Petchatz PawCall Review: A Fun Way to Watch your Pet!

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Do you want to watch and train your pets while you’re not at home? Then the PetChatz PawCall is the perfect item for you.

It’s the perfect item for your pet, and you’ll be able to use it to not only train your pet but also to talk to your pet while you’re not at home, helping with building the relationship as well.

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The Perfect Toy for Training

For those pet parents who want to watch their fur children or train them when they’re not at home, then this is for you. It’s the best system for pet parents, and it comes with a lot of great options.

What is it exactly? Well, it does the following:

  • It’s a button that, when your pet presses it, they essentially will connect you with your pet
  • The button also dispenses a treat that your pet can have and you’ll be able to communicate with them
  • You can help teach them tricks, check on them, or even send treats for when they’re good

For owners of pets who want to make sure that their pet is okay while they’re out of town, this is the perfect item. I used it the last time my husband and I were on vacation, and it’s got a lot of cool features and is perfect for any pet to be stimulated while you’re out of town.

Has a call and Game mode!

You can call your pets, but it’s also got a game mode, and you can put the PawCall near the HD system, and once you schedule times, you can have them contact you or play games.

The two modes are great for pet owners, and you’ll be able to use the following:

  • Call mode, which blinks, and when the pet presses the button, it can send you a message over the PetChatz HD
  • Game mode: the Pawcall will blink and dispense treats
  • The Game Mode will stimulate and exercise the pet’s mind with light and touch puzzles, with training rewards
  • Has a pet training protocol you can rely on

This is perfect for those pet owners who don’t have the means to spend all their time at home with the pet, especially if they work all hours and such. This is also great for pets that are at home while the owners are on vacation and are great to have along with a sitter.

Connects with all Smart Devices

This system is great for pets, for they can communicate with you in different ways. Some of the ways to contact them include the following:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Alexa and smart devices

That’s right, you can give Alexa a command, and it will work with your pet through the PetChatz HD function. It’s the perfect means to train your pets and watch over them while you’re away

Great Features to Try out!

It has some cool features that you can take advantage of, including the following:

  • It’s Bluetooth-enabled
  • Battery operated
  • Sticks to the floor or wall easily
  • Is easy for your pet to use
  • Does blink when you’re calling them
  • You can use the PetChatz app to coordinate times to contact the pet
  • Has very easy connections

So the next time you’re away, definitely consider this. It helped me when I was out of town, for I could check on my kitty while I was gone, and helped build the relationship while I was away.

Great Reviews!

There are a lot of great reviews about the thesis product. Here are some reviews of the PawCall you’ll love to read.

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  • This is fabulous. I did have to impose a curfew on my dogs. They were calling me continuously at work and while it was hilarious, it was a bit much! LOL. Sometimes PeteyBoy would call me while he was right next to me. Of course, I admit I would sometimes leave the room to answer it….. 😀 Love it.
  • Works great!! My dog and I really like this unit and the PetChatz unit.
  • My dog is having so much fun playing the PawCall games! I wish there was more ability to let me know when she pushes the button outside of scheduled call times. She doesn’t always respond within the 5 minutes scheduled call period, but I have caught her pushing the button at other times.
  • I am so happy that a bought a PetChatz unit! I love that I can check in with my dogs when I am away during that day, and they can hear and see me!! I absolutely love the snack dispenser and so do my dogs!! I can actually keep training the dogs to sit and do commands while I am away, and they still get treats!! I had to call the PetChatz service department to ask a quick question and they were FANTASTIC and on the ball with what I needed! I can’t say enough about this awesome unit and what it brings to my family 🙂

The best thing about the PetChatz system is that you call them whenever you want to check on them, creating a seamless system for your animal to contact you.

Contact your pet today!

If you’re looking to have an easy means to contact your pet while you’re away, then this is perfect for you. Whether you’re going on vacation, or are just a worried pet owner who wants to make sure your cat or dog is fine while you’re at work, then this is the perfect addition to your home.

It might take a bit for your pet to understand what to do with this, but once they do, they’ll call you. From there, you can chat and train your pet!

If you’re interested in buying this for your pet and want to use it, then you can follow the link here for more info.

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