Cat CBD For Their Pain? CBD for Your Cat? Does Canna-Pet Work?

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The use of cannabidiol has gained popularity in the last few years. CBD oil is used for multiple purposes, including healing, resolving anxiety or stress, relieving you from joint pains, etc. We know that it is working for humans. However, when it comes to the cat, owners are being questioned on various levels about the practical usage of CBD for the cat’s well-being.


Hemp nutrition for Happy Healthy Pets


Starting from inflammation to ailments, it helps to manage several conditions. There are still lots of researchers who are trying to prove the usefulness of this oil. But there are many questions on the safety and legal aspects of the oil used on the cats. Thus, in this article, we will discuss the usage of CBD oils for your feline pets. Without ado, let us get started.


What is CBD?

CBD has hundreds of compounds derived from the Cannabis and hemp plant. The compounds may include cannabidiol, phytocannabinoid, and other specific types of the molecule extracted from the cannabis plant. These compounds are used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. For example, the most common application of CBD oil is tincture.


The oil is usually used through a solvent to make it more effective for easing out from the pain. Thus the oil creates an all-natural, non-toxic medication substance for the pets. Other than that, CBD is widely used in cosmetics, moisturizers, lotions, and night creams.


Is CBD oil safe for the cat?

CBD oil is often used to improve the quality of life for cats. It eases out the symptoms, aches, and ailments. The owner has to remember that the purpose of CBD oil is to create relief but does not necessarily have to cure the ailments in cats.


If your pet is suffering from any pain, it is recommended to use the oil, but taking it to a vet is equally necessary. The oil is usually given orally. Most of the popular solvents of CBD include oil of coconut, olive, hempseed, palm, and avocado. These components are known as carrier oils and are commonly mixed in the proportions of how the essential oils are used. Thus, CBD Oils are safe for cats.


Even though some of the reports boast about the success of CBD oil in managing the pain in cats, it’s equally important to understand the process of how supplements work in pets. Therefore, before giving the oil for consumption or introducing it as a supplement, always discuss it with the vet.


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Is CBD oil legal?

The oil derived from Hemp plants have a high concentration of cannabidiol(CBD) and low tetra-cannabidiol (THC) levels. And for the oil derived from the marijuana plants will have these proportions in vice versa. It is a significant difference that makes CBD oil legal and suitable for usage for both humans and pets. When THC is consumed, it creates psychoactive effects, leaving it to a high feeling. Hence CBD oil is preferred, and it is the owner’s responsibility to check whether the oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC levels. Exceeding this level will have an adverse reaction in cats.


Making the pets consume the right dosage will relieve them from stress, aches, inflammation and eventually improve the quality of life. Also, Hemp oil is legal in 50 states, and it is commonly sold even at the local stores.


How CBD works in cats?

Most animals, including your cat, have an endocannabinoid system that plays a vital role in maintaining health. Cats produce endogenous cannabinoids that are released into the bloodstream during stress or when suffering from pain. These substances attach to the cells and deliver the message to the body. It instructs the cat to react or respond differently in the external environment while balancing the pain internally.


These endocannabinoids are present in the cannabis plants, which helps the cat react differently while primarily promoting the pain-free immune to the nervous system. It helps to regulate inflammation and control the feeling of pain in nerve endings. There are still many types of research conducted to understand the functioning of oil in cats. However, this also depends on the dosage of consumption. In some rare cases, the oil causes adverse effects, mainly due to the existing medical condition or sedation.


Will CBD oil make my cat high?

The answer is simple. No, it does not cause any high feelings to your cats. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, which means it does not give the high drug feeling. Since they are separate from the active hemp compound THC, they do not produce the same effects. It is chemically impossible to use CBD oil for such purposes as only the strain from the plant contains drug compounds.



Most owners have this doubt as Cannabis being used as a blanket term for all the oil. There are numerous varieties of cannabis plants. The one derived from the oil is taken from Cannabis Sativa, which contains less THC. But marijuana has more psychoactive properties, which will also require legal permission for usage.


What are the benefits of CBD oil for cats?

CBD oil is mainly used to decrease inflammation and chronic pain in cats. Researchers from Cornell University found out that the oil is great in treating pain by reacting to the receptors in the bloodstream. They claim CBD oil to be an excellent neuroprotector. Hence, it is great to treat any neurological disorders and medical conditions related to the same.

  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Bowel diseases
  • Urinary tract
  • Allergies
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of energy
  • Infections
  • Tumors


Apart from the list mentioned above, there are three important reasons that are commonly accepted as an effective usage for cats.

Check the table for understanding.


Why you should use this oil?

Arthritis Pain


With aging, many cats become prone to joint pain and stiffness in the legs. Older cats are at significant risk of being affected by arthritis. A large percentage of cats of age more than six are affected by arthritis. Studies show that 80% of older cats suffer from arthritis. While considering the information as the primary source, arthritis seems to bring discomfort in daily life for cats. Hence, CBD oil can promote mobility and agility. Absolutely, there are no claims that oil can cure such chronic diseases. However, it can be used to ease out the pain. The oil seems to be well-tolerated by cats.
Anxiety in Cats CBD oil for cats works the best with their endocannabinoid system. It promotes overall wellness, regulates body function, and also maintains homeostasis. The system is essential in balancing mood swings. A cat can have a bad day &suddenly, they become very aggressive. There are two extremes in the cat. Some cats will lack energy and don’t like to interact. But other cats become uncontrollable. It entirely depends on the hormones. Hence, the usage of oil works with the brain receptors and calms down their mood swings in minutes.
Appetite in Cats Ever had a cat that wasn’t willing to eat? It may seem like a miscellaneous problem initially. However, they can cause significant health issues because decreased appetite can bring mood issues, dental problems, nervous problems, and other similar problems. Therefore, when a cat lacks appetite, you need to figure it out immediately. CBD can be your home remedy that can make your kitty feel hungry. However, this is applicable only when a cat losses appetite suddenly. But if you have a cat that regularly does not eat well, you can immediately take it to the vet. Put the cat’s appetite back on track for healthy living.



Which CBD oil should you use?

Commonly CBD oil comes with a mixture of compound ingredients that make it palatable and nutritious. The oil is mainly mixed with coconut oil when it comes to humans or even dogs. But considering cats do not digest fatty acids found in plants like coconuts, they are mixed with sardine oil. When in doubt, you may want to check It is one of the authentic sellers that you will come across online. The capsules are created with natural flavonoids, and you can feed the cat with confidence. Currently, the brand offers a discount of 20% for the new users who can use the code new_custom while purchasing.


Things to remember while giving CBD to the cats

Here is the checklist in the table format. This will give you an overview idea if you are going to use CBD oil for the first time for your cats

Your checklist

Why is it important?

Giving appropriate dosage Appropriate dosages are significant while feeding the cats with CBD products. Usually, the dosages depend on the weight of your cats when it comes to capsules. While for oil, it depends on the severity level. Whatever be the case, ensure you are giving it in the right amount.
Trial Dosage


Trial dosage is a must for the cats while offering them CBD oils or capsules. Because your cats will have a sensitive stomach, and before taking it as a supplement, you should know if it is working for them. Start with a smaller amount and then increase the dosage a little by little. Each time see how the cat is responding. Once you find any adverse effects such as gastronomical upset, too hungry, vomiting, or nausea, stop it immediately.
Capsules If you have decided to use the supplement capsules, you need to open them and mix them directly on the food. You can also keep them along with the daily treats. The goal is to make the cat eat the entire capsule. Most cats can be benefited from one serving of the tablet itself. If you think your cat is not willing to eat or consume as a capsule product, choose CBD liquids.


Usually, liquid products have rapid effects. They can be metabolized efficiently. However, it needs to be fed 3-4 times every day. Of course, cats are not going to like the taste. Hence, if you provide from their young age, it can be an added advantage.



Does Canna-Pet Work?

When the founders understood that there are numerous pet owners out in the world who are willing to give a committed, pain-free, happy life to pets, they started Canna-pets. The brand brings ethically sourced natural, organic products that can keep your pet happy and lively. All the products at Canna-pet are derived from the oil extracts of organic hemp only.


Indeed, the Clinical Pharmacology Department at Auburn University’s School of Veterinary Medicine has partnered with Canna-Pet to produce more cannabinoid-based products that aid in improving the well-being of the pets suffering from anxiety, cancer, epilepsy, and more.


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Thus, Canna-pets is one of the most authentic brands available in the market. The team constantly works every day to bring innovative products for cats and dogs. Making nutritional supplements that are also tasty has been the goal for a long. For example, their CBD biscuits are highly helping the pets to consume without any discomfort.


With 30 years of careful research, the organization brings CBD capsules sold across 40 countries worldwide. Canna-Pet has been revolutionizing the industry of Non-psychoactive CBD products that are formulated with accuracy. Every product here is tested for quality and consistency before they reach the hands of pet owners.


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Canna-Pet products do not get your cat high, but you can see a significant difference with their overall health. The cats are enthusiastic, active, and have a healthy lifestyle ahead. The supplements benefit digestive problems, nausea, anxiety, phobias, joint pains, improving mobility, offering pain relief, preventing inflammation, seizures, and occurrence of epilepsy, controlling skin allergies and infectious diseases, proper function of the heart and circulatory and notably overall aging and well being.


You can read their detailed guides for cats before purchasing the product. Well! It does not stop there. If you are a new user of Canna-pet, now you can buy any product at a 20% discount. All you need to do is to use the code new custom while it is processed for billing.


As a pet parent, it is natural that you have any doubts about offering CBD products to your cat. Especially with millions of products being manufactured in the market, it could be a hassle to choose the right one for your cat. Thus, this guide would have helped you to understand various pain points.


Also, we recommend you do complete research on the products before choosing that for your cat. More importantly, we suggest the owners take an opinion from your regular veterinarian before giving supplements to your cats. You should always follow the feeding instruction and consult for an appropriate dosage. It will keep your pet wellness routine intact.

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