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For pet parents, their cats or dogs are not just an animal they feed or tend to. They are a part of the family and deserve all the luxury and outstanding treatment possible. However, knowing what pet product is best for your cat could be a confusing thing. Plus, you surely wouldn’t want to invest in something that will break apart after only a few days.


There is one name you can trust when it comes to shopping for your cat. CatsMode has a versatile collection of products designed for pets keeping in mind their daily activities, comfort, and health.



Cat Furniture Shelf Color Dark Walnut


So, let us check out more about this wonderful website.


About CatsMode

Based in the beautiful country of Ukraine, CatsMode focuses on delivering the best selection of products customized from wood, keeping it “Au Naturel”. Founded by Maryna and Igor, the company has been catering to the needs of pet parents since 2015. In their dedicated workshop, the team prepares various types of wooden products while ensuring the inclusion of inspirational designs.


Today, the company is a connoisseur of high-quality products delivered to 20 thousand+ happy customers throughout the globe.


Products From CatsMode

CatsMode has a plethora of cat products that are designated to different types of daily activities that include eating, sleeping, and climbing.


Eat Category

Under the eat category by CatsMode, you can find high-quality food bowls for cats that are designed in double and single variants. These bowls have some unique designs that make them all the more appealing.

Some popular choices in this category include:

  • Hungry and Jolly Double Cat Bowl
  • Sneezy and Bashful Double Cat Bowl
  • Happy and Sleepy Double Cat Bowl
  • Curious and Sleepy Double Cat Bowl
  • Curious Single Cat Bowl
  • Hungry Single Cat Bowl
  • Bashful Single Cat Bowl
  • Jolly Single Cat Bowl
  • Sleepy Single Cat Bowl
  • Cat Bowl Shelve


These wooden bowls and shelves can be personalized as per your requirements. Apart from that, the kit comes with two high-quality wooden stands that can be added as per the height requirements of your cat to ensure they can eat comfortably without regurgitating.


Further, the material is coated to ensure it is completely waterproof, making it easy to disassemble and wash. The bowls are 1.9 inches in height and 3.9 inches in diameter to accommodate enough food for your cat. The product is crafted with birch plywood which is highly durable, eco-friendly, and pocket-friendly as well. These bowls feed your beloved pets while adding to the beauty of your floor décor.


Sleep & Climb Category

CatsMode also has a dedicated set of products that ensure comfortable sleep and climbing experience for your pets. In this line of products, you will get access to:

  • Cat Bridge Wall Set
  • Cat Tree Chair
  • Cat Wall Scratcher (Dark Walnut)
  • Cat Wall Scratcher (Oak)
  • Cat Wall Scratcher (Light)
  • Cat Furniture Shelf (Dark Walnut)
  • Cat Furniture Shelf (Oak)
  • Cat Furniture Shelf (Light)


The bridge wall set is available in a range of colors that include dark walnut, oak, light, white, grey, and black. You can also opt for either a wooden panel or an acrylic window style. There are 3 shapes to choose from that include a Cat Face, Standard Design, and Decagon.


Cat House Pet Furniture


Buyers can also opt to personalize the wall set with four words. These wall sets are perfect for the cat to sleep, rest, climb, or even hide from folks they don’t like. It is a fun way to recharge their batteries before they are ready to socialize with you again. The Cat Tree Chair fits well into any type of home décor while saving up a lot of space. The product is crafted from birch plywood and is covered with felt material to add comfort for the cats.


Apart from this, the CatsMode wall scratcher is best for cats that are teething, agitated, or simply want to play around with something. Bringing home a high-quality cat wall scratcher ensures that your expensive wooden décor is safe from the prickly nails of the cat while they can vent out all their energy at the same time.


Why Shop From CatsMode?

Apart from the pocket-friendly pricing model, CatsMode understands that each customer is special and treats them the right way. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the products do not fade out, break down, or get damaged easily. Cats are notoriously popular for damaging everything around them. This is why CatsMode ensures that the products are crafted from the best and most durable materials while keeping in mind that they look just as stylish and sleek.

From sourcing the materials to delivering the final product to the customers, all the products are thoroughly checked with the help of stringent testing standards.


The company has also partnered with popular names that include:

  • My Bookmark
  • Child Universe
  • Puzzle Up
  • Enjoy The Wood
  • Add Style Co

If you are a pet enthusiast looking forward to opening your very own business hub, CatsMode also gives you a chance to become their distributing partner. The products can easily be customized as per your requirements. You can also ask for your own brand logo to be put up for selling purposes. The products are 100 percent safe for pets and are offered at wholesale prices for the distributor partners. Moreover, the brand offers worldwide shipping at cost-effective prices.



As hard as it is to please cats, CatsMode addresses all these issues and helps keep your cats comfortable, cozy, and happy with its versatile range of products. These cat products look stylish and are just as durable. So, you don’t have to shop for new cat products every now and then. These cat products will last you for years. The shelves, wall scratchers, tree chairs, and furniture shelves can be easily put up with the instructions provided in the packaging. So, why wait? Shop at CatsMode today and get some amazing discounts on products of your choice!

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