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When it comes to working your cat out, many owners don’t think about this. But here’s the thing, it makes a world of a difference when a cat needs exercise, and it’s important to understand why cats need exercise. If you want them to live a healthier and happier life, you need to get them both physically and mentally engaged. It also can prevent feline obesity.

But, what are some of the best cat toys out there to exercise your cat? Read on to find out! Here, we’ll discuss the best 10 cat toys for exercise, why they are so good, and why you as an owner should seek these out if you need to get your furry little friend to exercise more.

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

For those pet owners that have younger kitties, this is a great one, and it’s a fun little interactive toy. It’s essentially a track with a ball that allows for the cat to follow and swat at. Some of the cool things about this toy are the following:

  • It has a peek-a-boo track design, which allows the cat to look for, chase after, and even swat the ball without it coming out of the track
  • It has a patterned color combination that will get the cat’s attention
  • The track can be laid out with multiple different possibilities
  • You can purchase more tracks to grow this if you want to set it up

These are great because if you don’t have the room for a huge course for the cats, this is the way to go. I tried this out with mine, since we didn’t have a ton of room, and they love it. Plus, they’re great if you’re not really into doing all of the interactive play, but instead need something for your cat to be entertained.

The best part is that this toy is not expensive whatsoever. It’s only about 10 dollars, and with Prime, you can get it even faster.

The toy actually works to incorporate all of the cat’s senses that are there, and you can interconnect the other toys available in order to really get your cat moving about. If your cat really likes solo playtime, this is a great one, since it allows them to be active and inquisitive in order to really feel engaged. It’s great if you can get the cat to use it multiple times as well.

You can get it here from Amazon.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

For those pet owners that want to give their cat a scratching area, and also a fun little toy, this is the perfect one for you. It comes in many different colors, and even a scratching pad for your kitty to use.

You may wonder why cats scratch furniture, why it’s important to give your cat a scratching post, and it’s important to read about it so that you don’t get upset when they do it.  Once you do learn though, you’ll understand why this toy is the best of both worlds when it comes to that.

With this toy, you’ll essentially get the following:

  • A cat scratching toy that gives lots of fun to your cat
  • It has a channel for toys that the cat can nudge or nose, which gets them active if they find it engaging
  • You can always replace the ball with a more interesting color to get their attention
  • The scratch pad is durable
  • You can also replace the pad
  • It allows your cat to get the entertainment that they need without scratching the furniture
  • They give the cat the active lifestyle that they want, including hours of fun, and a whole lot of exercise
  • Prevents furniture damage that often comes with having a cat

For many pet owners, this is a dream come true, because not only are you giving your cat a great toy for them to use and get engaged with, but they also are preventing their furniture from getting scratched, something cats do. You’ll enjoy this as much as they do, and if you put a little bit of catnip on the ball, you may even get your cats to toss that around, making it even more fun for them as well.

You can get this toy off Amazon here.

CatIt Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

This is a toy that will stimulate the natural pawing behavior that cats do. Cats love to paw things, for they’re explorative, and if you want to activate their touch, smell, sight, and taste, this is a great one. If you want to really get your cat to be mentally stimulated, this is the way to go, and it’s a fun little exercise and mental stimulation toy that your cat will love.

Some of the cool parts of this include the following:

  • Tubes that allow your cat to paw to dig the treat out
  • Gives them a reason to use something, and allows them to work hard for this
  • Can use your kibble or your treats to get them to use this
  • You can use this with other Catit toys if you want to create a fun little obstacle course for your cat
  • You can move the tubes around and make it more challenging for the cat
  • They’re easy to disassemble and then clean out
  • If your cat tends to wolf down food, this allows it to eat at a healthier pace

If you want your cat to work for their food, and get a little bit of exercise while you let them eat, this is actually the way to do it. It allows them to paw smaller amounts of food.

This is really good for cats that binge eat. Cats that are allowed to free-roam eat tend to get fat, and feline obesity is something pet owners should avoid. This, in turn, will let them have food at a healthier pace, and you can different tubes to change the difficulty levels for the cat so that when they get better, they’re given a harder challenge. It’s pretty cool and worthwhile for the friend.

You can get this toy here off Amazon.

Petty Love House Cat Activity Center

Some of the features of this include the following: This is really good for younger cats or smaller cats that really won’t get any bigger. It’s a way to encourage cats to roll about, bat at stuff, and reach. The best way to get a cat to start engaging in playtime is to do it early, and this is ultimately the way to do it. It may not work so well for older cats, but for kittens up to a year or so, this is a lot of fun for them.

  • Contains 4 hanging cat toys to help stimulate your cat
  • Will allow your cat to be healthy, active, and happy even when you’re not at home
  • It’s super easy to fold and store, and it has a sturdy and soft material your cats will love
  • The toys are safe for kitties
  • The rounded edges of this won’t get broken by accident, and it won’t hurt your cat
  • Is the perfect gift for friends and family, especially during the holiday season
  • 100% money-back guarantee if your cat doesn’t play with it for whatever reason

It’s a reasonably-priced toy, and it’s really good for those that have cats that really like to play about it. If you’re looking for something to start off a kitten right away, then this is for you.

The earlier you get your cat into playtime, the more encouraged they will be to do this when they get older, so it’s in your best interest to start right away. You now can with this fun, interactive toy.

You can buy it off Amazon right here.

Animmo 2X Cat Light Pointers

One of the best and more surefire means to get a cat to exercise is a laser pointer. Almost all cats love them, and they’re actually super easy to obtain, and you can use them for a long time. The batteries last a long time, and it’s so simple to use, that you’ll be amazed and wonder why in the world you didn’t get one of these before!

One thing about laser pointers is they work amazingly for cats, but you shouldn’t use these with dogs. Cats love the mental stimulation, and it does get a cat more motivated to run around. Even just playing around with this for ten minutes each day will get your cat super happy and engaged. The cool thing is, that cats of all ages love these!

Some cool points about laser pointers for cats include the following:

  • They’re super easy to use
  • They’re handheld so you don’t have to haul some huge contraption or set up some toy somewhere
  • Cat laser pointers are simple, you just hold the button and it will stay on. Press it to turn it off
  • With this product, you get two laser pointers for the price of one
  • They also include batteries, so you’re not running around attempting to find these

Laser pointers are a great exercise toy for cats, and they’re just a fun toy period to get them entertained. If you want to help your cat stay healthy, this is the way to do it

To get a laser pointer for your cat, you can buy one of these here and watch the fun!

SmartyKat Feather Wheel Toy

Yes, this was originally an “as seen on TV” product that work. Cats love this toy, and it’s a great one for both entertainment and exercise. It’s a fun toy with many different benefits to it.

It’s a unique toy with different functions including the following:

  • Spinning feathers used to fascinate and attract cats
  • Is unpredictable so it will keep cats interested
  • Allows for cats to run and pounce after it, which in turn encourages healthier activity
  • Is whisper silent, so it won’t scare cats away
  • Has a replacement wand if you need to replace it because your cat bats at it too much
  • Is made from recycled plastic

This is essentially a wobbler toy that spins. It’s so simple, but cats love it. It’s not only a fun toy to get them active and playful, but it’s also an amazing toy for general entertainment too. It’s so cheap, but it’s one that is perfect for your little feline friend, and if you’re looking for something that they will most certainly enjoy, then this is the toy for them.

To purchase this, you can buy it off Amazon here.

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree with Sisal Scratcher Slope

This may be an expensive cat house, but it’s perfect if you have multiple cats or cats that love cat houses. It’s over five feet tall, and it’s the perfect little luxury home for your kitties to play. It’s got little condos for napping of course, but your cat will need to go up there to do it. It’s a plush perch, so it will feel comfy for the cats.

There are so many features to this, including the following:

  • A luxury home for a price that isn’t super expensive, and it allows for the cat to use it to take a nap, jump around, and be the cat they want to be
  • Comes with two condos, 3 perches, and a raised-edge
  • Has a sisal slope that allows for the cats to scratch, and also some extra playtime
  • Is extremely stable, with CARB-certified natural particle boards and battens at the bottom for stability
  • Has anti-toppling fittings that are used for security
  • The sisal rope and posts are great for nail scratching and exercising which is the perfect place for cats to jump around

While this is a bit pricier compared to some of the other scratching posts you may see, this one is huge. A cat condo is a great thing for cats period, both young and old, and they are great if you’re looking to provide for your cat a perfect place for them to lay, but also a way for them to work at it. Plus, if you’re trying to get them to shy away from laying all over the couches and carpet, this is ultimately the way to do it. Plus, it has a 30-month warranty, so if there are issues, it’s easy to fix. This is a five-star Amazon cat tree, and after almost 500 reviews, customers rave over this amazing toy.

You can get it off Amazon here.

Slowton Cat Tunnel Toy

Some of the cool features this involves are the following: Cat tunnels are the interactive cat toys that many enjoy. Cats love to crawl around, move about, and run through these agility tunnels. It is super small and portable, and it’s a great way to get your cats to exercise and train them.

  • Has toys within the dangling tunnels that can be detached or combined into other shapes for extra play
  • Is super fun for cats, since it caters to both their instinct to hide, but also that instinct to play due to the crinkle noise and toys
  • Is easy to collapse and transport
  • Has double-layer construction that’s ultra-strong and tear-resistant to keep cats from scratching while playing
  • Is the perfect combination of exercise and treatment and can be combined with other toys to help stimulate the cat

For many pet owners, finding that perfect tunnel for cats can be hard, but you can see from this, that there are so many great things that these kitten tunnels have to offer, and this is one of the best.

You can get it off Amazon here.

Belrui Three-Piece Cat Feather Toy

You can get a three-pack with this, and it contains the following: Another fun toy that you can use is cat feather toys, which work both solo and with wands. they’re great for cats to chase, and pounce, and are perfect additions for any cat teasers. Plus, they’re super vibrant and colorful that your cats will love them. They are easy to spot too, which makes it easier for you to show them to them so they can case it.

  • They’re not toxic and are super durable
  • Are made from fish feather shapes and are super attractive
  • They contain catnip in there and are breathable and natural for a cat to be fit and healthy for life
  • They come in vibrant colors
  • Are noiseless, but if the cat sees it, they’ll want to play with it
  • Works with any cat wands that’s got the hook eye connector, so you can always replace them if you’re using it as a cat teaser.

These cat toys are some of the best interactive playmates, and they can be used not only to strengthen the relationship between the owner and cat, but it also keeps cats away from laziness, and are perfect for anyone to use!

To get one of these, you can buy it off Amazon here.

Lesotc Cat Wand Toy

Some of the cool features that this toy has include the following: Finally, we have this cat wand toy, which is a different product, and is a rainbow eye-catching color that cats will love. Cat wands are always interesting for cats, but this one has a very unique design. It looks like a little snake, which you may think would scare off a cat, but it doesn’t do that, but instead incites their curiosity.

  • A bright rainbow color that is an eye-catching product for the cat
  • Is made of environmentally-friendly material, and is non-toxic and odor-free
  • It is safe for cats, and there aren’t any wide strips in this, so if it gets wrapped around a cat it won’t hurt them
  • It doesn’t contain any sharp objects in it that will hurt the cat
  • Contains a built-in bell that gives a clear and pleasant sound that your cat will in enjoy, and your cat won’t eat it
  • It contains two wands of different shapes and lengths so that you can give your cat some variety

Some cats like the feather wands, and some of them do like this kind of wand because of the different shapes that this can make and it’s something that a cat can chase after. You can try both of these wands, and see if your cat enjoys this, and even if they don’t, you can always add some catnip to it so that the cat is attracted, and plays with it.

These types of toys are perfect for getting your cat to naturally hunt objects on instinct and can prevent them from chasing after your own feet or other small objects they shouldn’t be getting into.

You can buy it off Amazon here.

Get Your Cat Exercising!

These 10 toys are perfect for your cat since they offer a wide variety of different elements to help stimulate the cat so that they’re engaged and happy. You should consider getting a couple of these for them, since they’re not all that expensive, and those that are, allow you to get more bang for your buck with them.

If you do, definitely use them with your cat. Encouraging playtime and exercise is ultimately very important since it allows for the cat to feel engaged and happy. Exercise is so good for a cat, and by getting them to engage in play and other fun elements, you as a pet owner can have a healthier cat. Not only does this prevent issues such as feline obesity and diabetes, but it also gets the cat engaged and entertained, so that they’re not bored and causing trouble for you and others as well.

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