The Best Air Purifier For Cats

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Being a cat parent can sometimes be challenging. The pet dander and fecal odor produced by your can linger around your house for a long time. This, in turn, can result in causing some health problems for the owners or people living there.

To avoid these issues, opting for a cat-friendly air purifier is imperative. A good air purifier can help cat owners take care of their kitties effectively while ensuring that the air is clean and free from pet dander to prevent any health issues for humans.

So, in this article, we will discuss the health issues that demand an air purifier and review one of the most popular air purifiers one can buy. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do Cat Owners Need An Air Purifier?

Cat owners constantly need to take care of their furry pets. However, managing the cat’s fur can be problematic in some instances. Also, the dust your cat brings from outside on their paws can mix in the air and harm your health.

So, here are some health problems you may encounter while petting cats at home. And the only solution to eliminate this issue is to install an air purifier.

  •  Allergies

The coat of your pet cat can contain a large number of dust particles that are present in the air. These dust particles can later result in causing allergies in humans. The intensity of the allergy largely depends on the person and can vary accordingly.

To ensure that keeping a fur pet does not provoke allergy-related issues in you and the people around you, one can take the help of an air purifier.

  • Itchy Red Eyes

The problem of itchy, watery, and red eyes can occur in an individual with mild allergies or related conditions coming in close contact with a fur pet.

This eye condition can be in any range from okay to severe. If one does not take care of it, this can result in causing some long-term problems, affecting the individual’s vision.

Therefore, installing an air purifier is necessary to ensure that these problems do not arise in the household.

  • Difficult Breathing

The dust particles in the air and your cat’s fur can cause breathing issues. It can cause blocking in a person’s nasal passage, making it difficult for them to breathe adequately. These problems also vary from person to person and can cause long-term effects on the person’s body.

Therefore, to help with this, a person should take the assistance of an air purifier.

Pet-Friendly LEVOIT Air Purifier

This air purifier comes with a sleek design and core 300 HEPA filter that delivers fresh air in no time. Also, it can be installed anywhere, blending well with your decor.

The LEVOIT Air Purifier is a potent device that uses the latest technologies to ensure that you and your loved ones do not get affected due to dust particles or cat hairs in the air. It also helps remove any foul odor to maintain a pleasant aroma indoors.

Product Dimensions14.4 x 8.7 x 24 inches
ColorCream White
Power SourceAC
Product Weight7.48 Pounds
Air Purifier TypeHEPA Air Purifier with Core 300
FiltersPet allergy, toxin absorber, and smoke remover filter

Exclusive Features Of LEVOIT Air Purifier

Some key features of the device are given below.

  • Eco-Friendly

This LEVOIT Air Purifier avoids using UV-C light to ensure that no further harm is done to the earth’s ozone layer. Thus, along with facilitating good health against pet danders and dust, the device also maintains the well-being of mother earth.

  • High Performance

With the Core 300-RF HEPA filter, you can easily get fresh, pure air throughout the room. Since it is equipped with multiple filters and robust motors, apart from removing pet danders and odors, it can also eliminate many other air elements.

Integrated with VortexAir technology, the device can consume air at 360 degrees, cleaning space in only a few minutes. It removes dirt and renders fresh air in an area of 547 sq. ft. in only half an hour. If the room is smaller, around 219 sq. ft., the LEVOIT Air Purifier cleans it quickly in 12 minutes.

Moreover, this air purifier comes with QuietKEAP technology that facilitates no-noise operation. It diminishes the noise level to as low as 24dB, ensuring that it does not affect your sleep.

Thus, this device guarantees a high-end performance without any hindrance to your daily life.

  • Completely Certified

This product is Energy Star-verified, consuming low power for operation. Also, it complies with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for indoor cleaning devices, highlighting the credibility of the device.


Using an air purifier ensures no health problems occur because of your furry kitties. Thus, you should opt for a reliable device like the Pet-Friendly LEVOIT Air Purifier. This appliance is an excellent tool to help you spend more time with your cats without worrying about cleaning their loose hairs all around the house.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this air purifier today!

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