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All the pet owners treat their pets as family. They shower them with love and tender care and make sure that they get everything they need at the right time, including regular visits to the veterinarian, providing all accessories, toys, a comfortable place to live, etc.

While pet parents take care of all the needs of their pets, is it possible that they compensate for the food of their beloved pet? Obviously, No. Right? However, sometimes it becomes difficult for a pet parent to stick to the meal timings of their pets because of their busy schedule.

If you are also one of those pet owners who sometimes miss the meal timings of their beloved pets, you need to think about buying the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder.

What is PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder?

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder is a device that will automatically feed your cat and that too on time. You can load it with food, and it will divide it into the right portions and feed your pet in regular periods. You can program it as per your convenience and your cat’s capacity and requirements.

It has various extraordinary features, including personalized time setting, appropriate capacity, convenient power system, voice recorder, easy handling, LCD monitor control, inbuilt desiccant box, etc. All these features make this tool user-friendly.

What are the features of the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder?

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Personalized time setting:

This device can turn out to be a savior, especially when there is an emergency and you have to leave your pet at home alone. You can program the feeding time and quantity of your pet’s meal easily using PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder.

It divides the food you have loaded into about 9-portions and can provide your pet with 1-4 meals in a day while maintaining food hygiene. So, you do not have to worry about feeding your pet, especially when you are out of the station or doing an extra shift at the office.

Appropriate capacity:

This amazing automatic cat feeder has a capacity of 4-liters or about 17 cups. Hence, it can feed your pet with adequate food at regular intervals for two days straight without any trouble or compensation in the freshness of the food, thereby making sure that your pet is happy and healthy. This way, you can minimize many health issues of your pet, which are otherwise quite common.

Convenient power system:

You might be wondering what is the power source for this amazing machine to work. Here is your answer. This PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder has dual ways of power supply. It means that this device can be connected to a power supply via wire or can work with batteries.

If you are worried about what will your beloved pet do in case of power cuts and battery drops while you have left it alone at home, worry not; there is a 5V in-built DC adapter that makes use of 3 alkaline D-cells and will start automatically in those cases.

Voice recorder:

How cool would it be if your cat could hear you calling for the meal even when you are not around? Yes, that is possible with this PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder. You can record your voice for about 10 seconds, which will automatically play every time it feeds your pet as a wake-up call. This way, you can make sure that the bond between you and your pet is preserved even when you couldn’t be with it.

Easy handling:

Even with these many extraordinary facilities and features, this machine is not tough to use. In fact, it is so user-friendly that you can handle it with ease, right from the first time. And the detailed manual that comes along will make it much easier for you to operate it.

LCD monitor control:

The LCD screen will let you easily customize the feeding for your pet. It will allow you to control various features like the feeding timings, the quantity of the food per meal, number of portions to be divided, voice recording, and playing. The manual feeding option will provide your cat with bonus rewards is an added benefit.

Inbuilt desiccant box:

It is not only vital to provide your pet with food at the right time and in adequate quantity, but it is also necessary to offer your beloved pet tasty, fresh, and hygienic food every time. And this can be made possible by the inbuilt desiccant box in this PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder. This desiccant box will keep the food kibbles of your pet dry and safe throughout the cycle.

Humanized design:

Do not worry if your pet could do trial and error with this PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder and get to excess food that could lead to health complications as this device can be accessed only by humans. Also, the accessories like a food tray, food tank, and food outlet are very convenient to clean as they are removable.

The Bottom Line

To end with, this super impressive machine is not narrowed to one model alone. It comes in four attractive models. They are PL-AF001-01W, PL-AF001-02W, PL-AF101-01W, PL-AF002-02W. Each one differs in particular features, but none fails to amaze the user.

All the models have a capacity of 4-liters except for PL-AF002-02W. All the models can feed your pet with 1 to 4 meals and divide the food into 1 to 9 portions except for PL-AF101-01W.

PLAF101-01W can provide 1 to 10 meals and divide the food into about 1 to 12 portions. Each model can provide 12.5milliliter of food for each meal, while PL-AF002-02W can provide up to 18.8-milliliters of food for every meal. You can use dry food kibbles of about 2-10 millimeter size to fill all these models.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to buy this device & ensure that your beloved pet doesn’t skip its meal at any cost. All the Best!

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