Signs That a Stray Cat Likes You

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Usually, stray cats tend to follow animal lovers who feed them. Many stray cats are shy and avoid people, but some yearn for human interaction. Stray cats are not easy to approach, but if they develop a liking for you, they will let you know by showing sure signs through their behavior.


Sometimes, stray cats yearn to find someone to feed or shelter them during adverse situations. They need a caretaker. If you happen to be the target caretaker of a stray feline, you must ensure that the cat is happy and secure. But for that, you need to know the signs. This article details a list of behavioral symbols that stray cats use to make you understand that you are their chosen caretaker.


Signs That a Stray Cat Likes You

Stray cats take the help of specific signs and symbols to make you understand that they like you. So, to make your task safer, we have in store some signs that signify a stray cat likes you.



  • Eye Contact

Cats generally interpret eye contact with humans to be threatening or a sign that the human will attack them. If you wonder whether the stray cat likes you, you can check how the stray feline makes eye contact with you.


If the stray cat is happy to look into your eyes without hesitation, that is a sign that the cat likes you and does not think you will harm it. If the cat blinks slowly while looking into your eyes, the stray cat likes you.


  • Head Butts

Head butts are a prevalent feature that lets stray cats express that they like you. Usually, cats prefer marking their territories using the scent glands on their head or cheeks. So, if the stray cat likes you, it will make head butts to you or rub its chin against you. In doing so, the stray cat marks you as one of its allies.


  • Biting

The kittens usually engage in playful and biting behavior to show their love for one another. Remember that if the street cat playfully bites you, it has developed a liking for you.


For this matter, you should remember that even if the sharp teeth of the stray cat do hurt you, you must not protest. Otherwise, it would give a very wrong signal to the cat, who might get confused about whether you want to be friends.


  • Grooming

Grooming is when a cat licks your ears to make you understand that they like you. It is the same in the case of stray cats. If a stray cat visualizes you as a member of its feline family, it will lick and groom you. It is a sign to identify that the stray cat likes you and wants to care for you.


  • Meowing

Generally, adult cats do not meow at each other. But, if the stray cat uses much meowing even when they are well-fed, content, and warm, it is a ready sign. This sign would tell you that the stray cat likes you a lot. It is their way to try and communicate with humans, as people often respond when a cat meows.


  • Kneading

Many feline experts have devised numerous theories about why cats knead humans they like. Some experts have suggested that cats learn this behavior to stimulate milk flow from their mothers. If you find a stray cat that practices kneading you, it is an excellent sign that the cat likes you and considers you a caretaker.


  • Presenting its Backside to You

If the stray cat presents your backside to you, it is sure that this habit emerged due to their liking for you. Cats generally identify each other by sniffing, so if they present their tail to you, you should know that you are one of their most trusted friends.


  • Sleeping on Your Lap

If the stray cat suddenly dozes off in your lap or falls asleep around you, it is a vital sign to find that the stray feline likes you. It means the cat can feel vulnerable around you without a threat of attack.


By sleeping on your lap or near you, the stray is defenseless in front of you. It signifies that the cat trusts you to protect it. You can get the cat a warm, comfortable bed, so it does not get cold when you aren’t around. The Love’s Cabin Cat Bed is an excellent option. It is durable and washable, and you will immediately see how much the cat loves it.



  • Bringing Gifts

If the stray cat engages in showing you its hunt, then this can be a sign of understanding that the cat likes you. If the cat feels you to be a member of their family and as their most trusted human, they would shower you with generous gifts in the form of their hunts. Cats bring prey for their young, and many domestic cats also hunt for their people to show they consider you family.


  • Raising the Tail

A stray cat’s tail tells a lot about its mood. You can easily understand the stray feline’s body language through tail movements. You must be alarmed if you encounter a stray cat approaching you with its tail held higher up and the tip twitching from side to side. However, it is friendly behavior.


Doing this is how cats communicate with their favorite humans. The twitching of tails and tall tails is generally a sign that signifies the stray cat likes you.


When Should You Approach a Stray Cat?

You should only approach a stray cat when you find signs that it likes you. Feral cats, also known as street cats, are generally unsocial and may even be violent. You should avoid a cat if it does not want to be near you. Here are sure signs that would tell you whether or not to approach a stray cat.



The Cat Likes You

The Cat Does Not Like You

The cat is social.
The cat is antisocial.
The cat comes to see you.
The cat hides from you if you approach.
The cat is keen on showing you its belly often.
The cat is in a defensive stance around you.
The cat purrs around you.
The cat is silent and hisses if you try to touch it.


These are some of the signs that help you to find out whether the street cat likes you. After knowing this, you must ensure your feline friend is comfortable, well-fed, and happy.

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