Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter: Complete Review

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To keep your house clean and smell-free, cat litter can be an amazing choice for pet parents. However, it is easy for you to be confused when choosing the brand or type of cat litter that is perfect for your feline friend. How would you choose something that gets you the best of your investment? To make things easy for you, here is a complete review of a popular choice for cat litter among pet parents.


So, without further ado, let us look into Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter!


Features of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter

The Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter comes in two wonderful variants that include an original version as well as the ultra unscented one. Depending on whether you have one or many cats at home, you can go for the 18lb or 40lb option.



Made of high-quality clay, this cat litter pellet is an amalgamation of a premium texture along with the perfect granule size. Your cats won’t find this litter irritating or uneven on their paws which generally tend to irk most felines. The material comprises 100 percent bentonite clay that ensures maximum clumping when your pet poops or pees.


The particles are neither too big nor too small. Most big particles find it difficult to clump together and fall apart very easily. On the other hand, small litter particles can lodge into the cat’s paws or cut them bad. This might cause your cat to refrain from using the litter tray and poop all around the house. With Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter, you don’t have to worry about any of this.


Low-Dust Litter Design

If you or your cat suffers from dust allergies, the Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat litter pellet is a perfect solution. This cat litter pellet is a hypoallergenic formula and is about 99.9 percent dust-free. When most of your cat litter pellet is made up of dust, there is a risk that it might all blow around your house whenever there is a strong gust of wind.


Hard Clumping Design

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter features a hard clumping design with medium grains that prevents the moisture from making it to the bottom part of the tray. This helps prevent the possibility of pee pooling on the base and radiating a bad smell throughout the house or even leaking into the floor.


Moreover, the litter creates a hard clump that makes it easy for pet parents to scoop it up with ease. The cat litter pellet is formulated for homes with single or multiple cats.


Keep The Bad Odor Away

The best thing about Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat litter pellet is the fact that it keeps the bad odor away from your home. Regardless of how bad the poop or pee smells, your home will smell fresh, even in between the litter tray cleaning sessions.


Moreover, the unique formulation ensures low tracking issues. Its medium-grain texture keeps the litter right within the box while ensuring it doesn’t spread all around. Even though the litter itself is unscented and made of all-natural materials, it can easily keep the odor away from your room.


Product Specifications

Product Weight 18 pounds/40 pounds
Brand Name Dr. Elsey’s
Scent/Unscented Unscented
Item Dimensions 15 Inches X 10 Inches X 4 Inches
Material Clay
Grain Size 3 to 4 Inches



Make sure you don’t dispose of or flush the litter in your toilet, gutter, or even storm drains. Doing this might cause clogging issues that require help from a professional plumber to clear out. To use Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter, simply use a scooping tool and lay it out in the litter tray evenly. Make sure the layer is thick enough to help with poop and pee clumping.



When using Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Cat Litter, make sure you scoop out the waste twice a day & refill the box as you deem necessary. Additionally, you need to replace the entire box once every month and dispose of the used litter while avoiding flushing. When using this cat litter, you don’t have to worry about masking any bad odor with deodorants or perfumes. Moreover, it doesn’t induce any allergies in sensitive pets. So, if you are looking for a reliable cat litter, this is the product for you to choose!

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