Can You Socialize a Shy Kitten?

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Who doesn’t love to play with a cute little kitten? Everyone does! But do you often find your felines turning their back and hiding under the bed or sofa while you get closer to them? If yes, you probably have a shy kitty who doesn’t like to socialize with humans. There are multiple reasons for such a cat behavior in which a kitty may not give a nod to hanging out with humans despite all the tricks you play to shower your love on them.


Those cute little furballs may not understand that you are helping them to overcome their shyness, and thus it can be a big deal to get them socializing with their fellow mates in their new home. But can you socialize with shy cats? If yes, then what are the ways by which you can get them playing around you? Here in this article, we are going to help you out with tips that will make your pet cat adoption an exciting journey:


What causes a Kitten to turn timid and shy? 


There are different reasons why a cat behaves timidly; here are a few of them:




Genetics Owing to their genes, some cats tend to be more cautious the others and hence turn out to be shy and fearful.
Lack of socialization If newborn kittens do not get to interact with humans within eight weeks after birth, the chances are that they turn out to be shy and timid. They prefer staying at bay from humans and can easily get frightened when a human tries to approach them.
Bad experiences in past In some cases, a cat that has been harmed by a human in the past also tends to lose their trust in humans. As a reaction, they easily get scared by seeing humans in their close vicinity.




How to help your kitty overcome its shyness?

Do you hate to see your little kitty run under the bed or climb the rack whenever they see you? Probably it’s a sign that your fur mates are shy in nature and do not like socializing.


Socializing a shy cat is not an easy chore and can put your patience to the test. But here we list down a few effective tips and tricks that you can try to get your cute little munchkins to overcome their shyness:


Talk in a soothing tone

Treat your cats just like you would treat a baby. Talk to them in a soothing tone, take their name often, and try to comfort them as much as possible. Being loud and over-talkative can scare them. Thus, always maintain a low pitch while talking to your kitties.


Give them a stress-free environment

Despite the playful nature of cats, shy cats prefer to be in calm and soothing places. They may not like the sight of having their fellow humans running towards them to indulge in some fun and playtime. Such an act may give them a feeling of fear and frightfulness.


If you swoop at them and make loud noises while being around them, they may perceive you as a source of threat and plan an escape whenever they find you approaching them. So, give them a stress-free environment and consider seating yourself on a couch on their level rather than scrunching beside them. Start slowly until and unless your shy kitties start bestowing their trust in you and do not see you as a source of danger.


Give them places to seek refuge

Most of you might be unaware of this, but seeking refuge in a hideout place can help a kitten destress. So, the dwelling place of your kitten should have ample hideout places such as shelves, sofa, racks, etc., so that they can hide in any event when they feel scared. Also, make sure that your pet is not bullied by any other outside cat or pet who secretly tries to seek entry into your home.


Try the ‘Purrito’ effect

 This trick works at its best for almost every shy kitten. All you need to try this trick is to wrap your fur babies in a towel with only their heads popping out. Next, lift them up gently in your arms and pet them on their face and body. This act will help them to relax and make friends with humans overcoming their shyness.


The food hack

Food is the doorway to melting the heart of a shy kitten. Irrespective of how shy a kitty is, they always long for good food and tasty snacks. And, you can very well use their weakness as an advantage. Treats and snacks are one of the best weapons you can use to socialize with your shy cats. While spending time with them, scatter some snacks on the floor to see if they come out of their hidings to serve themselves a treat. Pet them while they gobble on those snacky treats and try to move closer to them while you use food as a tool to let them conquer their shyness.


Do not rush

Moving at a fast pace to take control of your cats won’t work. Instead, go slow and maintain your pace in socializing with them. Giving your kittens too much attention can actually backfire on your cause and make them feel nervous. Go ahead step by step and celebrate success at every step that you achieve.


Get playing

Once your kitties get comfortable with you, your next move should be to play with them. Cats are playful, so next, you should bring out cat toys and other utilities to indulge in a playtime session. Scatter the toys on the floor, do not throw them at your furballs, or you may end up scaring them off. Let them sniff the toys, twirl them and twitch to get them one step ahead of overcoming their shyness.






A shy kitten may take time to socialize, and there may be many setbacks you may have to face while training those four feet to socialize. But do not be discouraged and remember that ‘consistency is the key.’ Try out the above-mentioned hacks on a regular basis, and slowly and steadily, even your shy felines will transform into playful kittens to make your paradise a FURever home.

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