Here’s Why You Should Invest In ComfyCat’s Automatic Cat Litter Box!

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The joy of having a pet cat to come home to is something we all crave. While having a feline friend is no doubt the best thing that can happen to you, there is also a downside to it, something you really wouldn’t want to do after a long day at the office. While most pet parents would have figured this out by now, let me break the ice and reveal what this is. Cleaning up after your cat! Yes, that’s right! Taking care of your cat’s poop after it is done with its business is something we resent but it is worth it given the selfless love and attention you get. To make this task easier and faster, you can get a cat litter box but is it that easy to pick the right one? Well, no! This is why we have carefully tried and tested this fantastic product by ComfyCat which will surely make cleaning up your cat’s poop a breeze!

So, why should you get this remarkable automatic cat litter box by ComfyCat? Let’s dive into the details!

But first, why isn’t your regular cat litter box right for you? Here’s why!

Generic, Non-Automatic Cat Litter Box: Why Aren’t They Practical?

When we adopt a cat, we are charmed by its adorable looks, soft fur, royal demeanor, and warm cuddles. However, it is only with time that we realize that it is no less than taking care of a newborn baby or at least a toddler. While the cute gander steals your heart, you also have to take care of them which includes picking up after them.

Most pet parents do not give this aspect much thought and get any generic cat litter box which does suffice but after a point, it can get hectic and unhygienic as well. Any generic cat litter box is designed for your cat to defecate or urinate in. This is especially helpful if you work full-time and cannot always take your pet out for a walk to help them relieve themselves amidst nature.

Generally, these boxes consist of a base tray that holds the litter material. It is designed to hold the waste and also provide the cat ample space to poop peacefully. Cat litter boxes come in varying sizes depending on your cat’s breed, age, and preference. Apart from this, a litter box will of course have litter which is a clumping material that is comprised of natural materials like silica gel crystals, clay litter (clumping/non-clumping), corn/wood pellets, and many more.

You will also get a scooper to help you remove the litter with ease without having to physically touch the poop. However, even with a strategic design, a generic cat litter box isn’t as convenient as an automated one.

Here are some issues you might end up with when using a basic cat litter box:

1. No Reliable Feature For Odor Control:

When you rely on basic cat litter boxes, you might get some degree of odor control but it isn’t as reliable as one might want. You surely wouldn’t want your entire house smelling like cat poop and pee when you come back home after a long day, especially if you have a friend or colleague accompanying you. Not just that, the odor emanating from the cat litter box can even discourage your cat from actually using the litter box and defecating elsewhere in your house. Given that cats are very clean and hygienic beings, they want their space to be clean and fresh-smelling.

2. No Way To Avoid Mess And Tracking:

Due to the lack of an effective design, a generic litter box isn’t able to contain the litter in an effective manner which can contribute to mess in and around the box. Cats have a habit of covering their poop with soil or sand whatever is available nearby. In this case, they kick the litter towards the poop or pee to cover it. However, it ends up outside the box that has to be cleaned every time your cat uses the litter box which can be frustrating at times.

3. Difficulty Cleaning Up:

Basic cat litter boxes generally lack features that aid in the cleaning process. Without any in-built sifters, scoop holders, or removable liners, the task of cleaning litter can become labor-intensive and time-consuming. As a pet parent, you might not want to do this daily. You would surely look for better alternatives, especially the automated ones.

4. No Privacy:

Cats are very private beings. This is especially true when they are defecating. They need their privacy come what may. A basic litter box might provide slight coverage which might not be sufficient enough for your cat to poop without worrying about anything. Although cats are domesticated now, they are hunters by birth. So, they know how vulnerable they can be when pooping in the wild. This nature of theirs has passed on through generations even though the domesticated cats do not have to fear anymore. So, getting a litter box with a privacy feature is important to provide your cat with an atmosphere where they can poop in peace.

5. Hygiene Issues:

Basic litter boxes might not have the right design to make it easy for you to clean up after your cat. Lack of regular cleanup can lead to bacterial growth and hamper both your and your cat’s health in the long run.

So, how does the ComfyCat Automatic Cat Litter Box address these issues? Let us understand all about its features!

Features Of ComfyCat Automatic Cat Litter Box

While the word “Automatic” in the product name is obvious enough suggesting you don’t need to do the nasty scooping, let’s decode how it works and what are its features!

1. Self-Cleaning:

Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your cat every time they relieve themselves. The ComfyCat Automatic Cat Litter Box takes charge and cleans up after your cat. The litter box features a rotating deep cleaning system that separates the poop from the litter every time your cat does its business. This poop is transferred to a hidden chamber that is 100 percent sanitized to ensure there is no smell radiating in and around the box.

2. Reduced Litter Usage:

With traditional litter boxes, the litter usage is significant given the fact that scooping isn’t efficient. When you scoop your cat’s poop, a lot of litter goes to waste. Moreover, due to the impractical design, there is always a chance that litter can get dragged around in the house or in and around the box by your cat. The sifting technique incorporated within this automatic cat litter box ensures that your litter usage is reduced by as much as 40 percent. Moreover, the closed design ensures no litter is dragged outside after your cat is done pooping.

3. Large Waste Drawer:

This is an amazing feature if you are a traveler. When going out on a vacation, ensuring that your cat’s litter box is clean can be a cause of stress. Even if you get someone on board to babysit your cat, they might be hesitant when it comes to picking up after your pet. However, with generic litter boxes, you have no option but to clean up at least every alternate day to ensure your room smells fresh and your pet doesn’t have to deal with health issues due to bacterial contamination. To get rid of this hassle, the ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box features a large 16-liter waste drawer that can hold as many as 10 to 12 days' worth of waste expelled by your cat. So, if you tend to be away from home a lot and for a long duration, you won’t have to worry about things getting messy behind your back.

4. Lightweight & Sturdy Design:

One thing that makes the ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box a must-have for all cat parents is its lightweight design. It can be carried around anywhere in the house or even on trips if you wish to have your cat accompany you to explore. Yet, the makers didn’t compromise on its sturdiness. The design is rigid and doesn’t fall apart.

5. UV Sterilization:

ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box doesn’t use harsh chemicals for the chamber’s cleaning and sanitization process. Rather, it relies on a top-notch UV sterilization technique that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and even removes the bad odor from the litter box. This in turn is beneficial for both you and your cat as you don’t have to deal with the toxic fumes that come from harsh chemical cleaners. Moreover, cats have a strong sense of smell and are easily deterred by something that smells too strong. Chances are your cat might not want to use the litter box if a harsh chemical cleaner is used. With ComfyCat’s UV sterilization technology, this possibility is eliminated while ensuring your cat is healthy and happy.

6. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Operating ComfyCat’s litter box is very easy and convenient. Simply connect the litter box and operate with Wi-Fi. Not just that, you can even monitor each cat’s poop schedule, if you have multiple pets in your house. This helps you keep track of your cats’ health reports.

7. Adequately Designed For Both Big And Small Cats:

This automatic litter box features 20 inches of interior headroom which is ample space for both big and small cats that weigh up to 22 pounds. Moreover, the litter box features an infrared detector that can easily detect cats of all sizes including kittens. To ensure that your cat finds it easy to get out of the litter box, you can opt for an optional stairway that prevents litter from being tracked outside the box. And if you are a home décor fanatic and worried whether this litter box would look good inside your house, ComfyCat’s got you covered. The minimalist, modern design looks a part of your home décor regardless of where you place it.

8. Warranty:

All these top-notch features in the ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box are backed by a 12-month warranty. Not just that, if you feel the product isn’t up to the mark or isn’t the right thing for your cat, ComfyCat provides you a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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Access ComfyCat’s Upgrades

Apart from the ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box, you can also opt for the brand’s add-on services and upgrades that include:

  • ComfyLitter:

When shopping for the ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box, you can also subscribe to the ComfyLitter pack and choose any amount you want that can be modified as per your requirements. The litter is 100 percent biodegradable and of the clumping kind that absorbs moisture better than clay does ensuring there is no odor after your cat is done pooping. It is made of natural corn kernels which doesn’t harm your cat in any way.

  • ComfyPlay:

ComfyCat also has a subscription box for cat toys and treats that is very stimulating and fun for your cat. Each month, you get a box of joy delivered to your doorstep that comprises 4 fun toys as well as 2 tasty & healthy packets of treats. You can either opt for the Crazy Cat Box subscription or the Multi Cat Box subscription where the latter is designed for 2 or more cats (maximum 4).

  • ComfyEats:

If you are looking for tasty and healthy food for your cat, do not forget to avail of the ComfyEats subscription that gets both wet and dry food for your cat. You can pick from a list of tasty items curated specifically for cats keeping their health in mind. With more than 60 percent protein, low-carb, and grain-free recipes, ComfyCat delivers food made only from all-natural ingredients.


While these add-ons are a cherry on top, the ComfyCat Automatic Litter Box is something you should definitely order. Moreover, you can also save up to 5% site-wide by using this Coupon Code. ComfyCat’s advanced litter box maintenance technology enhances your feline friend’s comfort while eliminating any possibilities of cross-contamination. The self-cleaning design doesn’t just reduce your daily scooping chore but also promotes a cleaner and odor-free environment for your home. So, the next time you think of something reliable for your cat, think ComfyCat!

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