Should I Make My Cat Wear A Collar?

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Cat owners believe that putting a collar on their cat makes them responsible. It shows their pet is not a stray one when the tag is attached. Strangers can quickly identify the owners of the cat in case it is lost. However, the purpose of the collars has evolved. Hence several factors should influence the decision of whether to put a collar or not.


For instance, this will depend upon whether the cat is an indoor or outdoor individual, the type of neighborhood you live in, personal preference, and more. This article has overviewed whether you should put a collar on your cats or if it’s redundant.


Important Reasons You Should Make Your Cat Wear a Collar


Chances of Escape

Even though your cat has been raised indoor, there are possibilities that they may escape from the home and return eventually. It could escape despite the owner’s desire and explore the world on its own. Sometimes, when you take them outside, there is an urge to run around the new spots; hence the cat jumps out.


Apart from this, external factors such as a broken window or any natural emergency could give your cat a free pass to explore and eventually be lost. These are instances in which if your cat is wearing a collar, it will be returned by someone who sees your cat and notices it as a pet. It can be a neighbor or shelter homeowners that can easily track down the cat’s owner.


Multiple cats

Do you have multiple cats in your household? Then a collar would be helpful to identify the cat in a better way in numerous situations. Imagine one of your cats falls sick. They will need special medical attention and consideration. While taking the cats to the vet, you can easily make the doctor identify the cat with the tag.


It can give them information on how properly your cat can be taken care of during an emergency. Especially when you have more than three kittens, one can easily track their habits and behavior through colored or patterned collar coordination. For instance, you can check which kitten has eaten more or not take the food properly via collar differentiation.


An accessory for kitten 

Cat collars can accessorize your kitten. If you are an owner who would love to dress up your cats and put on accessories, then a collar is highly recommended. When you take the cat to a party or any social event, you can drop them in the pet room and later pick them up. Hence this accessory will help in keeping the cats safe in a public gathering. Just like the way you buy those toys and blankets, you can get an accessory for them. Some owners use collars only when they take cats outside. Add a bell to the collar, which will help you identify the cat from the sound when it’s hiding.



These are some of the important reasons why one can choose to make their pet cat wear a collar.


At the same time, here is a table that will inform you when your cat should not be wearing the collar.

“When” should your cat not wear a collar?

“Why” shouldn’t your cat wear a collar?

The collar may not be seen Some cats are long-haired, and there is a higher chance that the collar may not be seen immediately. It may be covered with fur around the neck. If you do not trim your cat, then the probability of identifying them becomes vague.

When people see your cat outside the home, there is a lack of visibility. It would be best if you trim the cat quite often. Otherwise, wearing a collar does not seem to be a practical choice.

Does not fit If you had bought the collar when the pet was a kitten, you need to see that you are changing the collar at least in three or four months. Because it can become easily uncomfortable when they grow and is tight for them.  It causes choking and will make it hard to breathe for the cat.

This is one of the most important things you need to notice while wearing the collar as they could cause some severe pain if they fit in tight and accidentally hurt them. Since cats are moving here and there, the collar can quickly come off if it has a loose fit.

Safety When your cat is an outdoor cat, then it cannot be restricted inside the home. They will tend to wander around and chase their prey sometimes. Some owners have also seen cats trying to climb the trees and walls.

This is when the collar can get hooked to any sharp external objects. It can also cause severe damage to the neck muscles and blood clots. If your cat is one such notorious fellow, you need to choose a suitable collar.



What is the safest cat collar?

It can be challenging to place a collar on your cat for the very first time, especially when you have kittens or adults that have never worn a collar before. However, even if this process takes some patience and you think it’s necessary, always practice them from a young age. The collar and the tag can be helpful but choosing the right one is mandatory. You can see that the cats scratch the collar at first because it’s foreign, but then they will get used to it.


There are many types of collars available in the market, such as break-away collars and microchipped ones. Depending on your locality, this can be changed. To start with, you can choose Bayer Seresto Flea Collar for cats. This is weightless and comes as a two-pack item with eight months of warranty protection.


We hope the article has given you an overall idea about the usage of a cat collar. The answer is simple. It narrows to your personal choice and your pet’s comfort. You know your pet cat better than anyone. Therefore decide whether you want them to wear one. But while choosing ensures that it is safe and secure for the cat. It shouldn’t be too tight or loose as the purpose of wearing them would be lost

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