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“What is the biggest challenge you face when raising a cat?” We are sure most people will have the typical answer – Cleaning the litter box. Even though you love having cats around and have fun petting them, most owners feel repulsed when it comes to cleaning their litter boxes. The odor can be nauseating and might cause retching. It is the only job that nobody wants to take responsibility for.


First-time pet owners might feel especially exasperated at their pet owing to the toxic smell. Well, Pretty Litter is here to help you out of this appalling “litter cleaning” situation. Exposure to contaminated litter boxes can cause multiple health problems for cats. So, using Pretty Litter protects your cats from all health issues and makes your home 99% dust-free.


However, before learning more about the product, let’s understand the importance of litter and litter boxes for all cat parents.


Why Should You Buy the Best Litter Box for Your Cats?

Failing to choose the perfect litter box can lead to severe problems. Cats are very moody by nature, and if they don’t like their litter box, they often eliminate their waste outside or anywhere else apart from the box. It can give rise to hygiene issues in your house, especially if you have a kid around.


Also, the wastes of cats leave an irritable odor which can bother anyone visiting your place. Therefore, depending on your cats’ behavior, choosing the best litter box can relieve you of this trauma.


How to choose a litter box?

The litter box’s basic idea is to offer your kitty a comfortable space to defecate without any disturbance. Also, once your lovely pets get used to it, they will use them in a routine. Hence, it is important to choose the right kind of litter box for your cats.



Rather than think of cheap solutions, go for the one that gives the best durability and comfortable space for your cat. Especially if you are a household with multiple cats, you may need to get a bigger litter box and make it more accessible for all the cats. The following are the important things to keep in mind while buying a litter box.


  • Choose a litter box that allows them to enter and exit easily


  • The box has higher sides, so the waste doesn’t spill off.


  • Look for a quality material that is a little heavy and durable


What are the Different Types of Cat Litter?

The primary requirement of raising a cat is getting litter to fill their box. Although the only function of the litter is for the pets to bury their urine and feces, cat owners have preferences for what type of litter they want their cats to use.


Previously, clay litter was the only option for cats to practice natural behavior and bury their wastes. In the present scenario, the number of options has increased based on the amount of dust, urine absorbency, and how well the litter clumps.


Let us look at the different types of cat litter and their function in the following table.

Types of Litter


Clay Litter
Absorbs urine and converts it into a softer and cement-like texture, which makes getting rid of the waste easier.
Silica Gel Litter
It is less dusty, collects urine without needing to scoop it out of the box, controls odor, and lasts much longer.
Pine Litter
It is lightweight and has the natural ability to fight foul odor. Made of eco-friendly products, it attracts little dust and is easier to use.
Wheat Litter
It is made of processed wheat, which helps it absorb odor. It clumps well and is flushable too. When cat urine gets in contact with the grain, it turns into a sawdust-like material that can be scooped out quickly.



One thing every cat owner must consider before choosing cat litter is whether their pets like using it or not. Depending on their actions, the litter must be selected, and behavioral training is also required.


However, if you are looking for a litter material that is easy to change and replace, silica crystal-based Pretty Litter shall be the best pick. Its silica crystals trap the foul odor and moisture from your kitty’s poop. Thus, you don’t need to add baking soda to the litter for smell absorption!


What happens when you keep the litter boxes uncleaned?

Have you seen a cat suddenly become unplayful, sick, and irritated? The first thing you may need to check and observe is its litter box. Cats are good at hiding and can easily suppress their sickness without showing any symptoms to their owners. Therefore, based on their behavioral changes, you must look at the probable reason – their litter box.


When a cat is exposed to contaminated or dirty litter boxes, it gets infected by parasites that will contaminate your pet and cause fatal health-related issues. One such problem is called Toxoplasmosis, which is infected by a commonly found parasite. It may give rise to flu-like symptoms and even transmit to humans at extreme stages. It can be dangerous, especially if you have children living with the cat. Hence, it is very important to clean cat litter boxes frequently to keep them safe from such infections and prevent them from spreading to the owners.

How Frequently Should You Clean the Litter Box?

Cats maintain a high standard of cleanliness and love finding hygienic places to urinate and defecate. The following points will help you know how often you should scoop out the waste from the litter box so that your cat does not get rid of its waste elsewhere.


  • Daily – Scoop all the clumps from the litter box daily, as some cats prefer a cleaned litter box daily.
  • Weekly – If your cat throws fewer tantrums and stays well settled inside the litter box most of the day, clean the waste weekly and refill it with fresh litter.
  • Monthly – As your cat spends more time in the litter box, it feels more comfortable. Owners can clean it monthly for cats that have learned the art of using the litter box correctly. But make sure to use warm, soapy water to rinse, dry, and refill the litter box so that it feels good as new for your pet.


So, if you’re cat has become better potty trained and does not make much of a mess, get Pretty Litter for monthly refills. Based on the number of cats and the size of litter box you have at your house, choose the appropriate plan and place your order on the company’s portal; they will deliver it to your doorstep.


Is There an Easy Way to Clean the Litter Box?

Cleaning litter boxes can never be effortless for owners, but it can be made a little less troublesome, thanks to Pretty Litter and their unique product that offers a clean, safe, and peaceful environment for you and your cat. Pretty Litter is a proactive tool that helps the cat to defecate easily and maintain its primary hygiene.


When you bring a pet home, there are dreams attached to it. An essential part of caring for your cat is ensuring that it grows up in a healthy and clean environment and spreads no germs to your house. The litter box cleaning may be the least favorite part of owners, but it cannot be omitted.


Hence, Pretty Litter comes with a kit that predominantly focuses on less scoop, removes the cats’ odor, and provides a comfortable space. It can save you and your cats from health issues and stress for life. Also, the products come at pocket-friendly quotes making them easily affordable for all cat owners.


How does Pretty Litter work?



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The Pretty Litter eliminates odor and moisture instantly. It is made of an advanced non-clump formula that traps the odor away. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the smell ever again. Also, it is 80% lighter, so you need not spend intense labor scooping it off from the litter box.


Besides, you don’t even have to carry loads of waste bags every day after cleaning. If you have kittens at home, the litter bag can even last up to a month. If you have adult cats, you may have to replace the bag at an interval of 21-24 days.


However, after purchase, you have 30 days to return this product in case you don’t like it, which is a rare scenario. Also, the company allows you to cancel the order anytime. So, purchasing from their site is entirely hassle-free.


How can Pretty Litter Save Your Cat?

Unlike ordinary litter, Pretty Litter allows you to track the cat’s health easily. The top layer of the box changes its color according to the cat’s health. Starting from blue to red, this color may indicate the health of your cat.


  • Blue: When your cat suffers from certain urinary tract infections, then the color may change to blue. It means high pH is detected in their urine because of sodium levels. It may be due to stone formation or bladder problems in cats that you should address.
  • Yellow: When cats undergo kidney problems, the layer may change its color to yellow. It indicates acidity in cats. The higher the calcium or oxalates in urine, the more yellow it can become.
  • Yellowish green: This means that your kitty’s urine is high in alkaline, which may be due to an increased risk of struvite stone formation in the bladder or UTI.
  • Red: Having extreme health issues like bladder cancer, UTI, or bladder inflammation may be detected when the color changes to red blood. Something is bothering the cats internally, and hence it is reflected in the color change.


Thus, the color change of the litter helps you quickly detect any early symptoms of potential health issues of your cat and consult the vet accordingly. It not only saves your kitty but also reduces hefty vet expenses.



Pretty Litter is an ideal option for your cats. Using this litter box, one can easily keep an account of the cat’s health. If you detect any changes at an earlier stage, you can immediately address them by visiting the vet. Hence, we are confident that you can save your cat’s life by using the product.


If you are looking forward to purchasing this litter box, click here to get the best deal. Get 20% off your first order with code MAX20I while purchasing it online. This litter box is lightweight, accommodative, and affordable. You can also see numerous happy customers using the product. By making a wiser decision today, keep your cat’s health intact.

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