How Can I Give a Pill to My Cat?

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Feeding your cat with pills can be a challenging task. Nonetheless, it is necessary to ensure their health and well-being are always maintained. Hence, you might ponder: how can I give a pill to my cat? The five best ways to give pills to your cat are by complementing it with food, using a pill crusher, using pill pockets, feeding it with water, and feeding it by hand. This guide will give you more insight into these tips. Make sure that you check the dosage instructions of the medication carefully to prevent any errors and remain cautious.

5 Easy Ways to Give Pills to Your Cat

Here are the different ways you can feed your cat pills:

1. Complement It with Food:

One of the best ways to offer pills to your cat is to combine them with food. To accomplish this, wait to feed your cat until they are hungry and aroused at the sight of food. Mixing the pill with your cat’s preferred food can conceal it. Check to see if the pill was taken along with the food. It will work for sure because no cat can resist delectable food.

2. Use A Pill Crusher:

You can crush the pills into a fine powder using a pill crusher. Doing so will make it easier to mix it with delicious food and feed the pill to your cat in disguise. Mix it with oil or water, which can be poured into a syringe. You can dribble the same into your cat’s mouth gently. However, you must use a food-quality pill crusher so that the benefit of the medication is retained.

3. Use Pill Pockets:

Pill pockets are another clever way of giving pills to your cat. They are edible treats that are small and soft. You can mold it around a pill. Since they are highly palatable, your cat will surely enjoy them and take them in without tantrums. You can feed your pawsome friend with Greenies Feline Pill Pockets.

4. Feed It with Water:

You might be familiar with the situation where you keep trying to feed your cat a pill, but they make your efforts go in vain by constantly spitting it out. No need to worry because using a bit of water can be your savior. Use a syringe and pour small amounts of water into your cat’s mouth. The water will help them swallow the pill more comfortably and efficiently.

5. Feed It by Hand:

It is always better to have someone by your side when feeding your cat a pill so it can be administered quickly. Hold the head of your cat with your hand gently but firmly. Tilt the head upwards and pull the lower jaw down. Now, open the mouth slowly while keeping the head tilted. Place the tablet at the mouth’s center and wait for your cat to swallow the pill. Rub the throat gently so that it is easier for the medication to be swallowed.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a safe and effective way to give pills to your cat is imperative. Like humans, cats may want to keep pills at bay due to their unpalatable taste. Feeding them the same may be mandatory, and you can follow the tips mentioned above to ensure the successful administration of the medication.

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