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We all adore the sight of cats playing around in the garden, rolling around in the green grass. However, this accumulation of the bacterial population can cause issues such as bad odor. Cats do not like being bathed every now and then. Even though they are self groomers, it is important to put in some additional efforts to get rid of the bad odor that might stink up the entire house.



Although there are several pet odor-removing products available in the market, selecting the one that is right and safe for the entire household is important.


One such series of odor-removing products is brought to you by Live Odor Free!


About Live Odor Free!

The products brought in by Live Odor Free help eliminate the odor 100 percent on contact. Since its inception in 2011, the company has worked enthusiastically in its Texas-based laboratory to put together a series of pet & home products that help eliminate the organic odors.


The team has also brought together a patented technology with no fragrance, enzyme, or detergent that might harm your pets in any way. Instead, the products help eliminate the smell from pets lingering around at their prime source. This concoction is natural, organic, FDA-approved food-grade, non-GMO, FDA GRAS, & completely green in the make.


Cat Odor Eliminating Products by Live Odor Free

Cats tend to leave a lingering smell on your carpets, sofa, flooring, tiles, carpets, and several other parts of the house. To eliminate this issue, you can try these products by Live Odor Free that include:

  • Live Odor Free-24/7 Mini Odor Eliminator System Kit
  • Live Odor Free-Cat urine 2X
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Litter 2X
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Urine 2X-Gallon
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Urine 2X-64 oz
  • Live Odor Free-Pet Bedding 2X
  • Live Odor Free-Skunk
  • Live Odor Free-Patio & Garage-Kit
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Litter 2X-Gallon
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Litter 2X-64 oz
  • Live Odor Free-Patio & Garage-Gallon
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Urine 2X-16oz + Gallon-Package Deal
  • Live Odor Free-Patio & Garage-Gallon
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Litter 2X & Cat urine 2X w/Cowboy Sprayer- 16 oz + 2-64 oz (Cat Combo)
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Litter 2X- 16 oz + 64 oz (Package Deal)
  • Live Odor Free-Auto Boat RV
  • Live Odor Free-Cat Litter 2X- 16 oz. + Gallon (Package Deal)
  • Live Odor Free-Pet Urine Outdoor & Yard Kit
  • Live Odor Free-2×2 Pet Urine Spot Kit
  • Live Odor Free- Refill 32 oz-Mini Odor Eliminator System Kit (Free Cartridge)
  • Live Odor Free- Furniture Kit
  • Live Odor Free- Pet Urine Room Kit
  • Live Odor Free- Pet Urine Area Kit
  • Live Odor Free- Carpet Machine Kit (Gallon)
  • Live Odor Free- Carpet Machine Kit (64 oz)


These kits can be used for cleaning the carpets, rugs, tiles, cement, garages, patios, area rugs, and so0 much more. Live Odor Free is also amazing when it comes to cleaning old and new stains, including the ones caused due to cat urine.


The product ensures that you get access to a cleaner home, better living, & a healthier lifestyle. Live Odor Free products have all been developed, keeping in mind the customer needs. These liquid spraying kits can be used to eliminate stubborn odors that are caused due to pet urine or any organic odors. The effects of these sprays can last as long as 90 days.


Pet Urine Odor Solution Kits for Carpet, Cement, Patios, Garages, Basements, Yards, and Artificial Grass


Live Odor Free doesn’t contain any type of artificial fragrances or enzymes that help eliminate odor. Instead, it also contains billions of +ve ions that help eliminate the foul or –ve ions. Essentially, the concoction is designed to neutralize the odor with its patented Noble Ion® technology for odor removal.


Live Odor Free is best when used for the following purposes:

  • Helps with 24×7 convenient and automated odor elimination from the litter box and the room it is kept in
  • Ideal for continuous odor elimination in spaces such as bath, kitchen, home, basement, or garage
  • It doesn’t have any artificial fragrance that might deter or harm pets or people with sensitive noses
  • Ideal for home with pets, children, and adults that are sensitive to cleaning sprays


You can buy the cleaning kit once at an affordable price & if you love the product, simply sign up and get the refills at cheaper pricing. These kits are ideal for mild odor issues and provide coverage of 200 square feet and last 90 days or more.


Product Specifications

Brand Live Odor Free!
Product Type Liquid Sprayer (Air Mister)
Things Included in the Kit Automatic Sprayer for Wall Unit, Odor Neutralizer (spray), Cartridge, 4 X AA Batteries, Odor Eliminator (Refill), Red Cap for Easy Fill
Ingredients Malic Acid, Purified Water, Citric Acid, Noble Ion® technology for odor removal, Pectin Extract, and Pyrus Malus
Pet and Children Safe Yes



How to Use Live Odor Free?

In order to use this odor cleaning product, all you need to do is simply spray the mist up in the room while aiming towards the ceiling. When you do this, it helps eliminate the odor that has already accumulated in the room. Make sure the mist sprayed on the cat litter is light. Make sure you refrain from over-saturating it. Also, spray on the mats, floor, container, and all the surfaces that might be exposed to the cat’s urine. Repeat the process until the odor goes away completely.



So, the next time you feel that your space isn’t feeling fresh and is overwhelming with a bad odor, make sure you bring home the Live Odor Free products! In 10 minutes or less, you can see that your entire house smells nothing less than heaven without any overwhelming fragrance. It is completely safe for pets and children that are sensitive to chemical cleaning solutions. Plus, the liquid cleaner doesn’t deteriorate the upholstery in any manner. For orders above $49, the company also provides free shipping services. So, shop away and keep your space clean, healthy, and hygienic!

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