Feltcave Cat Cave Bed Review

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Does your cat find innovative places to get cozy and comfortable? Cats are cute and, at the same time, quite mischievous creatures. At times, when it gets too stressful, they want to go to a warm and comfortable place to calm their senses. They might also find your bed the most comfortable spot and set up camp on it.


If you constantly find your cat on your bed or the sofa, give it a personal hideaway in the form of a cat cave bed. Your cat will love its new and permanent lair, and you will never see it again on your couches and beds.


Cat caves make your furry pals feel warm and secure. They can retreat into these soft, comfy, and cozy hideaways whenever they want to relax and have some time away from their regular cat life. If you are looking for a cat cave bed, the Feltcave Cat Cave Bed is a perfect choice. Learn about its features in the complete review of the cat cave bed below.


Why Should You Choose the Feltcave Cat Cave Bed?

The cat cave bed has a pure Merino wool fabric that will make your pet cat love its hideaway. Most cats are obsessed with wool and adore it. Since this cat cave bed is made of wool, it will help your cat relax and purr in satisfaction.



Also, this cat cave bed is quite spacious, so your cat has ample space to move around. Besides, as it has felted wool inside, the cave is a self-warming space that makes it snuggly and gives your cat enhanced warmth.


The cat cave bed also comes in a variety of colors. It is an eco-friendly cat cave bed made with all-natural wool. The handmade cave bed is a perfect addition for your indoor kitties. The cat cave’s wool felt makes it quite durable and retains its shape for a long time.


Features of Feltcave Cat Cave Bed

The Feltcave Cat Cave Bed has fantastic features that make it cozy, comfortable, and a perfect hideaway for your cat. Check out some of the features of the cat cave bed below.


Easy to Maintain: The material is easy to clean and maintain as it comes with odor and stain repellent properties. You can either clean it using a vacuum cleaner or wash and air dry it.


Safe and Eco-Friendly: The cat caves are handmade using 100% natural wool, making them safe for your cat. It is also an eco-friendly option due to the natural material.


Two Sizes: You can buy a medium-sized cat cave bed for cats up to 18 lbs or a large-sized cave bed for cats up to 25 lbs.


Color Variety: You can choose from eight color options, including combination colors of black & white and blue & white. The single colors include cream, grey, rainbow, royal blue, and green.


Perfect for Stress Relief: The cat cave bed provides a calm and peaceful environment for the cat. It helps relieve stress and makes your cat happy and relaxed.


Pros and Cons of Feltcave Cat Cave Bed

As a cat parent, you should ensure the best products for your furry friends. So, you should know the pros and cons of the products you purchase for them. Here are the pros and cons of the Feltcave Cat Cave Bed.



  • Soft and warm material
  • Spacious for easy movement
  • Made of environment-friendly material
  • Safe for every cat
  • It doesn’t attract dirt and odor
  • Easy to climb
  • Vibrant color options
  • Durable material and retains shape
  • It provides relaxation and warmth
  • Vacuum-friendly and washable



  • It might get flattened if your cat jumps on top of it.

The Feltcave Cat Cave Bed is available in most online stores. If you would like to buy one for your pet cat, you can click here.



If you are looking for ways to appreciate the presence of your cat in your life and shower it with affection, gift your furry pal a Feltcave Cat Cave Bed. It will give it the comfort and relaxation it deserves. Your cat will love and adore the bed and make it its permanent residence. We hope this review helps you make the right choice for your kitties.


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