Signs A Feral Cat Trusts You

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Feral cats live on the streets and usually do not venture near humans. It takes work to garner the trust of a feral cat. However, the bond between the cat and its dedicated caretaker is quite strong.

Contrary to the popular opinion that cats are aloof, they can be loyal, affectionate, and caring about you if you earn their trust. They generally depict it through sure signs as well as symbols.

Hence, in this article, we will talk about signs that a feral cat displays, which signals that it trusts you.

Signs That A Feral Cat Trusts You

You should only approach a feral cat if it shows signs of trusting you. Below are some actions that feral cats take around humans they trust.

1. Greets You Excitedly

Cats are curious creatures, and they love to investigate new things. So, despite staying aloof most of the time, if you see that the cat comes to greet you when it sees you outside, the feline trusts you. It’s always beautiful when a feral cat comes running to you as soon as you reach the place where it usually lives.

2. Loves Spending Time With You

Feral cats are known to be violent when humans approach or run away from them. However, they can still form a strong bond with their chosen caretaker. Seeing that a feral cat loves spending time with you means it trusts and appreciates you.

It can run to you and ask for pets or jump around and ask for a fun playtime. It might also curl up in your lap and enjoy comfort and warmth. Also, if you see that it loves sleeping close to you, it is a sign that the cat trusts you.

Besides, you can get some toys to play with it. One of the best options you can choose is the Petstages Interactive Cat Puzzle. The cat will be excited and stay active with the toy while searching for food.

3. Bites And Kneads You

Sometimes feral cats might be over-enthusiastic with their love. Generally, cats start biting other cats from a young age, when they learn the difference between an affectionate bite and a hunting bite. So, a feral cat biting you indicates that it trusts you. Similarly, cats can knead their front paws at you, which shows their trust and love for you.

4. Slow Blinks At You

Eye contact plays a significant role when communicating with a feral cat. They can stare or blink to depict various emotions to the humans around them.

A cat holding eye contact and blinking when relaxed indicates a profound trust and affection for you. Moreover, this blink can also be considered the love blink, which means the cat finds you a safe person to relax around.

5. Headbutts You

Have you seen a feral cat giving you a head butt or rubbing its cheek on you? Well, it is a sign of trust and love. Generally, cats have certain scent glands on their forehead, chins, and cheek, which release specific pheromones. The pheromones are chemical messages which signal different things to your cat.

These pheromones are also responsible for expressing safety as well as familiarity. Thus, if a cat gives you head butts, it is quite a relevant indication that it trusts you with its safety and comfort.

It may also be signaling to other feral cats that it trusts you.

6. Brings You Gifts

Feral cats can give you innovative things that they find throughout their day. Feral cats are majorly lone hunters, and they bring back the hunted gifts for the rest of their group.

You might not be amused with a dead mouse as a gift, but if a cat takes the effort to hunt things and show them to you, you should genuinely appreciate the present. It is because they trust you as their own and believe in offering you the gift that they hunted.

7. Asks You For Belly Rubs

The stomach of a cat is its vulnerable area. If a cat is lying on its back, exposing the belly, it indicates that the cat is pretty relaxed around you. It also means the feral cat is eager for belly rubs, which suggests their affection for you.

8. Chats With You

Generally, feral cats tend to reserve their meows for communicating with humans. Hence, they like to meow at you. If you see that a feral cat loves chatting, which means meowing at you, it indicates that they love spending time communicating with you and have a sense of trust in you.

9. Makes Trilling Sounds

Though people unfamiliar with cats might find it weird, feral cats make a high-pitched trilling sound when they are friendly and pleasant. This sound is distinct from their meowing and indicates that they feel comfortable around you.

Since the cat trusts you, you need to ensure that you keep their trust and bond with them better.

How To Bond With A Feral Cat?

The following are some ways you can bond with a feral cat that trusts you.

Ways To Bond With A Cat Actions To Take
Feeding a feral cat is an excellent way by which you can establish and garner their trust and bond. Since most cats are motivated by food, you can use this to your advantage. However, make sure that there is a consistency to it and that you feed them regularly.
Giving Treats
Treats are an excellent way through which you can pamper a feral cat. In this way, not only would they feel affectionate around you but also spend time with you.
Many cats like being brushed. It makes them feel protected and secure. In addition to reducing shedding, brushing helps disperse the skin’s natural oils, giving your cat’s coat a gorgeous, lustrous appearance. Feral cats will appreciate how the brushing cleans their fur.
Just like humans, feral cats also love cuddles, especially from their caretakers, as it gives them a sign of protection and love. Thus, make sure to cuddle with them sometimes to deepen their trust.

Summing Up

Cats are affectionate and loving creatures, and despite the popular opinion that feral cats are solitary animals, they genuinely love and trust a few chosen humans. So, understand the signs and deepen the bond with your feline neighbors.

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