Helping Your Cat Break the Habit of Biting and Licking Certain Objects

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People love having a pet; a cat is one of the most in-demand pets. They are the perfect companion that does not need too much attention. However, sometimes they inculcate habits that can be too much.

One of their habits that can be a problem for the cat and others surrounding them is the licking and biting of certain things. Breaking these habits might be hard, but possible. So, adopt some basic techniques like keeping away dangerous items such as wires or strings, covering sharp edges of furniture, and spraying scents that are not appealing to your pets.

In this article, we will discuss how you can help your cat break this habit and much more. So keep reading!

Why do Cats Bite or lick different things?

If you see your cat licking and biting and ask a fellow cat owner if this is normal behavior, you might get an answer that it is normal. Yes, licking and biting are common and, to an extent, normal for a cat to do occasionally.

Some of the common reasons why cats lick, and bite are as follows:

  • Your cat might be cleaning itself as a routine.
  • There might be a wound or an injury that the cat might be grooming so that it does not worsen.
  • The cat is bored.
  • They might have discomfort and are trying to ease it.
  • They are stressed.
  • They have some diseases, for example, Pica or Periodontal disease.
  • They are teething.

A cat generally chews or licks at things they find lying around the house. Some include straws, strings, wires, cardboard, and even houseplants.

So, to keep them from biting these things, purchase SmartyKat Plush Catnip Toys. It will keep your cat from harm even if they chew it consistently.

Can a Cat Harm Themselves with the Biting and Licking Habit?

You may worry if this behavior will harm your cat in any way. Well, this entirely depends on what your cat bites or licks.

If your cat is biting things like cushions or soft toys, you may relax as it might not harm the cat. However, if they bite or lick electrical wires, rigid cardboard, or metal strings, it can cause concern.

How to Break the Biting and Licking Habits?

It requires a lot of patience when it comes to breaking the licking and biting habits of the cats. Below are a few ways you can try:

  • Keeping Things Out of Reach

It is the easiest way to break your cat’s biting and licking habits. You must put away sharp objects, like scissors, cutters, steel utensils, and electric cords, in a cabinet or a drawer so your cat cannot access them. You can also keep them in places where your cat is least likely to go. Higher shelves that are not accessible are also great.

  • Cover the Sharp Edges

There might be furniture or home decor items with harsh edges, and you cannot put them away. In such cases, you must cover them with a soft cover so they do not hurt the cat. It will also keep the furniture from getting damaged.

  • Spray Scents

A cat is very particular when it comes to scents. Your cat might dislike some scents like Rosemary, Cayenne, etc. You can spray it on things your cat will likely lick or bite. The smell will keep them away. Since they will not approach the object, this eliminates the harmful licking or biting.

Is It Always Necessary to Break the Licking and Biting Habits?

It all comes down to how severe is the licking and biting. If it is a rare occurrence, it can be ruled out as normal behavior. However, if it happens very often, breaking your cat’s habit of biting and licking things becomes necessary.


Biting and licking is normal cat behavior which sometimes can mean much more than just an everyday thing. However, when you find your cat licking or biting at almost everything excessively, it is time to take action.

Besides taking the measures to keep your cat from biting or licking certain things, it is ideal to consult a vet about the situation.

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