Healthy Felines

Is My Cat Normal?

Every feline has its own unique personalities and characteristics. Owners should note this and take it into account when considering what is normal for their cat, and not what has been considered the average cat…

Happy Cat

How to keep an indoor cat happy

The great outdoors? You may want to reconsider this phrase when it has to do with your cat. There are lots of risks which cats face when living outdoors regardless of the location, be it…

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Review

Whether you have an outdoor or an indoor cat, all cats need a place they can refer to as their own. Lots of cat owners invest in a comfortable, warm bed for their adorable pets….

Molly and Friends Bed

Review: Molly and Friends Bed

Are you a pet owner looking for a great cat bed that your kitties can enjoy? Well, why not the Molly and Friends bed? This post will give you the following: a review on the…

Should I Feed My Cat More Than Once a Day?

There are many articles available on Google and social media answering the question above. Chances are they all give widely varying answers as to when and just how many times you should be feeding your…

Cat Sleeping

How to Get a Cat to Sleep at Night

Cats are renowned for sleeping for very long hours, however, in the moments they aren’t asleep, they tend to be extremely active. These activity periods tend to happen more at night. If a cat tried…

Bathing your Cat

Do I Need to Give My Cat Baths

One common issue that pet owners may have is they will ask themselves of their vet “Do I need to give my cat baths.” The answer to that is it varies. You may be hesitant…

cat myths

Misconceptions about Cats

Cats have been since the beginning of their time with us as humans, have had their behavior and life become subject to numerous misbeliefs, myths, and even intentional falsities. A couple of these myths have…

Happy Cats

10 Tips for a Happier Cat

Cats may not show you that they’re happy, but if you feel like your cat could be happier, you can always engage in activities that they will enjoy. Here, I’ll talk about ten tips to…

Cat Biting

Cat Behavior Biting

Animal behaviorists state that aggression is the second most widespread feline behavior-related problem. While cat aggression tends to not be viewed as seriously as dog aggression, either due to the fact that dogs tend to…


Review: MIBOTE 24Pcs Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitten

Have you been looking for the perfect set of kitten toys for your furry little friend? Does your kitten still not know what types of toys they love, or what they may not love? Well,…

Natural Cat Diet

How much should I feed my indoor cat?

How much should I feed my indoor cat? For most new cat owners, this is a question that is quite common. Contrary to the simplicity of the question, the right answer is much more complicated….

Fat Cats

Cat Keeps Gaining Weight

The rate at which cats are getting overweight is a rising issue in the veterinary world and even though it may not seem like a condition that is serious, obesity can drastically degrade the quality…

tabby cats

What is the Best Tabby Cat Diet?

Are you feeding your tabby correct? Chances are, that might not actually be the case. Lots of times, with a tabby cat, they do need a good diet, but in many cases, pet owners just…