How to Tell if Kittens are Male or Female?

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Pet parents have a lot of choices to make before they bring a kitten to their home. One of the vital points to be checked is whether the kitten is male or female.

There are several ways to know the sex of a kitten. Just like the personality of humans, the nature of cats also differs in different situations. This article will help you understand whether your fur baby is male or female.

How to Identify if Kittens are Male or Female?

It is vital to know the gender of your kitten to care for them properly. Female kittens engage in attention-seeking behavior by the time they come of age. Territoriality is more common in males.

It is best to remember that male cats develop urinary tract infections more often, which require immediate treatment. Irrespective of the gender of your kitten, try to devote a considerable amount of time to providing them companionship and love.

Certain traits in kittens will help you to identify their gender. There are two types of methods for this identification. Let us see what they are.

1. Physical Differences

The most straightforward way to know the sex of a kitten is by inspecting its genitals. Gently lift the tail of the kitten and peep beneath there. You must be cautious while lifting the tail, so you do not injure the delicate kitten.

Under the base area of the tail (anus), there is either the vulva or the prepuce. It will help you understand the gender of the kitten.

Other than the genital shape, some particular features mark a male kitten apart from the female one. However, these differences are elementary and must not be taken as the ultimate difference marker.

Physical Traits of Male Kittens

Over time, pet parents and veterinarians have noticed some common physical traits between male kittens. These traits can determine whether a kitten is male or female. Let us have a close look at them.

  • They have a longer distance between the anus and the penis
  • Male kittens gain sexual maturity by nine to twelve months
  • They are generally larger with wide and round cheeks
  • Coat colors in the kitten’s fur can also be a marker for determining the sex of the kitten. The orange-striped cats are, in most cases, found to be male.
  • If you find your kitten to have a strong smell in its urine, it is a male kitten.
  • You can also evaluate the kitten’s facial and build features to determine gender. For example, a male kitten would be more muscular and thicker.

If you notice your kitten having these features, it is most likely male.

Physical Traits of Female Kittens

Female kittens also possess some unique characteristics. So, these different features can also be a clue to identify whether your little feline friend is male or female. It is time for us to look into these characteristics in detail. They are listed below.

  • Female kittens have a short distance between the anus and vulva.
  • They generally gain sexual maturity by the time they reach seven to twelve months.
  • They are smaller and lighter in appearance.
  • Female cats, in ideal cases, have calico and tortoiseshell colors in their furs.

2. Behavioral Differences

Specific differences between male and female kittens can be considered through their behavior. A study by Hart and Hart (2013) has shown 12 behavioral characteristics to differentiate male kittens from female ones. Let us see some of these differences.

Male KittensFemale Kittens
They are generally very playful.They are relatively quiet.
They usually get along with other cats, irrespective of their litter.The female ones are very unsocial in interacting with other pets in the house.
Male kittens prefer to stay indoors.Female kittens spend a maximum of their time outside the home.
Male kittens tend to show aggressive behavior like fights.
They peacefully entertain themselves throughout the day.
Male kittens are more likely to engage in urine marking.Female kittens do not generally engage in urine marking.

Should You Get a Male or Female Kitten?

The choice of getting a male or female kitten depends upon the personal preferences of the pet parent.

You must have learned about male and female kittens’ physical and behavioral traits from this article. So, you can make your judgment based on it.

Nevertheless, if you spend a long time in your workplace, it is recommended to keep a female kitten. However, male kittens will be perfect if you want more playfulness in your home.

Also, consider the future prospects of neutering before you make your choice. Female kittens have higher chances of reproducing, especially those you allow to roam outdoors freely. Thus, you must keep female kitties indoors or be prepared for the responsibility of more kittens.

Male kittens often pick fights with their siblings or your other pets. So, you can indulge them in some fun activities to prevent them from fighting with each other. There are various toys available online. You can try the UPSKY Cat Toy Roller 3-Level Turntable. Your male kittens will love this toy and stay busy with it for a long time.

However, due to their behavioral traits, male kittens may grow up and attack your children if provoked. So, you can get your male cats neutered to make them calmer and more friendly.

Kittens are little fluff balls that bring you joy. However, you must be prepared to take care of them for a long time. Evaluate your lifestyle and pick the right gender for your new kitten.


It is tricky to ensure the gender of the kitten, but we are confident that these tips mentioned above will guide you on the correct path. If you still face any difficulty, you can consult your local vet.

One of the primary ways to identify the gender of the kitten is to see its genitals. Additionally, the male kittens are generally a bit longer than the females. Female kittens tend to be individualistic and need their space. On the other hand, the males are playful.

After all these differences, the individual kitten’s personality will mark it apart from the crowd of its fellow creatures.

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