The Ultimate Guide to Siamese Cats

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Siamese cats are loved for their distinctive personalities. According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), there are around 44 cat breeds in the world. Siamese cat breeds are among the few which can be easily identified. People love petting this cat breed because they are intelligent, warm, and active. Most pet owners confirm that it is equivalent to dogs as you train and engage them well. Primarily, it is known for its tone when it “meows” loudly. Now in this article, we will be covering the different aspects of taking care of Siamese cats. It will help you to enhance your bond with the cats.


“Siamese,” the word stands for “Moon diamond,” according to the ancient Thai language. This breed is believed to be descended from the cats that lived in Siam Temple. The ancient cats were dwelling in the regions of Thailand, which was initially known as the place ‘Siam.’ The manuscripts of old age dating back to the 14th century have to refer to similar cats in poems.

It is found to be one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. There is no specific timeline for the origin, but we know that they have lived for countless centuries along with humankind. But we do have the factual evidence that this cat was brought to the west in the 1800s. The British administration received this cat as a gift from one of the royal families in Thailand. Later because of the look and personality, this cat was adored and breaded for more. The Siamese breed cats are still bred in many countries, and it is less common in Thailand. Later during the late ’90s, this cat was recognized as a spate breed of Thai Cat.


Naturally, they are a polarizing breed means to tell that people either love their appearance or completely hate them. There is no in-between. People who love cats believe that this cat is intelligent and social. Siamese cats love to snuggle and have the ability to learn and manipulate their owners.  The overall look of this cat is one of the angular elegances. They look elite and classy. The most striking feature of this cat is its wedge-shaped head that more or less looks like a triangle. They have a small nose along with a long wide pair of ears. And people love this breed because they possess striking blue eyes by nature. The eyes are round-shaped, quite more significant than other usual cats. Usually, the neck, body, and legs are slim and slender. They quite often look like athletic pet that is fit and has a majestic appearance.

There are many common breed types available in Siamese cats. It will include all the ancient breeds like Seal point, Cream point, Lynx point, red point, and Tortoiseshell point.


The Siamese cats are short and have a glossy coat layer with an ideal under-layer too. It looks shiny and soft. Most importantly, this breed of cats has something called “Pointed.” It means only the body is pale in color; however, the ears, tail, and legs are much darker than the rest of the body. But widely, even the pointed area comes in a different color in different cats. With all of their color combinations, they are still recognized worldwide mainly because of two reasons: They are loveable and loyal. Secondly, you don’t have to put much effort into taking care of them. The color also depends on the colored cats chosen for breeding. Hence, with Siamese cats, color becomes one of the essential factors for buying them.

Here is the table for you to know the breeds based on the coloration:



Seal Point
Seal point cats have a light yellowish body
Brown or Black pointed ears and legs
The Blue Siamese cats are pale grey in color, especially in the body area
Steely grey pointed ears, legs, and tail
Light cream body with the brown points
Beautiful white body with sluggish chocolate points
Flame point
Pinkish in body color but characterized by reddish-orange points including paws, nose, and pads


All Siamese cats have different features. But usually, they are considered as a social and friendly pet found. Here are a few of them for your understanding:


As they have survived over centuries together, they have evolved with intelligence and intuition. Siamese cats are brainy and will explore all the corners of the house and make themselves comfortable. They do not feel insecure, but they are speculative. Pet enthusiasts say that when you grow them up, you need to purchase dedicated scratching posts, interactive toys, cat shelves, and perches. For example, the MalsiPree Robotic Interactive Cat toy can keep them engaged all day. They easily get trained and learn quite a lot of things in a short time.  Siamese cats are also aware of strangers and do not easily get adapted to every place.


Most cat owners feel that Siamese is one of the cat breeds that show affection and express it easily. It is an excellent choice for people who live alone and also who have more time to spend with the cats. If you are “into the” they are a great entertainer and bring surprise quite often than usual. But most of them think this cat is mean and highly independent. But that is entirely true. They wanted to be treated like your son or daughter. They are also referred to as “Dog-Like Cat” because they stay incredibly loyal to their owners. You can see them cuddly and loving all the time. They cannot be distracted, or they never replace the owner and the family. If they stay affectionate to one person or family, they will continue. Otherwise, show aggressive behavior. They are even close and become bonded to the place they are brought to and practiced. If you change the place rapidly, they tend to act weird.

Needy behavior

The Siamese cats intensely love, and at the same time, this can become an obstacle to the owner because they are not willing to accept any other pets even though they have social behavior.  It is too fixated on the people and place. Especially Feeling of competition can put them through a different behavior pattern, which will be easily annoyed. Adding another pet will lead to jealousy, but with proper training, you can get an appropriate solution. When left alone, they suffer from deep depression and anxiety. It is difficult to bring them back. Whatever you do, never leave them alone because they have been routine for the households, especially when someone is present for them.


If you are a person who may not like sounds or unpleasant noise, then Siamese is not right for you. By nature, they are not quiet, and their voice is not subtle. They meow loudly and quite frequently. If they feel uncomfortable, hungry, or anxious, they stream with more meows and cries. They chatter a lot with the owner as they play with them.

Living with Siamese cats

Similar to any other cats, even Siamese cats will need your time and care. But Siamese, need your full attention on them sometimes. They have a short shiny coat that needs to be brushed quite often. The ears and nostrils have to be cleaned and checked quite frequently. You can even do that using any damp cloth. This cat breed does not like being in the water. Hence, you need to put a lot of effort into cleaning them. Because they try to run, do not leave them dirty. Since they are highly active, they will quickly become stained, especially if you take them outdoors and play. So, making them a bath is strenuous but essential.

The oral area is significant for them because they quickly get diseases by eating or licking unnecessary things. Whenever you take them to vets, check their oral part thoroughly.


By now, you would have figured that Siamese cats are quite prone to health problems than any other cats. Because they are from a purebred nativity cat. The immunity developed in them is lesser, especially if the cat is the firstborn. Similar to humans, even in Siamese cats, most of the firstborn kittens have health problems. However, some of the diseases are common in this entire breed which are as follows:

Siamese cat Cancer

Imagine cancer named after them. It implies that most of the cats bred are prone to cancer, which mostly affects directly in the chest area. Because of the troubled breathing, they will have to undergo a lot of pain. You can identify cancer within two years. But when you are buying from a breeder, it is always important to check the medical records beforehand. If the cats are victims of cancer, kindly avoid them. There is no immediate cure or prevention for this cancer, and hence we suggest you not buy them.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Among all the cat breeds, this disease comes more often with the Siamese. It is the main reason that they have a small gene pool. Suddenly the cats lose their eyesight as a result of illness. The most dangerous health problem that cannot be cured.

Gum and Mouth disease

As discussed earlier oral care for these cats is an essential element for them to grow well. You can show any cat dental health and offer them proper preventive methods. Especially during cold times or harsh winters, the gums start to bleed naturally. Mostly this is because of sensitivity in their teeth.

Heart defects

Siamese cats are prone to develop chronic heart diseases. These are of two types, namely: Hypertrophic and Cardiomyopathy. It happens when they put on overweight, and the blood vessels are unable to pump the blood properly.

The average life span for the Siamese cat is 11-15 years. Even many healthy cats live up to 20 years old. With the proper nutrition, and a healthy atmosphere, the cats may have an extended life.

How to keep Siamese cats healthy?

Feeding with Nutritious Diet

It is simple to understand that because of the Siamese triangular head and jaw, they can easily swallow dry food. They even can eat food as a whole but cannot chew them easily. For instance, chewable foods may get stuck in between the teeth, which will lead to mouth and other oral diseases. Royal Canin Breed Healthy Dry food is an example of dedicated food for wholesome nutrition for Siamese cats. When choosing cat food, you need to be very careful with the size and shape. Not all dry foods can be swallowed by them. Siamese kittens also have a formulated diet that will help them grow healthy and active forever. From a young age, provide them with appropriate nutritious food so that when they become adults, it will not be a problem to feed them. Do not change the brand or routine, and they may altogether avoid the food for the very same reason.

Provide them with enough water

Siamese cats are energetic and active mostly. They will be running around the house, climbing the windows, and always playing with the interactive toys and more. Hence, they quite often feel very thirsty. Feed them with water and give them access to the freshwater. Initially, they may be reluctant about drinking water. But once you start practicing them, they will make it a habit. Also, water will help them to maintain kidney health.


Siamese cats are coveted cats because of their beauty and intelligence. They are always on the popular list, mainly because of the color choices available. But before you pick the breed, you need to know if the characteristics will match your needs. They are not an obvious choice for people who are sedated or quiet. This cat is for pet lovers who are generally active and have some dedicated time for their pets. However, the most crucial element comes when you purchase from a breeder. You need to do proper medical research on their background. So, you can adore Siamese cats for a lifetime.

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