The Top Ten Reasons Your Cat Meows

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For any cat owner or cat lover, the meowing sound of their kitties is too adorable. Most of us just can’t get enough of our cats when they look at us and meow with a heart filled with affection and obedience for us.

However, it can be quite concerning for cat owners if there are some abnormalities in the cat’s meowing. One thing you must keep in mind is that every meow is not of affection. While sometimes they do it for fun, many a time they try to tell you something. So, here are the top 10 reasons why a cat meows. Have a look!

1. Calling for attention

No one can be a better attention seeker than dogs and cats. Especially, cats are better at seeking attention than dogs, which makes them one of the most adorable pets. Well, attention-seeking is one of the primary reasons why a cat continues to meow at you.

Cats tend to meow while playing. They do not prefer to stay alone. When they want you to talk to them, they stare at you and keep meowing. While this cute behavior of your cat is too hard to ignore, paying attention to them every time they meow can make them spoiled. So, if you want to discourage attention-seeking, you might consider not replying to them every time they meow. However, you must not ignore it always, as it can make them depressed.

2. Asking for food

Now, this is what most of us have experienced, whether we are cat owners or not. Both the cats of our house and locality whom we feed regularly keep hovering across our feet and meowing while looking at our faces. One of the funniest things you can notice in your cat is that they will meow at you whenever you enter the kitchen.

Also, many cats tend to be creative in emitting different meows to let others know that it is their time to eat. However, if your cat is meowing for food every time, it is better to let them wait for their mealtime. Do not give them treats every time they meow. It will not only spoil their habit but also make them overfed, causing health issues.

3. Loneliness 

Not every meow of your cat is for the demand of food or attention. Loneliness can also be a reason. Cats are very social animals, and they prefer to have some companions along with them. So, if your pet kitty is spending a long time alone in a day, there are higher chances that they will feel lonely and tend to meow more.

In such cases, you can consider having a pet sitter for them. Also, you can offer them some attractive toys to let them stay engaged on their own for a long time. You can opt for buying the Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments to keep your kitty engaged in playing when you are not around.

4. Greeting or showing affection

Affection is something your cat loves to show you whenever they need to cuddle you or want a pat from you.

As you come home from a hectic long day of work, you can find your cat to meow at you and greet you wholeheartedly. It is one of their gestures that they show whenever they spot their favorite person coming towards them.

5. Illness

Illness in your cat can be one of the many reasons why your cat keeps meowing repeatedly. If your cart suffers from any disease, it can make them feel pain, thirst, or hunger repeatedly, which makes them purr at you continuously.

Also, if they suffer from kidney disease or overactive thyroid, it can result in excessive vocalization in them, which can be one of the main reasons for their repeated meowing.

6. Stress

Cats are very playful and joyous creatures, but they are more prone to get stressed for various reasons. If cats experience stress, they tend to get vocal most of the time. If you have brought your cat to a new home, or any of your family members recently passed away who had been very close to the cat, it will lead to stress build-up in them.

Also, jealousy of a newly brought pet to your home can make them feel stressed and meow more. So, if you can find the real reason for their meowing, try to get adjusted to the change. Otherwise, seek professional help from the vet as early as possible.

7. Getting into a closed-door

You might often find your cats meowing at the door if they see that you have kept it locked.

Basically, when cats find a closed door, it intrigues their curiosity to know what’s inside. And this makes them meow repeatedly until you open the door for them. It is quite a common behavior in those cats that prefer to stay indoors as a pet.

8. Aging

Aging is one of the many reasons, which can increase the meowing of your cat. When a cat gets older, their vocalization tends to increase.

A reduction in the exhibition of their cognitive functions and the lack of strength over time makes them anxious and causes them to meow aloud. Also, with the growing age, their care requirements increase, which makes them meow more.

9. For breeding

Cats are more likely to meow when they feel the urge to breed. Especially if they are not neutered or spayed, the cat will create a lot of noise.

The female cats yowl more when they are in heat, while the male ones yowl more when they whiff a female cat in heat. However, you can avoid it by spaying or neutering your kitty.

10. Anger or agitation

One of the primary reasons for cats to meow furiously is that they are either agitated or angry. If any cat feels threatened enough to get attacked by another cat, they tends to scream to show their anger or frighten the counterpart.

A mad meowing cat can sound more like they are yowling. In such cases, you must not step forward towards your cat as they can unknowingly scratch or bite you. So, it is advised to step back to maintain your safety.


Cats are one of the most loved animals as pets. However, when you are petting a cat at your home, try to understand their attitude and behavior to know how they are feeling or trying to communicate with you. Regular meows are not at all a matter to think about. But if you notice any abnormal increase in its meowing, you must consult a vet or try to discover the reason for their repeated meows to ensure your cat’s happiness.

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