How Smart is My Cat?

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While scrolling through the videos of smarty cats on your social media, you might have thought that if your cat is also equally smart or not. Isn’t it tempting to know if your cat is intelligent or not? Knowing if your cat can identify you and respond to her/ his name or recognizing the owner’s voice can say a lot about the nature of your kitty.


Have you ever conducted a test to check if your cat is capable of working as per your instruction or not? In case you have, and your cat is capable of responding to it, then congrats! Your cat is pretty smart. So, how to know if your cat is smart or not? Give this article a read.


Main factors in determining the smartness of a cat:

Here are some of the basic skills that you need to test to see if your cat is smart enough or not.



The skill of survival:

The skill of survival refers to your cat’s ability to deal with the outside world’s obstacles and situations. When you come across a random street cat, you might wonder that how skillfully it survives with the usual, natural world compared to your pet cat. If you take your cat outside the home and let it fend for itself, then you can test how smartly your cat is handling that life. In case you feel that your cat can spend a night outside alone, it is pretty smart.


Ability to get trained:

Have you ever thought if your kitty can perform various tasks like a dog? It is relatively easy to motivate dogs for training, along with a simple pat and by showering some love to them. What to do for cats? Well, give them the cat treat. However, your cat can perform various tasks if it’s smart enough to act according to your commands. Merely start with ‘sit,’ ‘stand,” pass the ball’ kind of simple commands.


Having a good memory:

Your cat can have a pretty good memory. And you can easily test it. Check if your cat remembers the old toy that it lost some months. You can also check if your cat remembers when you feed it every day or goes to that place every day at the right time. If it does so, then your cat is undoubtedly smart.


Showing its upsetness:

Cats are more likely to show whether they are upset or unhappy. Whether it is a new companion whom your kitty does not like much or a new brand of the litter box, your cat will likely show you that it is not happy through its behavior. You can check the intelligence by making some changes at your home to see if your cat notices it or not. If it does, then your kitty might be pretty smart.

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What are the various other signs to tell if your kitty is smart or not?

Not only the factors mentioned above determine if your kitty smart or not. Here are various other parameters to show you that your cat is pretty intelligent than any other cats around you. What are those signs? Have a look.



  • In case you hide a toy, check how much time it takes for your cat to identify that toy. And your kitty is smart enough if it recognizes that the toy is hidden and goes about finding it in every possible place.


  • Smart kitty is going to come up with new solutions every day for the same problems. In case your kitty meets a new problem every day or gets to come across the same problem every day, it is very likely going to find out new and unique ways to solve the situation.


  • A smart cat is very good at grabbing the attention of the owner. Whether it is about getting the task done or craving for affection, your cat will find new and innovative ways to get your attention. A smart kitty will also give you signs about how it likes to play with you.


  • Your smart kitty will make you know whenever it is time for her/ him to eat. Your cat will even remind you if it has created some mess. Also, if your cat is superbly intelligent, it will remind you about changing the drinking water.



  • If your feline pet is smart enough, it will stay away from the predators that have the potential to harm it. If your cat knows how to stay away from such harmful situations and risky matters or avoid coming in contact with any other animal, your cat is intelligent.


  • No matter how much you divert your attention, your smart kitty will surely tell you how it feels. Your cat will either turn grumpy, frustrated, impatient, or happy to show its emotions to get more attention. Thus, your kitty will try to connect with you emotionally.



What are the smartest cat breeds?

The smartness of a cat also depends on its breed. Here is a list of the smartest breeds of cats, along with their origin.

Cat breeds


Siamese cat Thailand and China
Bobtail cat Japan
Bengal Cat United States of America




Smart or not, every cat needs to be loved. Cats are by nature pretty intelligent than any other domestic or wild animals. Also, its smartness is relatively easy to recognize if you have a close eye on your cat.


But to ensure smartness, you need to make sure that your cat is healthy enough. Giving a balanced diet and proper nutrition facilitates the good development of its brain, which is too crucial to make your cat intelligent.

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