CatBox Classics: A Box Designed For Our Feline Gods

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Does your cat jump straight up into any cardboard box you get delivered to your house? Well, it is only natural for cats to seek a space they can call their own. Cats love the enclosure created by a box that is closed off from all sides but one. These boxes serve as an ideal home for your cat and help them deal with any stressful situation.

It is their getaway card from any situation that requires sneaking into the safety. However, cardboard boxes might not go well with your home décor and might look particularly ugly. So, how can you keep your cat happy and ensure that your house looks top-notch at the same time?

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Well, here is your answer! The CatBox Classics is a go-to option for every cat owner who is in search of a permanent living décor for their cat.

About CatBox Classics

CatBox Classics started as a venture to help cat owners and feline lovers to invest in an integrated space that can look just as good as their home décor. The idea was to combine playtime, scratch, and sleeping into one. The makers drew inspiration from a rescue named Cleo, who adored cardboard boxes and lived in one all the time.

These boxes, while comfy, adhere to the interior design and aesthetic preferences of cat owners.

Why CatBox Classics?

When you choose the CatBox Classics, you don’t have to deal with the boring brown cardboard boxes. Rather, you invest in eco-friendly and cat-safe cardboard houses that are crafted from recycled cardboard. If you are someone who doesn’t want to add to the junk and toxins that are already ailing Mother Earth, this cat house is just perfect for you and your cat.

Each cat house by CatBox Classics is painted to look like a masterpiece added to your home décor. The colors and ink used to decorate the box aren’t your classic chemical options. Rather, the makers have made sure that the colors do not harm your kitty, even if they try to chew on the material. The color is derived from cat-safe ink that is soy-based.

Cats are loving their new Cat Box Classics Cardboard Cat Houses

Moreover, these cat houses also pack in scratchers that are made from non-toxic glue and do not harm your feline partner even when ingested. The best thing about getting the CatBox Classics for your kitty is that 10 percent of profits made by the company goes to the agencies that help cats in need, such as shelters or adoption agencies.

The overall design of the house is enclosed yet airy to ensure the cats have a sense of coziness and security while retaining their body heat. Plus, your cat gets a little treat in the box, which is a small packet filled with catnip.

What Do You Get When You Buy From CatBox Classics?

As good as the cat house feels for your pet, it would be as appealing for their human friends as well. The houses are designed to satisfy the safety needs of your cats without disturbing the beautiful décor of your house.

Best of all, these houses are light in weight yet strong enough to handle the rough attacks by your cat. You can carry it along with you and shift it from room to room as and when required. Apart from this you also get:

  • Secure Transactions
  • 30-Day Guarantee (Complete Money Back If You or Your Cat isn’t Satisfied)
  • Fast Shipping

Why Do You Need a CatBox Classics House for Your Cat?

Your cat’s love for boxes is a basic instinct. It is encoded into their behavioral trait to adore being inside a cardboard box. So, here are a few reasons for you to invest in the CatBox Classics House:

  • Scratch-Away Scratch Post:

If you have had a cat for quite a few years, you would surely know their love for scratching almost anything. Be it your fluffy pillow or even your legs; they will scratch them all. But, what if you give them a place to scratch? With the CatBox Classics, you get a house for your cat that is embedded with scratching pads that are created with a non-toxic glue variant. This gives your cat the perfect place to scratch healthily and releases its pent-up energy.

The scratch post is made of high-quality fabric and can be reversed as and when needed.

  • Play Time:

Cats, although they tend to sleep a lot more than dogs, they do need their fair share of playtime. Well, they often love to play hide and seek. This gives them the necessary exercise and keeps the mind stimulated. The CatBox Classics cat houses come with strategically placed holes to help your cat hide & stalk any passersby or chase the toys that you dangle outside these holes.

  • Sleep Peacefully:

Cats tend to sleep about 20 hours daily depending on various factors that include their breed, age, & overall health/temperament. They love to sleep in solace where they can stay hidden, secure, & get a chance to spring back up when needed. The CatBox Classics ticks all these checkmarks and serves as an ideal laying ground for your cat.

  • Sharing a Bond:

Cats aren’t as social as dogs. However, they love to interact and be around their human friends. They always want to be around their companions yet be just as safe while doing so. These homes are designed to be portable. You can carry it around as required and keep your cat always close to you while you both share a peaceful bond.

Purrfect Oasis Cardboard Cat House with Scratcher

The CatBox Classics is available in 4 different variants that include:

  • Furry Masterpieces CatBox Classics Cat House
  • Purrfect Oasis CatBox Classics Cat House
  • Kitty Jungle CatBox Classics Cat House
  • Meow Yellow CatBox Classics Cat House


So, be an eco-friendly investor without compromising on your home décor. Let your cat be comfortable, cozy, and safe while you bond with them at a whole new level. So, get the CatBox Classics today and watch your cat explore their new space while you enjoy watching them have fun!

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