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Have you been looking for the perfect set of kitten toys for your furry little friend? Does your kitten still not know what types of toys they love, or what they may not love? Well, don’t fret, for you’ll find out here about one of the best kitten toy variety packs out there. Here is a review of MIBOTE 24 PCs Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitten and why it’s a great set of toys for your favorite little buddy.

Why Kitten Toys?

There are plenty of reasons for kitten toys. For one, they help to stimulate a kitten and get that extra energy that they have out of their systems. Kittens tend to have a lot more energy than your average adult cat, and while it may be less than say a puppy, it can still be quite frustrating for a new owner.

Kittens love to play, and here’s the thing, if you don’t handle that urge to play right away, the following can happen:

  • The kitten will get bored
  • The kitten will use other means to play, including items they shouldn’t be playing with
  • They could end up scratching or messing up your items, including furniture and clothes

The thing with kittens, is they need that stimulation to be happy. They need to be played with. This goes for older cats too though. Older cats, while they may not do it as much, require you to give them some attention, and toys are a perfect way.

These aren’t just for kittens either. Older cats can benefit from this, and there are a few benefits you can get from these older cats, and they’re the following:

  • Gives them more energy
  • Keeps the bond strong
  • Help to fight feline obesity

Feline obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems, and while yes, diet is a major factor in this, playing with and stimulating your cat is also a huge factor in this as well. Kitten toys allow for this, and it’s super important to understand why a cat needs this. This kitten toy pack is great since it gives kittens and cats the stimulation that they need.

Has so Many Different Toys

Probably the biggest thing that I noticed about this kit when I first got it, was the sheer AMOUNT of toys. here’s the thing, you could go to the pet store, spend about fifty or so dollars, and then maybe get a fraction of the number of toys you get here. There are so many toys, perfect for cats young and old, and it’s perfect for those little furry friends who need something to do.

So what does this come with? Well, you’ve got 24 different pieces, all of which come in this perfect little baggie that your kitties will enjoy. Some of the toys include the following:

  • A Cat Tunnel
  • A Teaser Wand
  • Catnip Fish
  • Interactive Feather toys
  • Fluffy mice
  • Crinkle Bells

And so much more! These toys are perfect for cats, especially ones that either don’t go outside or have the urge to play a lot. Teaser and chaser toys are super great because they keep the cat alert and active. They are super helpful for kitties since they look like natural prey they may go after, and since you can get them to quickly dart around, they will chase after them and love them.

The cool thing about these toys is that they’re universal, in that you don’t have to use them directly with your cat. They can be used by themselves in a solo manner, and that’s a great thing.

With cat teaser toys, you can use different kinds, and there are some benefits to each one. The variety pack is great because if your cat decides to be particular about cat toys, the extra ones allow for fun.

Cat toys are great because they allow the following to happen:

  • Solo fun with your cat, meaning they can play with these on their own
  • Fun with your cat, training them and getting them excited

There are many different types of cat teaser toys, and they’re fun, and stimulating for cats. This pack allows your cat the benefit of so many amazing toys.

A Tunnel of Fun!

Cat tunnels are actually one of the best things for a cat. This 24 pcs set does involve a cat tunnel that has the following features:

  • A collapsible tunnel for easy storage
  • Side strips for the tunnel to be held up and secured
  • Cat toys at the end of it for the cat to play with

The beauty of cat tunnels is they’re good for cats, and this tunnel is one that you can take anywhere. For example, if you want to bring it to another room, just pack it up and bring it there. If your cat is having a play date with another cat, or even a ferret, this is a great toy for you to enjoy. It’s quite nice, and they’re super fun.

So, what do cat tunnels do for cats? Normally, people don’t realize that cat tunnels are amazing for cats, but they’re super helpful for stimulating the mind of a cat, in many different ways.

Here are a few reasons for a cat tunnel for a cat:

  • They’re fun: it’s exercise, so they’re able to have oodles of fun with this, and they’re incredibly stimulating for the cats themselves.
  • Improves self-confidence: this is especially important for kittens since they tend to be shy creatures. The use of a cat tunnel will improve their self-confidence and even the security and freedom to move around. If your kitten is shy, get them this and they will soon open up to you.
  • Allows for control: if you don’t want your cat getting into something use this. The tunnel keeps the cat from leaving the area, and you’ll know where the kitty is without having to worry about it getting lost, which can be a problem, especially for incredibly small kittens.
  • Protects your items: cats tend to be a bit rambunctious, which can put your items and furniture at stake. Cats are also super clumsy but with a cat tunnel, they can move around and have good direction. They also protect your furniture from being scratched up and they can have fun without scratching anything. Combining this with a scratching pole is a great way to get your cats stimulated.
  • Gives cats something to do when you’re not available: if you have company or aren’t able to entertain your cat this is perfect for them. If you have guests who are allergic, it gives a cat a chance to roam around while you entertain the guests, making everyone happy.

Cat tunnels are also good because they tap into that natural hunting instinct, especially if they makes little crinkly sounds. This one does that and not only is it great for the cat if they need that extra stimulation, but it also gives them privacy. Cats love to hunt and allowing them to use that ability will keep them mentally sound and happier.

Crazy Catnip!

Have you ever wanted to make your cat the happiest person around? Give them catnip! I learned this with my little cat. When I got this, there were catnip fish toys, and I learned from this, that my cats weren’t all that interested in the other toys at first, they went after the catnip fish toys!

These toys are huge, and they’re filled with catnip. They also contain other elements, including the following:

  • Natural, PP cotton that won’t harm them
  • High-grade catnip that is stimulating for them
  • Is safe catnip to use, which is great if the cat needs a bit of stimulation at hand

Cats love catnip, and when I first opened them, they darted for the little fish toys. They love the teasers too, and they stimulate their hunting instincts, but the catnip is what drives them crazy. Cats are obsessed with catnip, and you’d be amazed at how much they will enjoy this.

So why in the world do cats love it? And what exactly is it? Well, it’s a fragrant plant that’s a part of the mint family, sometimes called catmint. It is usually strongest when it’s at its freshest, and the toys themselves have catnip that’s been dried out, and that’s been grounded into small pieces.

So why do they love it so much? Well, there’s an oil inside of there that stimulates the pheromones.

What will this do to your cat? Well, the following usually happens:

  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Rubbing and pawing at it
  • Maybe even playing and chewing on it

Catnip is one of those items that may affect the cat right away, or it may take some time. Some cats do love it, and others do not so much. One of my cats is obsessed with it, but the other one, after a few minutes, was much more passive about it. It’s a heredity action though, and one that your cats may be affected by.

But, if you want to get your cat going, and to get them stimulated, or even just to give them some sort of reward, this is a great toy for it, and they do respond to it again and again after a while, allowing you to truly get the benefits of this in different ways.

Gets them Moving

One thing that I noticed, is that when I got these toys, the cats would play with them. They would actively try to play with these toys as much as possible, and for many cats, that’s a good thing.

Cats that are active net many health benefits including the following:

  • Preventing obesity
  • Getting them fit and moving
  • Promoting good muscle health
  • Better heart and neurological health

Just like with humans, cats need some exercise too. What exercise they get, ultimately depends on the nature of the cat. If the cat tends to be a bit lazy, like how one of my kittens was when they grew up, then having these cat toys is essential. It gives them something to do and keeps them out of trouble. But, it also promotes a healthy, happy body that they will ultimately enjoy. Cats love to have this extra stimulation, and you’d be surprised at how much they end up enjoying it. Cats will enjoy the playtime and get them a lot of great health benefits

The thing with kittens is that they’re young. They honestly will love these toys, and they’re able to keep themselves occupied.

As a kitten, teaching them playtime is actually great, because it does the following:

  • Enforces the habit of playtime
  • Gets them moving
  • Allows for them to move about when they can’t go outside

Some pet owners may think that having them go out and explore the world is a good thing, but here’s the thing: it leads to extra danger. The outside world is not the best thing for a cat to go into, especially if they’re not properly medicated and microchipped. That’s because the outside world contains the following:

  • Cars
  • Predators
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Other hazards

Generally, I don’t suggest bringing your cat outside unless you’ve got a pen. You can bring these toys out there, but the thing is, you need to make sure that you have a secure location, and you need to make sure that you’re watching the cat. Exercise is good, but the outside world is not the best option for a cat, due to how dangerous it is, and you should consider keeping the play mostly inside.

That’s what I did with my cats. They were young, so I didn’t let them outside. They didn’t have all that much interest in the outside world either, actually a bit scared to go outside more than anything. But, since I got these toys, they’ve been up and at it, moving about. Exercise is essential for a cat, and I noticed that if I got them the exercise that they needed, they would be happier, and they could stimulate themselves. This package of toys gave me a chance to do that, and so much more.

A Gift They Will Enjoy

Cats like gifts too, and I noticed that, even if they don’t communicate, they certainly will enjoy these toys. They’re perfect for your cats, and you can get them for other kitties too.

Getting cats gifts is fun, and you can provide these toys for different occasions, including the following:

  • Christmas
  • Their birthday
  • Possibly their gotcha day if they’re adopted
  • Anytime you want to treat your cats!

They’re super fun, and I noticed that since then, they’ve been super happy.

Also, another thing that I did notice, is that they tend to like all of the toys. In the past, I actually would buy my cat a ton of toys, only for them to not be interested. That isn’t the case here. With my cats, I managed to get them these toys, and even when I didn’t see them using them all the time, they still loved them. They always catch their interest in some sort of way. I also noticed with this too, that they tend to love the tunnel, and the cool thing about the tunnel is that it’s strong.

This strong tunnel means that it protects them from the following situations:

  • A child or baby
  • A puppy who tends to be destructive

That way, the cats can have all their fun, and they love it.

I noticed too in some cases, they would get overwhelmed by the toys that some were more interesting than others. I started to space out the toys, giving them one every so often, and they would lose their minds. They got tired of the older toys I gave them, but I would start to cycle these toys around, and they would have endless hours of fun. It’s so nice to give this to my cat since I know for a fact that they need all the exercise that they can get.

Even as they got older, they still loved those toys. Even when I thought that they wouldn’t, they would always be right there, playing with the little feathers. Their interests went from the little balls and bells to the feather toys and the catnip toys, but they certainly do love all of them in some way. I was impressed by that since usually, I end up having to do a whole lot to get them to play, but they just naturally gravitated toward these toys.

A Price That’s Perfect!

Probably my biggest surprise wasn’t just how much they loved these toys, but it’s the price of them. Like I said before, I’d go to Petsmart, buy like 50 dollars worth of toys, and they’d only like about half of them. Those little gadgets and gizmos are typically way more expensive than they should be. But, when I was getting my cats ready to be taken home I didn’t think all that much about the different toys. But with these cat toys, I learned from that they’re super easy to use, and they’re cheap too

Seriously, this is such a good deal for all of the toys that you get. You’ll have oodles of fun with your furry little friend, and they will enjoy this just as much if not more than you’d think. I didn’t think that they would even bother enjoying these toys but I noticed that as soon as I got them out, they were happy as could be.

So yes, you are getting a whole bunch of toys for a great deal. I’ve tried other toys, but they just couldn’t compare to the toys that I got in this package. The kitties love the fact that they have some variety to them, and they’re ultimately quite fun for everyone.

Get Your Own Toys!

If you want to give your cat tons of fun, including a fun little cat tunnel, you can certainly do so. I managed to get these for my little kitties, but you too can get them for an amazing price. And, if you have Prime you essentially get them with free two-day shipping, and what’s more, is that they’re not just good for little kittens, but you can actually use them with older kitties, and even puppies too. Some puppies love the little teaser toys, and while they may not last as long as it might with the kitties, they’re still great toys for those who are young, and the ones who need that stimulation.

Getting the proper exercise and mental stimulation at the beginning is a huge part of helping a cat grow, and you too can benefit from this as well. You’d be amazed at how much your cats may love this, and how you can help your cat get the best sort of life that it can have. So yes, you can get some amazing benefits with these cat toys and they’re super simple but super effective.

You can buy your toys, and get them here right away by buying them, and you can get your cat toys here if you feel like your furry little friends would enjoy them. My cats had hours of fun with these, and I’m sure that your cats will as well. If they need that stimulation in their lives, then this is definitely the set of toys that they will enjoy, and you can not only give your cat hours of fun but also get them moving around and being healthier as well. It’s quite nice, and it can make a world of difference in their lives.

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