How Come My Cat Only Likes Me?

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Having a pet is a blissful experience, and if your pets are cats, then you must know how fun your life is in their presence. Cats are cute little creatures who will always keep you entertained through their hilarious nuisances. Even if you get annoyed, you cannot stay away from them for a long time, because when it comes to making someone smile, these feline creatures are better than humans for sure. But to be your cat’s favorite, you need to earn their trust, be polite and caring towards them, and shower your affection on them, now and then.

So, today in this article, we will discuss why certain people tend to be more liked by their pet cats.


How does a cat choose their favorite person?

Cats are simply affection driven animals. All they want is attention from their owners in the form of love and cuddles, and of course, cats want you to play with them. It is as simple as it is with humans. The one who invests more time and affection on you tend to become your favorite. The same theory applies here. If your cat is inclined towards you more, it implies that you have gained its trust and have proved yourself as a faithful owner in its eyes.



Not only does your action matter, sometimes your cat may even develop affection towards people with certain features, or it may have a liking towards people wearing yellow or orange-colored clothes since these are bright shades. But, these are generally unpredictable traits and are temporary.


How can I become my cat’s favorite?



For a pet cat, the person who feeds it regularly, or plays with it frequently, becomes labeled as the one who cares. So, the kitty feels safer to be around him/her and continuously tries to show its presence to that person, expecting cuddles or pats in return. You have to show your cat that you adore it. Give your cat gifts occasionally and try to make it’s living comfortable. Your kitty is your child, and it deserves all the care that any other kid receives. From a comfy bed to good food, try to shower all the love to the little pet, and in return, you will gain its loyalty and love.


However, there is a warning to this too. Excessive attention to your cat can even make it uncomfortable. These feline pets love their privacy and do not like to be forcefully cuddled until they are asking for it from their owners. Do not become clingy with your pet unnecessarily. If you disturb them too much, instead of being their favorite, you might just get awarded with scratches.


How does my cat show its love for me?

Your little pet may show its love to you through innumerable cute gestures. You have to pay close attention to their behavior and predict their mood accordingly.


In the following table, we have listed down a few actions of your cat and what it implies.


What does it imply?

Purring It is one of the most common ways in which a cat shows its affection to its owner. When you stroke your cat in areas they like, they make a particular sound, which is called purring, and it is the chuckle of your kitty.

But there may be times when your kitty purrs in pain. You will be able to notice the difference by considering the shrillness of the purr. When your cat’s purr is very sharp, it may indicate pain.

Slow blinking Sometimes you may observe that your cat is staring at you and blinking slowly. This gesture shows that your pet trusts you and enjoys your presence. It is called cat kisses. And in return to this, you should also blink at your cat and shower a few kisses on it.
Showing their belly If your cat throws itself on the ground and rolls on the floor, showing you its stomach, then it merely means that they are happy to see you. Such a gesture is considered to be the warmest compliment that a cat can give to its owner. A cat generally portrays this kind of behavior when it sees its owner after a long time.
Grooming Your kitty may show its affection to you by licking you or mingling their scents with you. This behavior helps it feel relaxed, portrays its trust, and also builds a community scent that is important to recognize its family.
Rubbing of cheek Cats rub their cheek as an invitation to socialize with those that they feel are trustworthy and safe to be with. They have scent glands on their cheeks that produce pheromones and help them to mark their territory.
Hanging around you Your feline pet may show its love for you by hanging around you. Cats generally like to get affection from people they trust. Your little pet may also show this by sleeping next to you with its paw resting on you.



How can I give back my cat the love it needs?

Cats are affection-fond and attention-seeking pets that love to be patted or cuddled by their owner. To stir up their feeling for you, get them all they need to stay happy and comfortable. You can take care of your kitty, and at the same time, make it feel pleased with your touch by using Pet Grooming Gloves. This tool not only removes the loose hair from your kitty’s skin when you rub your hand through its fur but also gives it a joyous feeling. And during occasions, when you want to gift your cat, get it a multi-functional combo game like HIPIPET 21PCS Cat Toys Interactive Kitten Toys. It includes 21-different types of small toys starting from the mice toys to cat balls, and the kittens love them all.



Wrapping up:

There are a lot of ways, as discussed above, to become your cat’s favorite and how it only likes you. But sometimes, you cannot predict their inclinations, and even after putting a lot of effort, you may not see signs of love. Do not worry. Sometimes cats are not expressive. Give time and do not force your affection upon them. Such action of yours may annoy your little kitty.


When you have a feline pet, try spending time with it and enjoy the lovely moments it gifts you. Laugh at how they trip over the little things or how they sleep in weird postures – shower on them the care a parent gifts their child with. Keep your cat safe and contented. In the end, all that matters are the beautiful moments you share with your little kitty.

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