Flippity Fish – Toy or Training Tool Review

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Flippity Fish has introduced an interactive cat toy that can keep your kitty entertained and engaged. It flips, flops, and wiggles like a real fish and ideal for cats of all age groups.



Imagine you take a fish out of the water. How does it respond? It jumps and moves very fast; isn’t it? That’s precisely how this Flippity Fish toy works.


Once the cat comes in contact with the toy, it jumps and moves instantly. The toy attracts the eyes of the cats very quickly & the flopping fun begins right there. Since the fish starts moving, even your cat keeps moving around everywhere. Hence even with hours and hours of play, your cat does not get bored.


Features of Flippity Fish toy

  • The toy promotes exercise and improves the muscle functionality of your cat.
  • It gives an interactive time for the cats to play and kill their ideal time.
  • It features touch-activated sensors that automatically turn on when the cat gets in contact with the toy.
  • An automatic shut-off feature is also available. Hence, when the cat is stable for a long time, the toy turns off. It is helpful, especially while your kitty is sleeping or napping.
  • There is a refillable pouch for adding catnip to the toy.
  • The Flippity fish toy is made of strong, durable materials that can withstand pressure and force. Also, it’s very realistic with the pattern and structure.
  • There is a removable, washable cover. Since the cat licks and chews the toys sometimes, you can wash the cover easily, which will improve hygiene and keep your kitty healthy.
  • An additional Fishing pole is provided with which even you can interact and give training to the cat.

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How does it help the cat?

The built-in motion sensor in the Flippity Fish gets activated once the toy is touched or immediately when the cat gets in contact with the toy. Many owners use this to keep the cats engaged for longer hours when they are out. It is highly helpful and keeps cat behavior intact.


It reduces stress and arrogance in the pet. It improves your cat’s concentration while it follows the toy and observes the movements. If you are a cat owner who wants the cat to socialize and play with other pets, then this is a great way to do it.  The fish toy is patterned and resembles exactly like a fish; hence, while chasing this, the cat’s hunting drive is also satisfied.


It’s lightweight and hence portable anywhere. Since it has a rechargeable battery, you can plug in anywhere and keep your cat engaged for non-stop fun.



Flippity Fish is recommended for owners who want their cats to be interactive and playful. Especially if you have guests at home or have to spend more time at the office, this toy will keep your cat engaged without any disturbance. The cat uses all its muscles while interacting with the toy. Therefore, you can use them as a training tool to keep them active, socialize, and stay healthy.


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