Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Review

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Whether you have an outdoor or an indoor cat, all cats need a place they can refer to as their own. Lots of cat owners invest in a comfortable, warm bed for their adorable pets. But sometimes, your cat requires some adventure.

With a cat condo, you can offer your cat a place to play, sleep, and attain the stimulation they require to remain satisfied. There is a range of cat condo options available on the market today and choosing from this elaborate list can be tedious.

Thankfully, in this article, we are going to be taking an elaborate look at one of the best condos. It is the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. We will be taking a look at some of its features, pros, cons, and a host of others. By the time you are through reading this review, you will be able to determine if this condo is the one you need.

Before moving on, let’s take a look at what a cat condo is.

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What Is a Cat Condo?

A cat condo is something you can also refer to as a cat tower or cat tree. It is a uniquely crafted piece of furniture that aims to offer your cats a place to exercise, sleep, and play.

Every cat condo comes in a varying design, and this offers a different range of entertaining activities meant to stimulate your cat physically and mentally. Most also come with places where your cat can relax and sleep and consist of soft material for the best comfort.

Some cat condos cater to one cat, while there are others that provide numerous areas for relaxation and play that more than one cat can benefit from simultaneously.

Most times, cat trees provide cats with a private location they can relax while staying safe. It is usually with perches high above the floor where they can play or sleep without anyone being able to disturb them.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Overview

The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Furniture Cat Tree offers your cat to play around, climb or chill. A great cat tree is similar to a playground for cats, and this one offers your cat all it could ever require to stay occupied.

This tree comes with numerous additions. At the bottom, it comes with a ladder. The first platform contains a round hammock for sleeping and an igloo looking condo. Underneath the first platform, there is a standard hammock. Underneath the first platform, there is a tube available where your cat can climb through. In summary, this condo comes with three levels and comes in a design that offers your cat an excellent spot for relaxation or playing.

There is a rope hanging underneath the second platform which can offer continuous entertainment for many cats. It is possible because cats enjoy clawing and poking at ropes and strings. If you own cats that are the appropriate size, this tree will offer them long periods of relaxation and entertainment. It will also keep them from clawing on your furniture and destroying them.

The Go Pet Club is the ideal tree for medium-sized and smaller cats. At a height of 62 inches and a base of 26 x 19 inches, it does not take up much space. So you have nothing to worry about even if you do not have adequate space in your home.

The model also comes in four assorted colors to select from which will fit right into the setup of most homes. You can either choose from dark navy, tan, rich brown, or black. Cats tree offers your cats the exercise they need in the confines of your home, and this one delivers.

Features of the Go Pet Club

  • It has an overall size of 38 inches, a height of 62 inches, and a Width of 27inches
  • The size of the baseboard is 26 W X 10 L inches
  • The condo size is 10.5 inches in diameter x 12.5 inches in height
  • The top perch comes in a size of 25 inches L, x 2.75 inches H x 13.25 inches W

Benefits of the Go Pet Club

There are a host of features that ensure this particular model stands out from the others. The instant your cat begins to play around this, they are most likely going to keep going on. Below are some of the areas that make this tree stand out.

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The fun levels

If you have a bored cat, this tree comes with all it requires to sort out this issue instantly. With three levels excluding the base, this tree gives your cat the chance to climb to a high height and see what is happening in its surroundings. It also ensures your cat has enough to do at every given time.

The condo which offers Privacy

This model comes with a condo that you can find on the first platform above the ground. It is a little, enclosed cubby area that offers your cat the privacy they require to be away from the world when they desire. It can also make a great resting place.

Two varying hammocks

Under the initial level, there is a standard hammock. Also, a round canopy-style hammock is available on the side between the initial and second levels. They both offer amazing convenience for your cat when they are in search of some rest.

It comes with a Ladder

The tree comes alongside a ladder which has its benefits. If you own kittens, it may be difficult for them to reach some cat trees. This one comes with a ladder at the base that lets even the littlest kitten climb and enjoy the entertainment this tree has to offer.

Lots of search areas

Sisal wraps all the posts in this tree to ensure your cat has lots of locations to scratch. If you have a difficult time maintaining a cat that loves to destroy or claw your furniture, then this will offer them a spot to channel their instinct without leaving you with damage.

Rope for extra entertainment

If you have ever used a piece of string or yarn to play with your cats, you will be aware that they enjoy clawing things that are hanging.  Using the rope hanging out of the second platform of this tree, your cat will have fun scratching, poking, and batting for long periods of time.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Cons of the Go Pet Club

Although this cat tree comes with a lot of features many cat owners will enjoy, it is not without its drawbacks. Below are some of the areas you or your cat may not fancy about this cat tree.

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They include:

It requires a little assembly

The fact that its needs assembling when you first purchase it should not come as a surprise. But it is crucial to understand that if you do not put it together the right way, it will have issues with stability. Just be certain to follow the instructions that come with the tree as carefully as you can.

Some cat owners will equally prefer something they can use right out of the box. If you fall into this category, then this is not a great option for you.

Is not great for heavier, larger cats

If your cat is huge, then this may not prove to be a durable or ideal option. It is excellent for cats with regular sizes. Larger cats will also have issues fitting into the tunnel, hammocks or condo. If you own a cat that is larger than average, you may want to consider other options.

There may be some problems with the Hammock

Four hooks are holding the hammock underneath the first platform. On the downside, they can fall off if your cat is playing rigorously on it. Sadly, when the cat exposes the hooks, there may be issues concerning safety. To correct this, be sure you secure the hammock as well as you can.

Common Materials used for Cat Furniture

There are three significant materials generally put into consideration when designing the cat tree. They include:

  • The materials used in making the platforms and base
  • The covering
  • The materials for the pillars

In normal; situations, there are extra materials utilized for the creation of attachments. This is the case with scratching posts that come in a sisal wrapping.

The structure is commonly produced either from compressed particle or wood board, while the pillars come in durable and strong cardboard. The fabric coverings in a majority of the cat trees vary with popular materials consisting of:

  • Plush
  • Carpet
  • Faux Fur
  • Faux Fleece

Some towers, on the other hand, feature very soft versions of the materials.

What is the Size of the Cat Tree You Need?

The cat tree size that will be ideal for your home is dependent on the weight and size of your cats, the number of cats you have and the age of your cats. The majority of the cat towers are ideal for kittens, but those that come in taller perches and have no barriers, may not be too challenging for young kittens.

A broad range of condos are ideal for offering the extra endurance and support larger cats need, but not everyone is suitable. If your cat is a large one, then you need to ensure that the condos will be an ideal fit for your cat. The condo should consist of materials of heavy-duty and a powerful base to ensure your cat does not knock it down.

For homes with more than one cat, locating a condo with different private areas for sleeping can be quite significant. You will often find these in cat trees that are much larger. Less active and smaller cats will most likely need a little cat tree while very active or large cats may prefer a larger one with more space to relax and play.

Common Features Included and Activities

While each cat tree comes in diverse design, there are a host of similar features and activities you are likely to find in any of the designs. One of the major ones is the scratching post covered in sisal. It helps your cat remain groomed and ensures their claws remain sharp.

Some designs come with only some scratching posts while others can come with 10 or above.

Other features and activities you can find commonly include:

  • Perches
  • Condos
  • Lounging platforms
  • Hanging Rope
  • Ladders
  • Toys
  • Sleeping tunnels

The size of the condo generally determines the number of features it will come with. Larger condos would most likely come with the majority of the typical activities. It makes them ideal for larger cats or individuals who love lots of diversity in their play.

Smaller condos may only come with a few of these common activities stated above.

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All cat owners love their pets and want the best for them. The Go Pet Club is indeed an excellent option for cat owners who want to ensure their cats remain healthy and stimulated at all times. It comes with a broad range of features that are certain to suit any kitten or average-sized cat.

On the downside, this cat tree is not suitable for larger cats. If you have a large cat, you may want to consider other available options.

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