Tamu Style Cat Spring Toys Playful Coils for Kittens: Complete Review

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We all know how notorious cats can be when it comes to destroying things in the house. The best way to keep them from wreaking havoc on the premises is to keep them engaged in activities that drain out the energy. For this, you would need toys that don’t break easily from the vicious attacks by your feline friends.



Cats are intelligent, playful, and curious breeds that need interactive components to feed their interest and nature to explore. Since cats today live and socialize with their humans, giving them toys to play around with ensures that they can engage in quality time with you. A great option you can try out is the Tamu Style Cat Spring Toys Playful Coils for kittens. Let us know more about this product.


Features of Tamu Style Cat Spring Toys-Playful Coils for Kittens

Available in a set of 60 pieces per pack, these playful coils for kittens are perfect for keeping your feline engaged while you are dealing with other important work. The coils help promote fun & active play with their super-cute color combinations. The coils are designed for kittens to chew, swat, attack, & even pounce on.


They help stimulate a cat’s natural hunting behavior & help relieve any stress. These bright and colorful spirals will keep your pet intrigued for hours. Each set comes in a total of 60 with 20 pieces each of yellow, red, and blue coils. The Tamu Style coil set is perfect for homes with single or multiple felines.


These playful coils offer a design that can be used for random bounces & twists to serve as an interactive toy for the enrichment of cats. The spiral tends to jump around at random, making your cat more curious by the second. If your adult cat or kitten loves to chase, swat, or run around, the Tamu Style Cat Spring coils are perfect for keeping your cat engaged.


Created from flexible and high-quality plastic, these springs use BPA-free plastic that is safe for kittens and cats to play with. It is light in weight, durable, & even safe for chewing purposes. However, if you see that the material has been shredded a lot, make sure you replace it with a new one so that the cats don’t swallow the small pieces.


  • Promotes agility & flexibility for your cat’s exercising needs
  • It helps create a strong bond between you and your pet
  • Keeps your cat engaged and in great physical, mental health
  • Gentle, spring-like bouncy action for a good playtime



Manufacturer Tamu Style Store
No. of Springs 60
Colors Available Red, Blue, Yellow
Material Animal-Safe, BPA-Free Plastic
Size 2 Inches Long
Ideal For Small And Medium Cat Breeds
Diameter 1-Inch



Standing at 2 inches in length each, these springs are perfect for medium and small-sized cats. The color selection helps your cat notice these springs with ease. Moreover, the bright tint makes it easier for you to find them and clean up once the kittens are done playing.


The large pack with 60 pieces means that you don’t have to purchase one every other day. It is perfect for pet owners to keep the cats engaged for a long time. These interactive cat toys are perfect for pet parents to engage them while building trust & inspiring confidence in cats. It is especially helpful to keep the kittens engaged as they tend to be impulsive and unpredictable.


The springs are quite sturdy and do not break away easily. Regardless of how much the spring is stretched, it bounces back to its original shape. They do bend with regular nibbling, but it is safe for your cat as long as it doesn’t break into small pieces. While you pack them up after playtime, make sure you check under the furniture as they have a tendency to roll around and get lost.



So, the next time you start looking for a durable and fun toy for your cat to play with, make sure you consider the Tamu Style Cat Spring Playful Coils for Kittens. The best thing about these coils is that they don’t contain any harmful BPA making them safe for biting, swatting, and active playtime.

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