cat myths

  • Can Cats Eat Cheese?

    Now, who doesn’t love that creamy & yummy taste of cheese? As popular as cheese is among humans, it enjoys a similar fondness among the feline community or in simple terms, the “Cats.” But is […]

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  • Can Cats Eat Eggs?

    Your pet cat is very delicate in both the outward look and anatomically. These pets are some of the most adorable animals among humans around the world.  It is for this reason that we will […]

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  • Cat Stares at me

    Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

    We’ve all been through this before, where we’re minding our own business, look up, and then you see them just looking at you.  Their beady little eyes may freak you out, and some people find […]

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  • Cat Drooling

    Why is my Cat Drooling?

    Have you as an owner noticed your cat drooling? Unlike dogs, drooling in cats is not something that is commonplace. Many cat owners begin to wonder why their cats drool and what exactly it means […]

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  • Running Cat

    Why is my Cat Running around like a Maniac

    There has been a tremendous amount of time expended over decades learning more about training dogs, dog behavior, understanding dogs, and teaching dogs. The majority of people comprehend basic dog behavior and language but however […]

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  • Misconceptions about Cats

    Cats have been since the beginning of their time with us as humans, have had their behavior and life become subject to numerous misbeliefs, myths, and even intentional falsities. A couple of these myths have […]

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