Healthy Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

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Cats can have sensitive stomachs, leading to tummy troubles whenever they eat. They might suffer from digestive health problems. So, you must look for food that won’t upset your cat’s stomach every time it eats. Well, this can be easily remedied by choosing suitable treats for the sensitive stomachs of cats.

These treats will not only deliver the nutrition your cat needs but also help control sensitive stomach symptoms if you switch to high-protein, moisture-rich, easily-digested cat food. So, here, we’ve brought forth the 4 best options for sensitive stomach cat treats. Check them out and pick the one that suits your cat’s stomach and tastes.

4 Best Healthy Treats for Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

Here’s the list of the best healthy cat treats for sensitive stomachs. Take a look!

1. Purina Fancy Feast Natural Cat Treats

The Purina Fancy Feast Natural Cat Treats have only one ingredient, making them one of the best options for cats with sensitive stomachs. Each of these snacks has protein in the form of chicken, tuna, or salmon. It is cooked and flaked before being put into handy pouches to preserve the freshness of the food within. To provide your cat with a distinctive taste experience, Fancy Feast cat treats were designed in collaboration with seasoned experts.

These cat food supplements are oven-baked to the ideal texture that is neither too juicy nor undercooked. These tasty small bits of flaked, genuine fish or chicken differ from your typical snack. You can happily give your feline friend this home-like, wet cat food because it is made with real, carefully chosen ingredients.

Whether you buy a variety pack or a single flavor, none of the available alternatives include any byproducts or fillers. It lowers the likelihood that they may disturb your cat’s digestive system. Your cat will be enticed to finish every bite with the alluring scent and delicate texture. Thus, complete and balanced nourishment is included in every serving.

2. SHAMELESS PETS Catnip Treats

The catnip treats from SHAMELESS PETS are ideal for your kitty friend. These snacks are made in the USA using all-natural, domestically produced ingredients. These snacks stand out because they include organic catnip, which adds an extra dash of feline joy and makes them enticing to cats.

The manageable bite-sized portions can be given as a special treat, or you may use them for training. These delicious cat snacks encourage good digestion and help reduce hairballs. They are shaped like stars and are made with sweet potatoes, chicken, and catnip.

Besides, they come with a high concentration of pre-and probiotics, which assist digestion. Also, these crunchy treats contain B. coagulants for enhanced digestive assistance.

While still packed with healthful, locally produced ingredients, these low-calorie cat snacks are free of maize and soy. Thus, it is suitable for cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds, so you won’t have to worry about whether it will fit your furry pal well.

3. Hill Science Dry Cat Food

Hill’s provides a terrific product if you are looking for dry cat food but want a gentle one for your cat’s delicate stomach. This dry cat food is ideal for sensitive feline stomachs thanks to FOS, a natural prebiotic fiber that makes it highly digestible. The product offers excellent nutrition assimilation.

It also helps with simple feces collection because of the cat food’s excellent digestibility. This makes it a perfect choice for sensitive cat stomachs. This snack promotes glossy hair in cats while nourishing their skin and ensuring optimal digestive health. Your cat’s skin and coat significantly benefit from vitamin E and omega fatty acids contained in this product.

Moreover, cats that find it difficult to chew dry cat food can benefit from the tiny kibble bits of this food. To boost this dry cat food’s nutritional value, vitamins, and minerals are also included. Thus, it feeds the healthy gut flora in your adult cat with prebiotic fiber, promoting a balanced microbiome for lifetime health.

4. Vital Essentials Frozen Dried Cat Treats

Vital Essentials Frozen Dried Cat Treats deliver the convenience of a raw diet snack. These chicken pieces are a healthy option for feline snacking because they are single-sourced and high in protein. The short ingredient list for sensitive cats is a boon and various flavors easily satisfy fussy eaters.

To guarantee the quality of the proteins, the cat food is collected ethically and with responsible sourcing. Also, the protein is frozen within 45 minutes of harvesting to preserve the maximum amount of minerals, flavor, and freshness. It doesn’t contain preservatives, so rest assured it won’t give your fur pals any stomach troubles.

Minimal processing is guaranteed with a slow-freeze-dry, while the essential nutrients your felines need are naturally preserved. With whole animal protein from the muscle, organs, and bone marrow of chicken in every bowl, your pet will always look and feel their best by having this treat.

What to Look for While Choosing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomach?

When your feline friends have sensitive stomachs, you must exercise extreme caution in selecting treats. Here is a quick table summarizing the essential factors you should look for in treats for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Things to Look ForWhy Is It Important?
Digestive Benefits of IngredientsIt will ensure the treats are easily digestible. Some ingredients that help maintain good digestion include fiber, natural recipes, and probiotics. However, be sure to avoid fillers and preservatives.
High-Quality NutritionVitamins and other nutrients in cat treats boost their nutritional value. It enhances the overall quality and helps avoid stomach issues by making them easy to digest.
Fewer IngredientsTreats that have a single or a couple of ingredients help avoid the chances of allergens. Simple treats are more easily digested and won’t cause any reactions.
Allergen-FriendlyTreats with hypoallergenic content tend to be non-triggering. Hence, these treats are good for felines with allergy issues.


Felines with sensitive stomachs need extra care when getting them treats. As a responsible cat parent, you must ensure they have the best time when they eat, whether it’s a meal or a treat. Consider the options mentioned in this article. However, consult your veterinarian to ensure the treats you choose to suit your cat’s health.

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