Should I Let My Cat Sleep Under the Covers?

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Whether it is the chilled winter weather or cold sensations in the autumn months, if you are a cat owner, your concern will be whether to keep your cat under the covers or not. Well, we might find a common behavior in cats that they tend to find soft places to get cozy. However, when it comes to letting them sleep underneath the cover, there are chances of getting worried about the oxygen deprivation under the blanket.


So, would you let your cat sleep under the covers? The answer is YES. Cats are active enough to understand oxygen deprivation and take action on it. But is it safe for their health to let them sleep undercover? Well, as a worried cat owner, you must know everything about letting them sleep under the covers. Hence, read on to know more about it.


Would you let your cat sleep under the cover?

Well, during the cold weather, you might find that cats tend to sneak into covers such as blankets to feel cozy. Like us, they find it quite comfortable to get the warmth of a cover. Primarily there is nothing to worry about, as cats can quickly sense oxygen deprivation, which will make them instinctively come out of the cover.



Cats are simply brilliant with their self-pre-invasion instincts, which helps them to stay attentive about the dangers.  Even though cats themselves get out of the blanket as they risk suffocation, it is still unhealthy to let them sleep like that.


As they are under a blanket, they will have a limited place to breathe, and they have to inhale the same air. However, it is better to let them decide whether they want a blanket to sleep on or they are just okay without it.


What if your cat itself goes to sleep under the blanket?

Most of the time in winter, you can find that your cat is relaxing under a blanket, whether it is during the daytime or at night. But is it alright to let your cat sleep like that?  Can it cause any accident for your pet?


However, unless your blanket is not made of solid plastic sheet or any gas-impermeable material, you can let your cat sleep in it. It is better to let them sleep under a normal woven fiber blanket which makes enough room for air traveling through the fibers.


Well, it is better to take note of some risks that can occur due to covering your cat with a blanket.

Risks to keep in mind


Suffocation In case there is not enough place for air circulation under the cover, then it can cause suffocation.
Allergy If your cat is allergic to some particular kind of material, then it can be harmful to them.
Claws breaking In case the blanket has large or loose threading, it can make your pet’s claws stuck in them, which might cause the breaking of nails



Why does your cat prefer to sleep under the cover?

While there are suffocation-related concerns that can make your cat uncomfortable under the cover, there is another side of the coin. Most of the time, you can find out that cats themselves find a cover to take shelter.  Then what are the probable reasons behind it?



  • For warmth and coziness:

Cats love to find places where they can get some comfort, warmth, and coziness. So whenever you find your cat going up to your bed, then be sure that she might just want a place to snuggle up for a comfy nap in a warm place.


  • Due to an urge for playing:

Playing is the favorite activity for cats, and they consider blankets as one of their favorite toys. Some cats get under the covers just to have some hide-and-seek fun. If you find out that your cat is burrowing under the covers while you try to fix the bed and then rolls or races around your blanket, it is probably they want your attention to play with them.


  • To feel safe:

Cats prefer to stay in a safe place. To get a touch of safety, they find covers around them. You might find that your kitty is building up his tent around him to find some extra protection from any threats. Having such a cover over them helps to feel safe and more relaxed, which ultimately reduces their stress.


  • To have some me-time

Even cats feel the urge to stay alone for sometimes though they are quite social as pets.  Hence getting into the bed can be their way out to seek a place where they can stay alone. If you find out that your cat is snuggling into the cover during the daytime when there is no one around, then it is probably she needs a dark and quiet place to spend some time alone.


  • In case your cat is not feeling well

If you find out that suddenly your cat looks for a cover to sleep on, who usually prefers to stay under the cover, then there are all the right reasons to get worried about its health. Maybe it is your cat’s way to give signals that she is not well. Illness and pain can make your cat find some solitary place.


  • If your cat has bush dwelling instinct

According to PAWS Chicago, a non-profit organization for an animal shelter, acts usually prefer three types of environments. They either prefer to be on a tree, or beaches, or in the bushes. The organization says cats who prefer to sit at higher places are the tree dweller types. Those cats who want to be at open places are commonly the beach dweller types. On the other hand, cats that prefer to burrow themselves under the blanket are the bush dweller types.


 In case your cat is anxious or stressed

Anxiety or stress is quite common among animals.  In case you have moved to a new place lately, or you have some new pets at your home, it might cause anxiety or stress build up in your cat. In such cases, you might find out that your cat is trying to burrow herself under a blanket which is quite uncommon in regards to her nature.  It can probably happen if your cat has anxiety or stress.


How do you correct the behavior of your cat burrowing under a blanket?

If the thoughts of your cat getting suffocated under a blanket haunt you the way it does to every other cat parent, then you need to take some measures to keep your cat away from doing so. Here are the probable measures that you can consider.


  • Keep your bedroom closed

You can consider keeping your bedroom closed to prevent your cat from sneaking into to get the blanket. It will help to stay worry-free from the thoughts that your cat may get suffocated under the blanket.


  • Make a temporary place for hiding

You can divert your cat’s attention from your blankets by giving them an alternative temporary hiding place.  You can pile up some pillows and make a cardboard box to stack this. It will let your cat have a place to hide and, at the same time, will deliver warmth and coziness.


  • Make an alternative cover for your cat

If you are not okay with the idea of your cat sneaking under the blanket, then you can consider making some covers for your cat. You can use your old towels or rags or any other clothes to sew a small cover, an alternative to your blanket, which will be much easier for your cat to handle.


  • Place a blanket at your cat’s bed

In case you want to keep your cat away from the blanket in your bed, then you can place another one in your pet’s beddings. Once she finds the comfy blanket on her bet, she will stop her habit of seeking shelter in your blankets. You can buy your cat’s blanket.  You can pick Ompaa Soft Plush Faux Fur Puppy Snuggle Blanket to give your cat a comfy experience.


  • Give your cats sufficient toys

Giving your cats enough toys is the best idea to keep them distracted from playing with your blankets. You can buy cat toys which make your pet sit for a lot of time. You can also think of buying cat soft toys which your feline would prefer to play with due to their warmth.


  • Get your cat a comfy bed

A soft and comfy bed can make your cat get the necessary warmth from it, which will divert them from your blanket. You can buy a comfy bed like Love’s cabin Cat Beds for Indoor Cats that your feline would love to own.


Can your kittens suffocate under blankets?

Kittens are much more sensitive and delicate compared to grown-up cats. The way a cat will act under a suffocating environment that is not similar to kittens. Kittens are small enough to understand what to do and what not. Thus, you must keep some of the safety measures in your mind.


The best way to ensure that your kitty is not facing suffocation under the blanket is to allow them to have proper mobility under the covers. There must be an easy route to the exit. Make sure the blankets are not too heavy that can hinder your cat’s easy mobility.


Some blanket safety to follow for your cats:

Whether you should let your cat use a blanket or not is completely up to your and your cat’s preferences. If you do not want your cat to stay under the blanket, then you can follow up on the above-mentioned tips. However, if you are okay with the idea of your cat sleeping under a cover, then you have to follow some blanket safety. Here is what you must keep in mind.


  • Allergic reactions

Well, suffocation is not the only concern that you might have regarding blankets. You must be aware of any allergic reactions that your cat is prone to.

Sometimes it is synthetic materials that can be harmful to your cat. Also, the detergents that you use to wash your blanket can cause allergies in your cat. In case if you are thinking of letting your cat use a blanket, then make sure the detergent is safe on your cat’s skin. Picking a hypo-allergenic detergent can be safe for your cat’s skin which is made to be suitable for extra sensitive cases.


  • Overheating

You need not worry about picking a well-heating blanket as cats can thermoregulate on their own. All you need to ensure is, you are giving them cover that they prefer to have. A good blanket must have enough room and space in it to move around. Make sure your cat is not getting trapped under a well-heating cover.


Picking a blanket that heats up moderately will be the best choice for your cat. Make sure there is enough space to run out of the blanket in case your cat is feeling too hot.


Quick tips to follow while letting your cat stay under the blanket:

You can follow up on some of the quick tips if you are thinking of letting your cat burrow under the blanket. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

Tips for covering your cat

What to follow?

Tip 1 Make sure you are not covering your cat. Consider letting them keep their head outside the blanket.
Tip 2 Use a breathable blanket material for your cat. The fibers must be airy enough to prevent any oxygen deficiency under the blanket
Tip 3 Make sure the blanket does not have big knit holes, or it is not made up of looser threading. It is better to offer them a blanket which is made up for cats to shred easily. fabrics like fleece or microfiber are quite good for them.
Tip 4 Consider keeping the blanket under the sun for some time to make sure there is no bacteria build up in it.
Tip 5 You should regularly wash the blanket of your cat in case your cat has the habit to shed or pee in it.




Cats finding a way underneath the blanket is quite a common scenario in almost every owner’s home. There is nothing to worry about as long as you are following up on all the safety measures. However, you need to keep in mind that you are staying attentive whenever your cat is sneaking away under the blanket to keep them safe.

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