How to Stop My Cat From Eating My Fish?

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Do you love fish? Want to get a goldfish as your pet, but not sure how to protect your new pet from your feline friend? If yes, then you are in the right place. Undoubtedly, cats and fishes are a deadly combination. Cats are natural hunters, and they love to eat fish. So, whenever they see the fish, they start chasing it.

Being a pet lover, you would always like to see both pets happy together, but it is challenging to keep the goldfish safe at home in the presence of a cat. We understand how troublesome it is to keep both pets under the same roof. So here, we would like to share ideas on the topic “How to stop my cat from eating my goldfish.” Before we start, let’s understand why cats are attracted to goldfish.

Why are cats so attracted to goldfish?

It is a fact that cats are attracted to the movement of small things. Be it mice, birds, lizards, bugs, or any other small creature, all have a fear of a cat. They have felt the pain of the cat’s paw, hitting them into oblivion. Moreover, cats love to play with their prey. Though this is the devil’s side of your pet, cats love to watch their prey begging for their lives.

And when it comes to goldfish, there is no exception. It has all that makes it a perfect prey. It is small, has shiny scales, and looks incredibly delicious to have for dinner. They love seeing the goldfish jump and swim. And getting it out of the water tank is like a puzzle for the cats. If unluckily they cannot get the fish, they will spend even the last minute of their life to catch the fish.

Is it safe for cats to eat fish?

Usually, the domesticated cat’s diet doesn’t include fish. And to some extent, it is okay not to include fish in the cat’s diet unless it is provided under a balanced diet. The reason behind this is that fish have harmful toxins, which may lead to serious health issues for your feline friend. Here in the below table, we are going to tell the reasons why cats should avoid fish:

Reason Effect on health
QualityMost fish used in canned pet foods come from the decaying leftover of the seafood industry. It has a high level of phosphorus and magnesium, which can cause serious problems such as urinary tract infections and kidney diseases.
High level of histamineFish have a high level of histamine, which may play a major in allergic reactions.
Highly toxicIn today’s world, our rivers, and ocean are full of toxic chemicals and polluted water. As a result, fishes pick up serious toxins when they are in the water, which can be harmful to the health of your feline friend.
Difficult to digestCats have small stomachs and intestines. Hence, it takes too much time to digest the raw fish, which can be dangerous for their digestive system.

These are a few reasons you should avoid including fish in the cat’s diet. But, as cats are predators, how will you keep your feline away from the fish tank and ensure that your both pets are safe? If you also want to know the answer, please keep reading.

How to stop a cat from eating a goldfish in the tank?

Place the aquarium on a tall surface

A cat can jump, but they tend to ignore it if it seems risky. If you place your fish tank away from the floor and it is difficult for the cat to reach that height, then they will ignore the aquarium. But it doesn’t mean that they won’t try again to reach the aquarium; they will do it again. However, once they understand that they can’t reach the fish pond, they leave the idea of catching the fish. Make sure that the fish tank is placed away from curtains, windows, or any furniture, which may be helpful for the cats to climb up.

Choose a heavy fish tank

If your fish tank is strong enough not to fall and break when the cat tries to climb on it, then you are in a safe zone. On the other hand, if your tank is small and weak, then it is an additional advantage to your cat. It will try to reach the fish tank and break it to have its fish. Not only it will put the life of your goldfish in danger, but it may also harm your cat. So, make sure that you are giving strong shelter to the fish.

Cover the fish tank

Another great strategy to protect your fish is to have a lid on the tank. You have to cover the top surface of your fish tank with a heavy and strong lid so that the cat can’t reach the fish. You can either choose to have a separate lid or buy a fish tank with a cover and lock feature. It will keep your fish safe and away from the cat. However, if you’re buying a separate lid, make sure it has a small hole for airflow and feeding food.

As the cats are agile jumpers, they will try to jump into the fish tank. Hence, the lid should be heavy enough that even you have to put a lot of effort into moving it. The main intention of the lid is to keep the cat away from the fish tank. The cat will even try to move the lid and break it, so be careful.

Say no to your cat

A cat always loves its owner. When your cat growls at the fish tank, call it and say no in loving nature. Show love to your cat and say not to harm the fish. Studies have observed that cat become cautious when they find another pet with their owner. Don’t let your cat feel the same way. When it tries to hurt the fish, say no to it and hold the cat. Express your feelings and tell your cat that she is a crucial part of your life and that the goldfish is a member of the family. You can also give your feline friend a treat like TEMPTATIONS MixUPs Crunchy and Soft treats for their good behavior. It is another good way to keep your cat away from the fish.

Training the kittens is easy

You might have observed that a domesticated lion never eats its owner, whereas a lion in the forest will always run to kill the people around him. The same is the case with the kitten. It is very easy to teach your kittens not to eat fish. If the kittens are growing along with the fish, then they will be used to their existence, and they will not eat the fish. Training the kittens is another best way to safeguard your pet. However, when you try to train the older cats, it is a complicated job as they are very stern and will avoid your training and continue with their plan to follow the goldfish.

Even if you are going with this approach, you need to be cautious because all the kittens will not be the same. In this case, the risk is less, but still, you have to take precautions. Always observe the behavior of your cat. It will give you a clear picture of the hidden risk.

Spray the cat with a squirt bottle

When the cat tries to move closer to the aquarium, spray the cat with a squirt bottle slowly so that it won’t hurt the cat. Keep in mind that the cat hates water, and when you do this, the cat will understand that what it is doing is wrong, and it will avoid going close to the fish tank. Repeat it multiple times, and you will observe the change in your pet. Along with the spray, say no to your cat in a loving tone. It should be followed with love for your cat. It should make the cat feel that you love her and that your intentions are not to hurt her.

Keep your fish in a sacred room

Goldfish is a beautiful decorative fish that can be kept anywhere. You can prefer to keep the fish in your bedroom or in your dressing room or kitchen where the cat is not allowed. It will provide private space for both pets, and you can give your time to them equally. You can keep the room door locked so your cat will not be able to reach the fish. You can keep the door open if you are in the room so that the cat is not feeling separated. When you are sleeping or going out, make sure that you are closing the door. No need to lock the door, but check whether the cat is hiding in the room so that you can take it out and lock it. Make sure to choose a room that does not have any additional door or opening from where the cat can enter easily.

Shield area near the fish tank

The cat will not be able to catch your goldfish by jumping inside the fish tank. We have to take advantage of this point as the cats don’t go near water. They try to catch the fish by sitting beside the fish tank. So, if we shield the area alongside the fish tank with the items that are disliked by the cat, then it will be a natural course of action to keep your goldfish safe. Cover the area with some sticky paper or the smell hated by your cat. It will keep them away from the fish. She will not do it again in the future.

Don’t include LED and fascinating items in the aquarium

You might have noticed your cat playing with lights and propelling items. Many people include attractive LED lights and plants inside their aquariums to make their fish tanks look more attractive. But this increases the risk of bringing your cat near the goldfish. The cats love watching the goldfish swimming from here and there, and adding the decorative items will attract them more, which increases the risk to your goldfish life. Try to avoid it to keep it safe.

Hide the goldfish from the cat’s eyesight

If you show more love and care to your goldfish, the cat will behave unusually. The best way to manage the love for both is to hide your goldfish from the cat’s eyesight. Cover the fish tank with a towel or blanket, which is dull in color. It will keep your pet hidden from the cat, saving its life. It also keeps the cat less alert and jealous.

Tips to keep your goldfish safe

Feed sufficient diet to your cat:

Always make sure that you are feeding your cat enough to make its stomach full. If the cat’s stomach is full, then it will not plan to prey on your goldfish. It will hardly give attention to the goldfish if you are taking care of the cat. Along with adequate food, provide your time and attention to the cat.

Choose a secure place when cleaning the fish tank:

You have to take additional safety measures while cleaning the fish tank. If you have a family member or friend who can help you clean the aquarium, then the process is quite simple and fast. But in case you need to clean it alone, then either keep your cat away from the goldfish else place the goldfish in a secured place. Make sure that the temporary item which you are using to keep the fish does not harm it.

How to show your love for both pets?

We feel emotionally attached to the goldfish as we increase spending time with them. In our busy schedule, we may not get enough time to show care to our goldfish, and this may result in insecurities for your fish. If you spend more time with your fish, then your cat will feel jealous, whereas if you spend more time with the cat, then your fish will feel agitated. The feelings shown by a cat are more understandable than the goldfish, but trust us! Even though goldfish have huge feelings for their owners.

If your cat is comfortable with the fish, then we would suggest spending time with both pets at the same time. Not only it will give you more time with both pets, but they will become comfortable with each other as well. If you have observed that the cat is misbehaving in front of the goldfish, then avoid spending time together and distribute even time with both pets.

You can create a special place for the cat, maybe in your bedroom or hall, which makes the cat comfortable. Make sure that this place is away from the fish tank. Play with your cat and arrange its favorite toys and bed in the same place. You can also divert their mind by offering them SmartyKat Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat toys. It will keep the cat engaged; once it is comfortable with that place, it will not move from there and play with its toys.


Each pet has a separate role to play in our lives. They make our lives more amazing. We know that it may be hindered during your cat runs after the fish, but if the cat stops the intention and makes itself free from feeling insecure, you can enjoy both pets. The main intention of this article is to provide you with options to keep both pets safe and happy. Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind will help you to get the desired results.

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