How to Teach a Cat to Clean it’s Bum?

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Cats are generally clean animals that don’t require as much grooming as compared to dogs. However, at times, it might not be possible for the cat to clean themselves properly. This is especially true for awkward places such as the bum. If your feline friend is unwilling or unable to clean this part or take off any feces that is lingering, you might have to help them out.


Why is keeping your cat’s bum clean important?

When you ignore your cat’s dirty bum for a long time, it could lead to an increased risk of issues such as toxoplasmosis. Your cat could also suffer from issues such as anal sac infection, given that it is in close proximity to the bum.


The dried-up poop can also cause irritation and itching in the bum area and can cause the infection to spread to adjoining areas. So, it is important that your cat’s bum is always clean.


So, how would you teach your cat to keep its bum clean?


Helping Your Cat Clean its Bum

The first thing you need to do is clean up the dirty bum immediately with the help of chemical-free wet wipes. Once you have done that, you need to find out why your cat is unable to clean its bum properly. These problems could be causing your cat issues in the cleaning process.


1. Obesity:

The first and major reason your cat is unable to clean its bum is the fact that it could be obese. The unwanted fat in their body could be the reason they aren’t as flexible as they used to be. So, you might have to help your cat keep their bum clean while working on its weight loss journey.


2. Chronic Pain:

Another big reason that your cat might be unable to clean its bum could be the presence of chronic pain in certain parts of the body. It could be anything from back pain and arthritis to sore muscles or neck pain. If you feel your cat is in pain, make sure you get in touch with a veterinarian and understand what is wrong with your pet.


3. Chronic Diarrhea:

If diarrhea has been ailing your cat for a long time, your cat might be too weak to keep itself clean. Plus, the constant pooping might irritate them, and they might not be willing to keep their bum clean.


4. Arthritis:

Arthritis can also be a big reason that your cat finds it hard to keep its bum clean. The constant pain that ails them as they move could deter them from keeping themselves clean. So, it is pertinent that you get in touch with your veterinarian and seek a suitable solution for the same.


5. Anal Gland Inflammation:

Abscess or bacterial infection can induce swelling in the glands. It can create blockages in the anal passageway, making it problematic for the cat to release the waste. This could also cause the feces to be trapped within the fur, and with pain, your cat might find it difficult to keep things clean.


The longer this issue lasts, your cat might find it difficult to keep the bum clean. This is because the pet will associate their anus with physical discomfort, and hence they will avoid touching it completely.


6. Intestinal Worms:

If your cat has worm-related issues, it can cause its bum to be itchy. Worms tend to affect about 45 percent of the current feline population. This irritation and inflammation might cause the cat to refrain from cleaning its bum properly.



What can you do to make your cat clean its bum?

There are certain ways you can help your cat keep its bum clean and healthy after pooping. Let us learn more about it.


1. Trim the anal hair:

One thing that could affect the way your cat cleans its bums is the amount of hair present near the anal area. The hair could get into the way and trap the feces, which your cat might be unable to clean with ease. So, the key is to trim down their bum hair and groom it on a regular basis.


This will help your cat access its bum with ease and keep everything clean and hygienic.


2. Help them when needed:

At times, your cat might be too stressed or agitated to keep the bum clean at all times. This is where you, as a pet parent, would have to help and wipe off the remnants with a fresh wipe. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic option in wipes, you can try the Wet Ones Cat Wipes. It contains aloe vera and is perfect for cats that have to deal with allergies. Additionally, you can also use plain water if wipes don’t feel safe for you.



3. Deworm them:

Another thing you can do is to keep track of your cat’s deworming status. When your cat is free from worms, it won’t have to deal with anal inflammation or similar itching issues. Moreover, deworming has a lot of health benefits that could potentially be fatal when ignored. So, keep deworming your cat in time.


4. Feed them fresh fruits and veggies:

When you feed your kids with fresh veggies and fruits, it gives them access to the required fiber content. This helps maintain the perfect poop consistency. When your cat food doesn’t have the proper amount of fiber, it could cause your cat to be constipated or might make their stools runny. So, this inconsistent poop might get stuck in your cat’s bum or hair, causing them problems during the cleaning process.



With these pointers in mind, you can help your cats stay healthy and hygienic. If your cat’s condition doesn’t improve with all these tips, make sure you get in touch with your veterinarian for consultation. Make sure you observe your cat on a regular basis and help them out whenever you can.

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