The Benefits of Adopting an Older Cat: Why Senior Cats Make Great Pets

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If you are considering adopting a cat but don’t want to handle the young kitties, you may get an older one. Cats that have surpassed a certain age tend to be overlooked and not adopted often. However, adult cats are an exceptional option if you don’t want to worry about training and handling a kitten.

Senior cats are more compassionate, laid-back, and self-sufficient. They have set characters that make them great companions, depending on your personality. Moreover, you will do a good deed by offering a senior cat a loving shelter to spend its life in.

So, today, we will highlight some of the benefits of adopting an older cat that can eventually become your great friend.

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

Senior cats have many traits that make them an ideal option when getting a pet. These cats could be waiting for you in a shelter home or rescue center to bring them home. Here are some of the benefits that one can expect while doing such a deed:

Older Cats Have a Calm Demeanor

Senior cats have a calm nature that makes them a suitable option for adoption. They are not boisterous like their younger counterparts and tend to be more laid-back. It means they are less likely to cause trouble around the house and cause damage to your things.

In addition, senior cats are pet- and child-friendly. Thus, if you already own a pet or have kids at home, adopting a senior cat can prove beneficial. Since older cats have milder temperaments, fewer conflicts, and fights would occur. They are also more tolerant of other animals, making them great pets.

They Are Self-Sufficient

They have grown to a stage where they have become self-sufficient and can help themselves without much supervision. Compared to younger cats who constantly seek attention and need more playtime, senior cats are easier to handle without having to tend to them constantly.

It makes them a perfect option for those who lack the energy or time yet want to own a pet. Since they are no longer kittens and may not want to explore, they are more inclined to sit and hang out with their humans.

They Have Well-Developed Personality Traits

Most senior cats would have developed personality traits that helped them adapt to new habitats more easily. They have a set temperament and character. So, you can choose the one with a personality that suits your nature and lifestyle.

On the contrary, it’s pretty hard to understand the personality and temperament of kittens until they reach adulthood.

They Are Healthier Than You Consider Them

When it comes to adopting a senior cat, you may wonder if it would entail frequent visits to the vet. Adult cats are also considered to have more health issues than young ones. However, you would be surprised to learn that senior cats are healthier than most other kitties.

When you adopt them from a shelter home, they undergo frequent check-ups that ensure they are healthy. They also have all the vaccinations they need to prevent them from developing any future complications.

You Don’t Need to Potty Train Them

Kittens are way too young to have any sense of how to use a litter box. So, you may have to deal with many accidents now and then until they reach adulthood. If you have never had a cat, you may find it difficult to get them to use litter boxes. They will first sniff it, try it once or twice, and eventually not want to use it if they don’t find it appealing.

You may have to spend much time making them use their litter box to do their business. However, with senior cats, this is not the case. Older cats are already trained to use the litter box on their own. You don’t need to give them additional training, and accidents would be few and far between. However, ensure to provide them with a large, easy-to-access litter box like the Petmate Open Cat Litter Box.

You are Doing a Good Deed by Adopting a Senior Cat

Giving a home to a senior cat provides it with shelter, food, love, and care it may have craved for a long time. As such, you can expect to have a lasting bond with your new pet that will appreciate your presence in its life.

Thus, it would be a rewarding experience as a pet parent and make you feel grateful and loved.

You Get to Witness Ingrained Love and Gratitude

When you adopt a senior cat from a shelter home, it’s most likely the cat has already been with a family and experienced love and care. Adult cats are more likely to appreciate your warm gestures and respond to them with gratitude. It is an advantage, as some young cats could initially exude hostility. They take time to get along and warm up to their new owners.

However, with senior cats, you won’t have to worry about it since they are already loving and grateful. They bring joy to your life and will be by your side as a loving companion until their last breath.

How to Make Your Home Comfortable for Newly Adopted Senior Cats?

When you bring home a newly adopted adult cat, you must ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible. So, here’s how you can do this.

Things to DoWhy Should You Do?
Remove any fragile object, toxic substance, or loose wireThey may potentially harm your new pet.
Give them a calm spaceIt will help them relax and be themselves.
Ensure you have enough food suppliesSenior cats may need special diets.
Give them medication on time (if needed)They could be vulnerable to certain medical conditions, so giving them the necessary medicines in due time is crucial.
Make adjustments to the placement of furniture or other items in your homeIt will provide a safe place for the new adult member.


If you don’t want to handle the energy of a kitten, a senior cat is your best option. Adult felines are less fussy and calmer and may not require much maintenance. Besides, adopting a senior cat would help them have a better life and avoid attacks from younger kitties.

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