The Ultimate Guide to Maine Coon Cats

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The Maine coon cats with stunning personalities make their way to homes and hearts in various countries across the globe. Though they are former hunting cats, commonly, they are friendly and affectionate about the pet owner. Maine coon cats have an abundance of fur with large pointed ears, extremely a loveable friend to the home. They are loyal and become a devoted member of the family. It is not complicated to grow this breed. All they need to see is that you are putting effort into taking care of them. They even take the small signs like brushing their body, purring, and other simple grooming as bonding.

Whether you are buying a new Maine coon cat or already have one, this article will guide you in learning the different aspects of Maine Coon Cats. Without wasting, too much time, let’s get started.


Even though the Maine coon cats are popular, very little about history is known about them.  Their origin is still mysterious. However, there are theories and other folk tales that we can know rather than proven facts and evidence. It is found that the breed was unmixed for hundreds of years together. It is mainly because only a small number of cats were there in that area. They were scattered mostly in the wild, and the domesticated cats were not part of their habitats. The main coon is one of the exemplary breeds of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. These cats stood in intense cold and harsh winters, mostly in the state of Maine. The most exciting part is that the Maine coon is the only long hair breed of the native U.S found till now.

Physical appearance

Maine coon is a muscular and strong-boned cat species with the firm legs. They have a square muzzle and high cheekbones. People can quickly identify the main coot with their appearance because they are massive in size, and it sticks to memory. The tail part is furry and long, and the body is covered with beautiful coat-like fur. The fur in them is used as protection because they are initially from the wild. The typical color found in this trait is tabby. The breed is seen in all sizes starting with the medium to large. However, males are bigger than females.

The Maine coon is also known as ‘Gentle Giant’ because of its physical appearance overall. With the pointed ears and wide-set eyes are the unique features that set them apart.


Maine coon cats are incredibly gentle and easily tempered at the same time. They are intelligent and show only friendly traits. You can see them very playful and curious, but never have they annoyed the owner. It is socially adaptable to the new environment and loves being around the family. These cats bond with the elders and children. If you are a pet lover and have felines at home for the first time, these breeds become ideal. It is usually for the fact that they are curious and love to learn and experiment with various things with humans. Also, if you have dedicated time and patience, you can train them.

Maine coon cats are highly active, loud, run, and play most of the time. But when it comes to hunting, they love it more than anything else. The breed is also called ‘Mousers’ for the reason that they catch the mice instantly. You can always see them that they would love to sit or sleep on the owner’s lap. The reason behind this is that they feel quite insecure about their position among the other pets in the home. Regardless of the size, they love to be petted and feel the warm snuggles.


While taking care of the Main Coon breed, offer them with appropriate nutrition and do a regular check on their health. Their immunity level is quite high, but even then, the food must be from high-quality sources only. Check Main Coon food from Royal Canin is rich in nutrients and provides good stamina and energy. But they are prone to put on weight naturally. Hence do not overfeed them at all.

Some of the common diseases are inherited in most of the Maine Coon cats:

Hip DysplasiaLimping, Apparent difficulties in walking, persistent liking in the hip area

Cats become inactive and mostly avoid all types of physical activity

Expression of pain when touched in the hip area
Limping, Apparent difficulties in walking, persistent liking in the hip area

Cats become inactive and mostly avoid all types of physical activity

Expression of pain when touched in the hip area
Not anything found as of now.


Hypertrophic CardiomyopathyMedications available Specialized clinical therapies for the pumping of blood are an option The heart’s left ventricle wall becomes thickens and does not support the chamber to pump blood properlyMedications available Specialized clinical therapies for the pumping of blood is an option
Spinal Muscular AtrophyOdd gaits formed with the sway of hindquarters Rapid weight loss If identified within 3-4 months, they can survive for quite a long, using certain exercises.

But there is no prevention of these diseases.
The spinal cord that activates both the skeletal muscles and trunks is weakened
Polycystic kidneyNo outside signs of the disease can be seen Indigestion or lack of urination is common The spinal cord that activates both the skeletal muscles and trunks are weakenedUsually, by birth they acquire cysts. But if found at the smaller size, they can be cured using the needle method or using ultrasounds.

These diseases are not usually found in all Maine coon cats, but it is always essential that you must monitor them properly. Even though some can be cured at the initial stages, it need heavy therapy and treatment to bring back their health. The professional Maine coon breeders always screen the common condition and take preventive measures. It is one of the reasons why opting for a professional breeder is necessary.

But when they grow old, they develop specific health issues naturally which may include

  • Rapid breathing
  • Inactiveness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blue lips
  • Laziness

However, compared to any other cats, the Maine coon breeds do not fall sick easily. Importantly they always have the will to overcome any situation and the problems that can shake them off. Some of them need comprehensive support from the veterinary, which is preferably why you should take the cats on regular checkups. Provide them with proper vaccination and away from the parasite. You can see them all good, active, and healthy living for many years yet to come.

What should you know about living with the Maine coon?

Maine coon is an ideal cat that brings happiness and joy to the family. Since they are active and playful, you will have some enjoyable moments that you are going to cherish and share forever. As long as they feel comfortable, safe, and secure, it is of no disturbance to the home.

The Maine coon always surprises you with the things that they learn. They become the center of attraction as they love to be part of the home. They are usually known as one of the vocalist cats because they make an array of sounds. Starting from endearing chirp noises, they have sounds for each of their needs and wants; they yell endlessly when they are on a hunt, whereas when they need meals, they make the yowling sound.

Because they are intelligent as an owner, you need to keep them in the paw. Easily pick up new tricks and do it unless you stop it with the temper. They need ample space like a barn for them to go around. If you give them a lawn or garden, they will roam and explore tirelessly. Because they are large, they tend to knock down things quickly. It would not have been intentional but train them not to climb up on the valuable items, especially with the glass area.

Why Maine Coons are called “dog cats”?

Main coons are often known as “Cat of the dog world.” The reason for this is due to both physical appearance and characteristics. Similar to the dogs, the main coons possess big and sturdy physical appearance. They have silky furry coats that are long and shaggy. The body is covered with fur longer than the stomach, and it can see even behind the legs similar to that of a dog. But the only difference is that the hair behind the legs is shorter when compared to that of the shoulders.

Secondly, they are more affectionate to the owners — extremely loyal, which is not found in any other cat breed. Of course! They show love and care to all the family members. Still, however, they are devoted to that one person in the family who they show loyalty, usually, to the people who take care of them majorly. Also, you do not feel afraid about their misbehavior since they are easy to be trained like dogs.

How should you groom the Maine Coon Cats?

Here comes the tricky part. If you have the time and patience, this should not be complicated for you. Maine coon requires significant grooming methods. As you know, beauty does not come in a single day. Also, the Maine coon has long hair, so proper grooming can save them from parasites.

The texture of the hair is soft, glossy, and it is easy to maintain, but since it is long, the brushing may take time. You need proper grooming tools to keep them neat and beautiful. People also have found that the Maine coon is so self-involved when the grooming starts. Just like any other cat, they love to be groomed, and they show loyalty in returns. The following steps are to be taken as you start grooming them.

Begin when young – Grooming is enjoyable for you and your cat when you begin at an early age. Because when you keep them clean and neat regularly, it won’t take much time when you do it again. Secondly, cats do not allow anyone to touch their belly and hindquarters. Only when you practice from a young age, do they get used to it. Even though you have to be careful and brushless over these areas, it becomes habitual when they grow old.

Using the right tool – Though this may sound basic, most people miss out on picking the right tool. You must always choose the right brush for the grooming. The one which is hard or sharp may cause scratches easily. Beneath the fur, the cats have susceptible areas. Therefore, use the right kind of brush and replace them at least two weeks once.

Clipping is essential – Unlike other cats, the Main coon has the most extended hair, so they tend to grow even in the paw regions. Get trained with the trimming scissors for cats and cut them short. Act gently and slowly as you pull them. The fine-tooth comb is usually recommended for the trimming. Place them properly between the skin and mat; the SleekEZ Deshedding grooming tool helps brush away all the loose fur and dirt.

Bathing – If you are a cat owner, you must be aware of the fact that the cats don’t need a bath ever. It is because they are used to clean themselves by licking. But since Maine coon is an outdoor cat, there is a high probability that they get dirty quickly. Here comes the difference, unlike other cats, main coons are not afraid of the water. They love playing with water and have a high tolerance level. Buy dedicated kitty wipes or shampoo, and you can clean them easily.

Saying all that, now grooming consistently is the most crucial element than anything. There are many methods or techniques followed, but what matters is how persistently you groom them well. To avoid messy hair and developing unwanted parasites, you must groom them well.


Maine coons are one of the kindest breeds you will find among the cats. If you have them own them. Though people say it is of high maintenance, we strongly disagree with that. All you need to do is provide them with the space that is quite bigger than usual and groom them well. Show some dedicate time in playing and being around with them. You can see them growing as your stress reliever and a loyal friend. We hope this guide has covered all the aspects of how you can identify the cats and take care of them. Follow them regularly and keep them healthy.

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