The Top 10 Cleaning Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs

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As a cat owner, you must know that living with a cat has benefits and challenges. Cleaning up after your fluff ball tops the list. Keeping your house clean and fresh while living with a cat may seem like a chore. However, with the help of some essential cleaning supplies, you can make this task a breeze.

From rubber gloves and lint rollers to enzymatic cleaners and high-power vacuums, you can use them to make your house smell as fresh as a daisy, even with a cat living with you. You can also use a brush, paper towels, microfiber mats, odor eliminators, etc., to aid the house cleaning process. Here are the top cleaning supplies every cat owner needs for a healthy and fresh home.

1. Enzymatic cleaners

These biological solutions have certain beneficial bacteria. First, they produce enzymes to break the waste particles, including the feces and urine of your cat, into smaller bits. After that, the bacteria readily absorbs these tiny particles, leaving clean, odor-free rooms.

2. Rubber Gloves

Keep rubber-cleaning gloves on your hands because cat messes can be pretty unpleasant. When you clean up, these gloves protect your hands as they are a barrier between your skin and the dirt. In addition, it will prevent any allergens from getting onto your hands.

3. Soft-Bristled Brush

Use a pet-safe cleanser and a soft-bristled brush to scrub the surface whenever your cat leaves a stain. It helps remove any stains before they infiltrate the carpet or upholstery. The soft-bristled brush also makes removing tiny dirt particles from the surface easier.

4. High-Power Vacuum

Since your floors are probably covered in pet dander, mud, and accidents, having a powerful vacuum is essential for cleaning carpets, rugs, and hardwood. Some of these have rotating brushes intended to remove pet stains. Kenmore Intuition Bagged Upright Vacuum comes with 2-motor suction and a HEPA filter that makes house cleaning with cats hassle-free.

5. Microfiber Mats

Water that gets splashed around can be easily absorbed by microfiber mats. They also prevent food bowls from sliding around. However, to avoid stray litter from being tracked around your house, place one beneath each litter box to capture anything your cat brings inside.

6. Paper Towels

Paper towels make cleaning up after your cats simpler and more hygienic. Many cleanups use paper towels to soak up as much debris as possible. You can easily find antibacterial paper towels that help give an additional layer of protection against germs.

7. Lint Rollers

Using lint rollers to remove your kitty’s hair from fabrics is quick and straightforward. These are an essential part of the cleaning supply for every cat owner to remove their fur, whether it’s from clothing, furniture, carpet, or other surface. You can regularly roll them over your furnishings to remove hair before it embeds into them.

8. Pet Food Containers

Heavy pet food bags clog up the cupboard and, if not properly packed, can tip over and spill. Airtight cat food containers help you stay tidy and organized. You can store all your cat food in varying containers as they come in sets. Keeping leftover pet food also becomes easy with these containers.

9. Odor Remover

A spray for odor removal works quickly to remove stains and odors. Every time you spray, bacteria that consume the ammonia left over from your cat’s excretions are released. It eliminates waste and discourages your cat from going to the same place again.

10. Cat Hairbrush

A brush for cats can effectively undertake the labor-intensive job of untangling their matted fur. It will also get rid of dead hair, which ultimately makes them shed less hair and keep your vacuumed floors clean.

Why Should You Invest in Cat Cleaning Supplies?

Cat cleaning supplies ease your task of cleaning up after your feline friends. Here’s a table on why you should invest in these supplies.

Cat Cleaning SuppliesHow Does It Help?
Fur cleaning supplyReduces the chances of furball consumption
Poo and pee cleanersPrevents smell and stains
Stain removersPrevents your cat from returning to the accident spot for a repeat
Air freshenersKeeps your house smelling fresh and clean


Cleaning supplies like the ones mentioned above are some of the best investments a cat owner can make. It can not only save time and effort but also make your house look tidier, even when living with a feline.

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