Review: Molly and Friends Bed

Molly and Friends Bed

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Are you a pet owner looking for a great cat bed that your kitties can enjoy? Well, why not the Molly and Friends bed? This post will give you the following: a review on the Molly and Friends Bed and what is so great about this small little cat bed. It’s actually quite a nice little system and it’s perfect if you’re someone looking to truly benefit from having a nice bed that works for you.


Molly and Friends Bed

A Large Bed

Probably my favorite thing about this bed is the fact that it’s huge. Do you know what that means?  It can fit any type of cat. This is something that I like about this bed in particular, because usually, my biggest issue with cat beds is they’re too small. But having a large bed gives you the added benefit of the following:


  • You can let your cat grow into it
  • It’s good for kittens and for adult cats
  • If you have a fat cat, it’s a good place for them to sleep, since they have to work to get up there


Since it’s big, the cat will get more use out of it and this bed, in particular, is a great one if you’re looking to really help your cat have a nice place to perch.


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Super Durable

Another great thing about this is that it’s durable. What this means for you as an owner is that you have a great bed that allows your cat to enjoy it for a long period of time. My biggest complaint with other cat furniture is that it tends to break down. But, this cat bed has the following attached to it:


  • Super sturdy sisal rope
  • Great places to scratch
Molly and Friends Bed
  • Places that the cat can perch and peer from
  • Heavy-duty screws and bolts that will stay together
  • It’s meant to be scratched


Lots of times these are not made well, but here’s the thing: if your cat has this they’ll be able to scratch on this and from there, have a great little bed for them to enjoy. Personally, I’ve had this for a bit, and the cats love it. They won’t mess it up, especially since it’s made with such high-quality materials, and you’ll be able to really have the bed that you will enjoy as well.


Sisal Rope Bed

Let’s take a moment to talk about the rope that’s used here. Sisal rope is one of the best types of rope out there for kitties because it will entice the cat to scratch at the rope instead rather than ripping away at the furniture that you enjoy. Sisal is a great one because of the following:


  • It’s extremely stiff
  • It is super durable
  • It can withstand years of cat scratches
  • It is used in many cat scratches
  • It is like tree bark, so it will entice your cat to use that rather than scratch other surfaces

This is a big benefit to pet owners. How many times have you seen your cat just tear through and start to go crazy on your couch? If that’s the case then sisal rope is ultimately the way to go. Sisal rope is used in many of the popular scratching posts that are out there, but there are other great reasons why cats love sisal rope and if you want your cat to stop messing up the furniture or the like you can use sisal rope in order to do so.


That’s what’s so great about this scratching post. It’s the fact that you can always reapply the sisal rope too. But with this bed, you get a high-quality rope that fits perfectly and the kind that will stay there no matter what. Sisal rope is strong, and that’s why it’s used on this. You don’t have to replace it and with this rope, your cats can scratch as you please.


You Don’t Have to Assemble it

Another great benefit is the fact that you really don’t have to assemble it. It comes already put together in the box. You may just have to put it up but that doesn’t take much time.


As someone who doesn’t like to put together stuff, this is a godsend. This little bed is so easy to prop up, so you can simply put it there and then let your cat jump up and use it. I’m not very good at assembling products, so the idea of putting it together just doesn’t sound fun to me. But, with this, you can put it together easily, and your cat will have a better place for themselves. That’s what I love about it and the sheer ease of putting this together is always a great addition for the pet, and I love it too.


I also can say, the lack of assembly brings a couple of other benefits as well and they are the following:


  • Easier to begin using
  • Fewer tools to use
  • Less frustration
  • Less money spent on buying certain tools


That’s what I enjoy about it, and the thing is, it’s the perfect size for a singular cat to sit around and perch, and that’s something that I personally enjoy about it too since they can sit out and look at the sights, all while enjoying a nice bed.


It’s good for Playing, and for Sleeping

Molly and Friends Bed


Another benefit of this bed is not just that it’s durable and easy to use, but it’s also the fact that it can be used for both playing, and for sleeping. That’s because it’s got the following:


  • A scratching post your cat can use for scratching
  • A nice bed to sleep on it


Personally, I’ve been looking for something like this. My kitty is the type that will sleep everywhere but will scratch everywhere too. They also like to look out the window a lot, so I needed something that would work for the cat and something that wouldn’t break the bank. Luckily, this was what I’d been looking for. It’s perfect for setting up since I can put it right outside and let my cat sit down and look at the birds and such, but if they want to play and scratch, they can do that too. That’s something I ultimately really enjoyed about it and it’s something that I know a cat can benefit from.


The nice thing about this too, is that it’s big enough for the cat but it’s also not something super huge since it can be easy to store and put in places.


Another big issue that I had with other cat beds is the fact that most of the other beds are simply huge. They are like cat condos, and sometimes just having that bed with that little extra is more than enough. I managed to with this, create the best experience for my little friend and my cat enjoys it like no other. If you have a cat that just needs an extra little place to rest, but nothing super huge, this is the way to go because it fits perfectly near a window so that the cat can use it to play, but also to sleep as well as needed.


This pole is strong too. Some owners, including myself, have noticed the following:


  • It’s strong enough for the cats to scratch it with no issues
  • It is also big enough for one of them to sleep on it
  • It’s also perfectly assembled, so you just put it somewhere, and then you’re done
  • A very solid base that is perfect for it to hold the cat
  • The base is wider than the perch, so it will be solid despite the cat running around and jumping on it

Cats are pretty crazy creatures but it is a base and a bed that works for them, and honestly, for my cat, they were able to use this without breaking anything or even toppling it over. That’s impressive since my cat is pretty big.


Reviews on It!


Molly and Friends Bed



If you’re still not convinced about this bed, well why not look at a few reviews on it. Some customers have had a lot of great benefits from it, and here are a few of the highlights that you can take a look at:


  • One person says: We’ve had this cat perch for over 4 years now. After a lot of research, it was an easy decision as I decided it was the only thing that would comfortably fit our oversized, 18-pound cat. It has become a favorite of both of our 2 cats. The tower is extremely sturdy and never wobbles. The perch did gradually start tipping after our toddler repeatedly would hang off of the same side. I needed to replace the washer under the lag bolt in the bottom, and I added a few more screws (there were only 3) to reinforce the base. The scratch tower has held up decently, although it will need replacing eventually. It’s still in 1 piece for now (see the picture). Overall, we are extremely happy with the purchase, as are our cats, and we will probably get a second one at some point so the cats don’t need to fight over it.
  • Another said the following: Update Aug 2018: It’s 4 years later and this cat tree is still holding up well! I just ordered a second one so they can sit side by side in our kitchen. If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy cat tree, this is a good bet.


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  • My cats (like all cats) like to be as bothersome as possible by knocking everything down (paper, hair ties, boxes, TVs…) but they are super cute and sweet so I love them of course. For years I had 1 stand similar to this except it is a little shorter and a full cylinder, not the top and post bottom. The cylinder stand sits next to my computer desk and they were routinely getting annoyed at each other over it so I bought this one. It’s perfect! The bed part is slightly larger the other one so they can both sleep on it if they want to (or they can sleep on separate stands) and they can be right next to the desk. The old stand also falls over pretty often (a few times a week) but this one hasn’t yet, knock on wood. I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a simple cat stand, but it was absolutely worth it, even if just for the cute pictures alone!
  • One other reviewer said: My husband and I have 2 Ragdoll sisters, they are nearing a year old and are already a little over 10 lbs each. They are big cats and will continue to grow up to about 15 lbs. The standard scratching posts just aren’t big enough, they’d always have to hunch over to scratch on them. And all the posts in pet stores only have small sections of sisal, then areas of carpet or ledges. I wanted a tall scratching post, and the seat on top is an added bonus. This post is extremely well balanced, comes mailed in a large box already fully assembled, and has held up really well. The girls can run and jump up, sometimes ending up hanging by their claws off one edge of the carpet side, and it has never even come remotely close to falling over. They can lean way off to one side, still, it doesn’t even tip at all. Not to mention how much they love being able to stretch up high to scratch, then they have the whole height to scratch their way down the pole. They were used to the rope sisal of the kitten scratching post we got them, so when we first got this I brought them over and scratched with my fingernails… within the first 2 days, they both got the hang of it. It’s been perfect, exactly what I was looking for! Pet stores really should sell this. Worth every penny!


So as you can see here, cats love this bed. The biggest thing to take from this is the fact that this is the perfect bed for people with multiple cats. It is super durable, and it holds up for a long time. So if you’re worried about a cat messing it up, chances are they won’t with this great little bed.


Do Cats Need Beds?

While some cats are the type to sleep wherever they want, sometimes having a bed around can be a good way to get them away from places they shouldn’t sleep. But, a cat bed can actually benefit a cat in different ways, such as the following:


  • Gives them a comfy place to sleep
  • Can get the hair and dander off the furniture and the carpet
  • They’re easier to clean than the furniture component
  • The beds can help combat the fleas and such if there is an outbreak
  • It’s super cute, and a good place to curl up


Now, cat beds are great, but there is also the question of will the cat even use the darn thing. Well, with the Molly and Friends Bed, chances are thereby will use this more than the traditional cat bed, because it does have multiple benefits to it. Again, since it is a scratching post and a bed, it definitely can be great if you’re looking to have both of these in one little bed. You’d be amazed at the difference that this makes, and this bed is super comfy.


There are some factors that you should consider when you’re choosing a cat bed, but if you want to give them a good place to curl and chill that isn’t the couch or a comfy location that isn’t a windowsill, then this is the perfect bed for you to try out. This is a bed, and a scratching post, so you can really get a lot of amazing benefits from it too.


Why A Cat can Benefit from a Scratching Post

A common problem some owners have is scratching. But scratching is a big part of a cat’s life. It’s something that cats do to furniture, and there are reasons for them doing that, including the following:


Problem is, lots of owners see this as a bad thing, and they get punished for it, even euthanized in some cases, and some cats have issues with this if they are declawed. Some are even forced outside, where they have to fend for themselves, and ultimately, that’s how they get killed.


It’s not fun at all, and you as a pet owner need to realize that this behavior, while it isn’t always encouraged, is something that cats have to do. You can always train it out of it by doing the following:


  • Giving them a good scratching post
  • Give them one that fits their dimensions
  • Train them to use it


That’s what’s so great about the bed because it gives you a great scratching post that works wonders for yourself. You’d be amazed at how happy and healthy your cat will be, and you as a pet owner can benefit from this too.


This post comes with a scratching post that is long enough for any cat and thick enough for them too, with high-quality sisal rope attached to it. Your cat will love this, and you’ll be thankful that you have this, for it’s a great little addition that will change your cat’s life.


So not only is this a great haunt for them to sleep and chill, but it’s also got a great scratching post for them to let off steam, and the best part, is that it accommodates multiple cats, so you’re ultimately getting the best in scratching posts, and in beds for your little friend. It’s the best of both worlds, and your cats will thank you later.


Get it Now!


Are you ready to give your kitties the bed that they deserve? One that ultimately will give them happiness and comfort? Well, you totally can. The Molly and Friends Bed have proven by multiple people that it will stick around for a long time, and it will give your cat a great outlet to relax. Plus, it doesn’t involve a ton of work on your end, since all you have to do is set it up, and from there train the cat to use that instead of the furniture, and from there, they will use it. The best part is that it’s good for multiple cats too, so it’s not like you have to buy multiples of these. It’s big enough for the kitties, and they can share too, so it will bring them closer together and happier.


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Do you want to get your own bed? Do you feel like this could benefit your kitty? It sure will, and you can get your own cat bed for them to enjoy by going here and checking it out. This bed is the best for a furry little friend, and for you as an owner, you’ll be amazed at the difference this makes when you try to use this. Your cat will love it, and you will love it too because let’s face it, spoiling your cat with some good cat furniture and seeing them happy will make you happy.



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