Category: The Picky Eaters’ Diet

Cats are the world’s pickiest eaters. Learn the best and healthiest diets for your favorite feline and help them be a healthy cat.

  • Can cats eat peanut butter?

    Can cats eat peanut butter?

    While you offer cats a dollop of peanut butter, they will gobble it quickly and want more. Cats love to have treats served before them, which relishes their taste buds and gives their tummy the […]

  • Why Is My Cat So Greedy?

    Why Is My Cat So Greedy?

    Do you always find your cats crying for food as soon as you get up from bed and walk to your cooking heaven for a hot cup of morning tea? Do you find your cats […]

  • PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder Review

    PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder Review

    All the pet owners treat their pets as family. They shower them with love and tender care and make sure that they get everything they need at the right time, including the regular visit to […]

  • Why Your Cat Won’t Eat?

    Why Your Cat Won’t Eat?

    Owners often talk about the finicky eating behavior of their cats. It is common for a cat to suddenly refuse to eat its favorite food. But when you notice that there is a rapid weight […]

  • Can Cats Eat Bread?

    Can Cats Eat Bread?

    We are sure that you cannot resist your appetite by the smell of freshly baked oven products. Especially sourdough bread is heaven, and the craving is teasing. Did you know that you are not exclusive […]

  • Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

    Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

    Watermelons and summer go hand in hand. With the beginning of the summer season, watermelons make their way to every regular household. But, humans aren’t the only souls that enjoy relishing on these sugary treats; […]

  • Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

    Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

    For pet parents having both cats and dogs, this particular question comes across their mind more often than not. You might think that since meat or fish are the main constituents of both cat food […]

  • Can Cats Really Drink Milk?

    Can Cats Really Drink Milk?

    The first thing we all will remember about the cat is milk. Milk and cats have associated closely just like bread and butter. Just like any other species living in the world, even cats have […]

  • Is My Cat Underweight?

    Is My Cat Underweight?

    The genotypes of cats result in many different body sizes. They range from long and lean to short and chubby. How can one know whether their cat is at their naturally healthy weight or underweight? […]

  • Can You Feed Raw Chicken to Your Cat?

    Can You Feed Raw Chicken to Your Cat?

    Have you ever been in a situation when you have to feed your cat, but you don’t have enough time to cook food, and only chicken or meat is available? If yes, then a question […]

  • Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

    Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

    Pets are a part of the family, and as such should be treated with equal care and affection. Cats happen to be one of the most commonly owned pets, loved by a vast majority of […]

  • Can Cats Eat Cheese?

    Can Cats Eat Cheese?

    Now, who doesn’t love that creamy & yummy taste of cheese? As popular as cheese is among humans, it enjoys a similar fondness among the feline community or in simple terms, the “Cats.” But is […]

  • Can Cats Eat Eggs?

    Can Cats Eat Eggs?

    Your pet cat is very delicate in both the outward look and anatomically. These pets some of the most adorable animals among humans around the world.  It is this reason that we will always try […]

  • Are Cats Carnivores?

    Are Cats Carnivores?

    Diet has a massive part in the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of cats, just as it does on humans. Feline diets are, however, different from the human ones. This is evident in the wild […]

  • Is People Food Safe for Cats?

    Is People Food Safe for Cats?

    How many times have you felt your cat’s furry touch on your legs, only to look down and see sad eyes begging to have a bite of your pepperoni? This sweet conviction may be an […]