as a full meal, make sure you add some water to the kibbles to ensure hydration.


Benefits of Wet Cat Food as Treats

If you only feed your cat dry food, you might have deprived them of quality protein for a long time. When you serve wet cat food to your pet as treats, you help them with:


1. Better Hydration:

Most cats are wary of standing or still water. It is in the cat’s nature to avoid stagnant water as it often tends to be home to insects and bacteria. So, your cat might not like the water being served in a bowl. Most cats prefer moving fresh water and would drink straight from the tap or faucet.


But, water is important for the proper functioning of their body. It helps with temperature regulation, mobility, and health. Water makes up around 60% of the cat’s body. So, serving them wet cat food as a treat would get the job done without being heavy on your pocket.


2. Helps Maintain Lean Muscle Mass:

As compared to dry food, wet food is rich in protein content. Plus, the quality of protein is better in most wet food options. Protein helps support the maintenance of muscle mass in the body, which helps reduce issues such as obesity.


Muscles and organs are the primary sources of the cat’s body metabolism. It helps promote crucial body functions such as mobility, immunity, and so on. As cats age, they tend to lose their muscle mass. So, it is advised that cats should be served with wet food, especially if the cat’s age is on the older side.


3. More Varieties:

If you eat one food item for a long time, you will get bored at some point or other. The same happens with cats as well. Cats crave variety. Wet cat food comes in a range of choices that include different textures and flavors. Given that wet cat food comes in small batches, you are most likely to find more options as compared to dry food formulas.



Wet cat food is a perfect choice when served as a treat. However, if you already give your cat some wet food as a full meal, you might need to check the amount you give as a treat. Too much of anything can lead to obesity and other health issues. So, the key is to feed your cat in regulation. Tasty wet cat food treats will help develop positive behavioral traits in your pet and help them lead a healthy life at the same time.

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