Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip Review

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

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A great scratching post is ideal for a healthy and happy cat. Asides from the fact that it provides your cat with a channel to pour out her natural instinct to scratch, it also acts as a kind of exercise. The most important aspect is that it will also protect your furniture from damage.

There are many scratchers being sold on the market today, which makes it extremely difficult for cat lovers to make a choice for their furry ones. In this article, we shall be taking a look at one that has managed to stand out from the rest. It is called the Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip.

First, what exactly is scratching and why do cats scratch? Read on to learn more.

Cats and Scratching

Scratching is normal behavior for felines and it serves a range of purposes to the life of your cat. It is more complicated than sharpening claws. Cats love their territory and they scratch objects to establish visible markers for other cats going through their territory. Because cats have strong instincts, they tend to scratch in any location, any time regardless of the situation. Cats engage in scratching for the following reasons:

  • For emotional release
  • For stretching shoulder and back muscles

If your cat is sad or happy about something, she will let go of her emotions via scratching. This is also the case when she is frustrated or excited.

If your cat has not begun to scratch yet, do not wait till it begins putting its claws into your furniture. Invest in a great scratching post or scratcher to avert problems as you go on.

The great news is that we have done all the hard work and chosen one of the leading scratchers on the market today known as the Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip, Jungle-Stripe Lounge. We shall be looking at a few of its amazing features, as well as what exactly makes it stand out.


Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip, Jungle-Stripe Lounge Review

This Scratching board merges contemporary shapes alongside stylish patterns. This means that aside from a scratcher for your cat, you also get an appealing design. Its design also ensures it can fit in with any form of home decoration with ease.

This scratching board offers your cat a corrugated scratching surface which means your cat will always have another surface to satisfy its instinct of scratching on. It also ensures your furniture is protected against damage from the claws of your cat.

Catit Style Scratcher Appearance

In comparison to the modern look of expensive furniture-grade scratchers made of cardboard, this scratcher might be unable to compete. However, in comparison to other disposable cardboard scratchers in its category, this scratcher offers much more appeal. It still seems like a cat scratcher made from cardboard but the jungle pattern used in designing it offers it some form of uniqueness and style.


Catit Style Scratcher Ease of cleaning

This scratcher is produced from uneven lightweight cardboard and will begin shedding instantly. Depending on the aggressiveness of your cat, it can lead to a huge mess. This is quite easy to clean even though it is quite messy. Lots of owners won’t have an issue cleaning up the extra mess made by this scratcher.

Catit Style Scratcher Cat-Friendliness

Lots of cats enjoy scratching cardboard. Some would choose lightweight uneven cardboard because it can be shredded easily. Others would prefer heavy-duty and sisal corrugated cardboard because it has more durability and plays a better role in eradicating the outer layer of the cat claws.

The Catit style scratcher is a horizontal scratcher and although a little smaller in size than average might not be suitable for excessively large cats. Nonetheless, it will make a great bed. It also comes included with catnip that most cats would enjoy.

Catit Style Scratcher Durability

The Catit Style Scratcher is created from lightweight cardboard which is meant to be disposed of. It has a better quality and nicer look than some other disposable cardboard scratchers being sold on the market today. Depending on the behavior of your cat, you could enjoy this scratcher for 1 to 3 months which is quite lower than other sisal scratching posts in the same category.

Features of the Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

Below are some of the amazing features of this scratcher. They include:

  • It comes in a jungle print design
  • It has a Corrugated Scratching Surface
  • It aids in protecting your furniture against damage from your cat’s claws
  • It comes with Catnip
  • It has a size of 19.5 inches which makes it able to accommodate most cats

Pros of the Catit Style Scratcher

  • It is reversible. This means you can turn it around after a surface has been shredded
  • A side can last for one month or more
  • It can also function as a lounger for your cat
  • It comes at a very budget-friendly price
  • It has a very appealing design
  • It comes alongside a catnip

 Cons of the Catit Style Scratcher

  • It is quite messy
  • The cardboard is of low quality and does not last for a long time
  • It is quite small for  most cats
  • There have been complaints of a horrible odor when removed from the package
  • It slides on the floor which makes it uncomfortable for your cat at times

Why do you need a Scratcher for your cat?

A cat scratching post may look like a bland piece of furniture. However, this simple furniture can aid in minimizing many of the hassles associated with owning a cat. This is done by redirecting the natural instincts of your cat, which in turn enhances the overall health of your cat.

Below are a few ways a scratcher is beneficial to both you and your cat.

For Kittens

Scratching posts or scratchers are beneficial to your cats in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Scratching posts offer an energetic activity for your cat
  • It offers them a place to attach themselves to the home. This also aids in making the adjustment easier and eradicating any issues with cat behavior associated with new environments

For Your Furniture

As a lot of cat owners are aware, cats enjoy scratching even if there is no platform provided to do so. This means they will locate any platform to claw on.

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

Most times, this could be your valuable furniture. Adding a scratching post to your home can help channel the scratching. Note that you may sometimes have to draw the cat to the scratcher or scratch post by placing a treat or catnip.

Some scratchers come with catnips attached like the Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip.

For the health of your Cat

Although it may seem like an annoying trait, scratching is great for the health of your cats. Aside from keeping their claws in great shape, it is a great stress reliever. Cats that can scratch without hassles are healthy cats. That is why having a scratcher is essential

  • If you have more than one cat, a scratcher would be a great place for them to gather due to mutual interest. This can result in the scratcher or scratch post becoming a location for your cats to gather and interact or play. It is a great method of bringing your cats together as all cats enjoy scratching.

Benefits of Scratching for Cats

Scratching offers many benefits for your cats. Some of them include:

· Scratching is great for the claws

Every time your cat scratches an object, it gets rid of the external dead skin on the nail and unleashes the new and healthy ones underneath. It is also a way your cat sharpens its claws and keeps it healthy.

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

· It allows your cat to stretch

Scratching is a very efficient method for your cat to stretch her shoulder and back muscles

· It helps Mark Territory

After scratching, the marks left by the tour cat on an object produce a visible sign for other cats that pass. This is crucial in an outdoor setting because it lets incoming cats know that they are getting into the territory of another cat. This system of advance warning aids in minimizing the number of confrontations faced by a cat physically. Other cats can see the visual mark from afar.

· It acts as a great stress- reliever

Cats use scratching as a displacement behavior or emotional release. Anytime your cat is frustrated, anxious, excited, or happy, she can release some of the pent-up emotions via scratching. Having an emotional release via scratching can be of great benefit to your cat health-wise.

Factors to consider before choosing a Scratcher for Your Cat

Not just any scratcher or scratching post would work for your cat. There are numerous things to put into consideration before choosing one. Below are a few of them:


Cats desire something they can sink in their claws. The capacity to be rough and dig in claws is how he lets go of those loose layers from his claws. Many cats love a sisal texture. It is also a great choice for owners as they last longer and do not have to be changed frequently.

Other cats fancy having a platform they can shred to bits. This is the reason scratchers produced from corrugated cardboard are well recognized. If your cat loves to scratch the side of your sofa, going with a scratcher that is dense like sisal may be a great choice. If he loves clawing your carpet, you can look for a scratching post enclosed with carpet.


You may want to ensure that any post your cat stands on and digs her claw into will remain in place even with the weight of your cat. Nothing discourages a cat quicker than a scratcher or scratching posts sliding or tipping when he first makes use of it.


Even an amazing scratching post or scratchpad will end up accumulating dust if placed in an accessible location. When a cat wants to scratch, she will search for the nearest object that meets her requirements. Ensure you keep the scratch post where your cat enjoys spending time.

If you own more than one cat, more than one scratching post will be required. If you put them in various locations where the cats enjoy spending time, you will find them claiming posts themselves. If you have cats that enjoy scratching horizontally, there are budget-friendly corrugated cardboard pads for scratching available on the market today.


Scratching pads or posts are a great addition to every home with a cat. Aside from the fact that they protect you from lots of hassles, they are also great for your cats. Although there are numerous options available on the market today, the Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip, Jungle-Stripe Lounge is a fancy scratcher that is bound to meet your requirements regardless of what they are. It offers numerous benefits and features aside from its unique design and shape, appeal, and most importantly, it comes at a budget-friendly price. This is worth having a look at before purchasing your cat’s next scratcher.

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