Disgusting Cat Facts

Disgusting Cat Facts

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While the majority of them are frequent bathers, cats are also known to walk around in their litter box while doing their business and then proceed to catwalk all over the one place you eat your meals; the dining table. If you have a cat and have had one for a while, you probably do not think much of that and many other gross feline habits, compared to what a non-cat person would think.

Cats Trudge through Their Own Toilets

Cats have the ability to learn how to use a human toilet, but if you as an owner have not had the patience nor time to teach your cat how to, they are most likely making use of a litter box. It does not matter just how much or how frequently you scoop up poop, there is no evading the fact that your kitty regularly steps in its own poop and pee.

Disgusting Cat Facts

Cats Want To Share Their Kills with You

Should you own an outdoor/indoor cat, he or she has over time brought you a present in the shape of a dead mouse or bird. While your cat only wants to share the spoils of the hint with you, the thought of eating mice and birds can be quite disgusting, especially if it’s your first time. This can be pretty jarring when moments later your cat comes in for a kiss.

Disgusting Cat Facts

A Threat to The Endangered

Every single cat in the world, including domesticated house cats, is a great natural hunter. However, it could be said that cats are maybe too good. Domesticated outdoor cats have helped in the permanent disappearance of 33 varying species such as reptiles, mammals, and birds. Cats have actually been listed as one of the top hundred invasive species.

Cats Rub Their Butts On Your Stuff

Perchance you have seen your cat or any other cat rubbing its butt along the floor. While this site is one that induces looks of horror, experts say the cat is not trying to destroy your belongings. A cat does this as a way to relieve irritation or pressure on its butt, which could be caused by allergies, constipation, or many other factors.

Cat Poop Could Give You A Fatal Disease

Gondii is a parasite that ordinarily does no harm to the brains of humans it infects, as their immune system is capable of handling the parasite. Nevertheless, there are people with weakened immune systems who are unable to handle the exposure to T. gondii causing a disease known as toxoplasmosis. This disease has the ability to cause mild symptoms associated with flu, mental disorders such as depression and schizophrenia, or even death. T. gondii is present in cat feces, so humans by just cleaning up after their cat could contract toxoplasmosis.

Cats Want To Show You Their Butts

Has the thought of why on earth your cat deems it necessary to marry your face and its behind? To us humans, it’s nasty and disgusting, but it, in reality, is the way our cats greet and say hi. Many experts say cats communicate through body language and respectfully opening up themselves to a sniff, which signifies them unveiling their faces to us to recognize. This is a massive compliment that is typically given to trusted friends.

Disgusting Cat Facts

Some Cats Like Licking Earwax

Every single cat has its weird and unique character traits, although some seem to push the boundaries into strange and even more disgusting. Some cat owners on numerous pet forums have stated that their cat became seemingly hung up on human earwax so much that, their cats began attempting to lick the inside of their owners’ ears. This to non-cat owners is definitely not something they would wish to do.

Some Cats Spray Their Urine

To cat owners, the smell given off by cat urine is the strongest scent ever. Apart from being extremely disgusting, cat urine can be difficult to eradicate. Cat owners with male cats that haven’t been neutered could notice their cats spraying urine in a bid to mark their territory. Some cats might refuse to use a litter box, as they could have an infection of the urinary tract and link using the litter box to pee with pain. Should the cat pee or spray urine anywhere other than the litter box, it is best to quickly visit a veterinarian.

Cats Lick Each Other’s Butts

While this might seem strange to us humans, a website called Cat Wisdom 101 states that butt licking and sniffing is the method by which cats greet one another. Simply put, it’s the way animals without opposable thumbs shake hands.

If you are alone with your Cat and you die, your cat will eat you immediately

In 2008, a Romanian woman died in her house alone with her cat, and by the time she was discovered the cat had eaten her corpse.

This is some important information for those who have a cat and live alone: should you die alone with no human checking up on you for a couple of days, your cat will turn to devour your body, as there is no one to feed it.

This phenomenon is called postmortem predation, which describes when your cat consumes your body a couple of days after your death. It is of no concern to the cat just how amazing of a pet owner you were.

Research has revealed that a dog in that situation will wait a bit longer before viewing your dead body as food, and it is more likely by this time a person would have stumbled onto your corpse.

Cats Eat Their Own Vomit

Cats can’t be fully blamed for this particular unappetizing behavior, as the majority of animals consume their own throw-up. It isn’t yet quite known why cats take part in this gross activity. It could be that pre-vomit and post-vomit meals taste and smell quite similar, which means cats aren’t really bothered by it. It could also be a result of just how much warmer it is, having just been inside its body, thereby making it even more appealing than its original form.

Cats Enjoy A Drink From The Toilet

As a pet owner, you have most likely become familiar with closing the toilet lid. When you do forget, you notice your pets enjoy drinking toilet bowl water. Dogs and cats alike probably view the toilet as their very own unique humongous water bowl. It is important to check your cat’s water bowl to ensure it isn’t empty when you observe it is drinking from the toilet.

Disgusting Cat Facts

Cats Murder Numerous Innocent Animals For Literally No Reason

Cats are known to be natural and instinctual hunters. A study in 2013 showed that domestic cats prey on about 20.7 billion lesser animals (chipmunks, mice, and moles) and about 3.7 billion birds each year. Cats actually rank as the #1 predator of these listed animals. A third of a cat’s day is spent hunting and killing animals, however, studies have shown hunger is not a reason for this predation.

Smelly Cat, Smelly Paws

Cats, unlike humans, aren’t equipped with sweat glands all over their bodies. They instead sweat via their paws. These sweat glands secrete a smell that the cats used to mark territory.

Disgusting Cat Facts


Other Cat Facts

Middle Ages

Cats and their existence can be mapped out all the way to the Middle Ages. Genetic research altered the way we perceived cats, as the study revealed that every domesticated cat in existence could map its lineage back to five African wild cats that were in existence back in 8000 BC.

Wide Load Whiskers

Cay whiskers typically grow with the cat. Meaning as wide as the cat gets is as long as the whiskers grow. The whiskers serve an additional yet important purpose apart from making the cats look adorable. Whiskers are used by cats as measuring tools, to ensure their body is able to fit into tight spaces. Once the whiskers move or bend, then the cat understands it can’t fit through that space.

Disgusting Cat Facts

Height Lovers

While it takes a bit for cats to notice they are in free fall and properly correct, cats are able to survive a fall from a higher height as they have enough time to decelerate and right their bodies.


Can’t Get Enough Beauty Sleep

As a human, lounging around for an entire day might seem a wonderful yet unachievable dream. Any cat owner would tell you, their cat spends the majority of its time lazing around and catching some sun rays. Cats spend so much of their time doing this, that it has been calculated that cats spend a massive 70 percent of their existence sleeping. That amounts to around 16 hours of sleep every day. This is probably because they require a large amount of energy to play and hunt. Sleeping is the method in which they use to store energy.

Disgusting Cat Facts

Kitty Alzheimer’s

Older cats begin to experience symptoms similar to human Alzheimer’s or dementia when they get to a certain age, typically around 8. These cats are seen wandering around looking slightly confused and dazed, causing them to meow constantly. It is best to comfort a cat that displays these symptoms while providing an additional blanket for the night.

Natural Sky Divers

The popular saying is “Cats always land on their feet” While this is true, most people think cats bend the laws of physics to do so. That isn’t true; what they do is put themselves into what is called an umbrella situation, just as skydivers would when they want to slow their descent. They are then able to right their selves thanks to their acute sense of direction.

The Salty Cat

Everyone knows if you ever get lost at sea, what you never do is drink seawater. This is because the massive salt content in seawater is capable of dehydrating humans. Cats, however, are able to drink ocean water to help them survive. This is due to the design of their kidneys that help filter salt out of the water while they rehydrate.


You have probably noticed your cat tends to meow a whole lot to you, but you have never seen it do the same to other cats. This is because kittens use this vocalization to let their mothers know they are either cold or hungry. However, once a cat becomes older, it ceases to make that vocalization at other cats. This is then replaced by the “yowl” which is used to signify anger or annoyance and is typically heard during the breeding seasons. They tend to just meow only at humans when they want something.

Disney’s Cat Obsession

Disneyland currently employs around 200 felines. Whilst cats are of course amazing and loved by people, these cats have an entirely different purpose. At night, these cats get released into the park to hunt for any rodents that may be around. The park initially began employing cats for this purpose back in the 1950s.


Feeling disgusted yet. These are just a few disgusting cat facts we have to deal with when it comes to these furry beauties. Nonetheless, cats are still amazing pets for every home.

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